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Videos of Wives Getting Fondled on Dance Floor While Husband Watches

Videos of Wives Getting Fondled on Dance Floor While Husband Watches on Bisexual Playground
I am very bi-sexual and really into other girls. I am funny, fun loving and light hearted. I love to dance and drink and get wild on the dance floor. He is very silly and sexy. He loves to dance and is very resectful and has a way of making people feel very comfortable right from the get go!
Easy-going, young-looking fifty-something guy who loves women but also has some experience with men and is interested in more MMF action. Like to watch and be watched and enjoy masturbation. So far have fondled and sucked other guys and really like to do this while a woman watches - or fuck the woman while the guy watches and jacks off. I believe mutual pleasure is something to be pursued without hangups!
I'm a spontanious latino guy with a romantic edge.I'm a kind person who is sincere,caring,humble,iam a fun loving guy with a mood to entertain and dance on the dance floor.I have many levels of me you never who you'll get ,(smiles),I enjoy kiss-massaging,69,more...
I am very ready for a married or single bifemale with or without her male friend while my husband watches and videos. I love and need sex very much! I would love to get it on with a bifemale!
we are a young married couple looking to have fun, no drama. best case scenario is that ou meet my husband at the bar i dance at have a couple of drinks then if we hit it off i take you for a private dance. then we come home take a shower together then maybe try on some of my costumes. i could teach you how to give me a lap-dance. then if you're comfortable we let my husband join in.
Love to get GS and tongue ass holes of wives while hubby watches
A store that sells"NEW HUSBANDS" has opened in NewYorkCity,where a woman may go to choose a husband.
Among the instructions at the entrance, there is also a description of how the store operates.
You may visit this store only once! There are 6 floors,and the value of the products increase as the shopper ascends the flights!The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor,or they may choose to go up to the next floor,but they can not go back down,except to exit the building!
So a woman goes to the "Husband Store" to find a husband.On the first floor the sign on the door reads.
Floor1 - Theses men have jobs.
She is intrigued,but continues to the second floor,where the sign reads.
Floor2- These men have jobsand love kids.
Thats nice she thinks but wants more,So she continues upward to the third floor,where the sign reads.
Floor3- These men have jobs, love kids,and are extremely good looking.
Wow she thinks,but feels compelled to keep going,she goes to the forth floor,where the sign reads.
Floor4 These men have jobs,love kids are extremely good looking and help with house work.
Oh mercy me she exclaims I can hardley stand it,But she goes to the fith floor where the sign reads.
Floor5- These men have jobs, love kids,are extremely good looking,and help with house work.and have a strong romantic streak.
She is so tempted to stay,But she goes up to the sixth floor ,where the sign reads
Floor6-You are the 31,456,012 visitor to this floor.
There are no men on this floor.This floor exists solely as proof that woman are impossible to please.
Thankyou for shopping at the husband store..............

"Please Note"
To avoid gender bias charges,the stores owner opened a "New Wives" store across the street.
The first floor has wives that love sex!!!!!
The second floor has wives that love sex,and have money!!!!
The third floor has wives that love sex ,have money,likes beer!!!!
The forth, fifth, and sixth floors have never been visited!!!!
ON a dance floor in the 70,s when mini were in, but had a problem when the slow song ended before we did and her husband came up and asked to dance with her while I was still in her
Got caught fucking a friends wife on the dance floor, as wasn't quit done when the band eneded the song they were playing and he husband came up wanting to dance with his wife
In the middle of a dance floor at a club. A young lesbian fingered me to orgasm with the entire crowd cheering her on and my husband watching. Believe it or not, that's what actually started us into swinging...
Belive it or not try your local club scene. I you see someone you like you and or your wife go talk to her or ask her to dance. It might be best ot let your wife do the talking though. It might be a little intimidating for the guy to approch the subject.

Get her out on the dance floor first too. Chances are if shes happily grinding with the both of you she might be open minded enough to give it a shot. ;)
LOL Farm, we went to a club once, a dancer comes up to me and goes, "Hi Kasey", and proceeds to give me a dollar dance. Now, while I enjoyed the dance, I does this girl know me? After awhile of her working the floor, she comes over and chats with us. Come to find out, I'd drove a field trip that day, and she was on my bus as a chaperon for her kid. I didn't know if I wanted to stay or couldn't get out of there fast enough!!


Women In Short Skirts With No Panties
My buddy and I fingered my wife on a dance floor in Saratoga, California from the front and back at the same time, everyone had a great show It was hot my fingers in her pussy with his at the same time and then watching the others on the dance floor watch what was happening
Bisexual Men For Couples
Oh man, that is my absolute number one desire. I'm a bi-male that devours every opportunity to spend time with couples. Wives and husband' sweet. I really like it when I'm able to seduce the husband that's never been with a the wife watches as I cause the reaction that creates the moans of a man being sucked off by a man.
Men That Want Crossdressing Guys
later on i wud go get up in my hot pink.bra n panties witg my white see thru blouse n short mini skirt woth my cock taped back i. hit the dance floor dancinv like i crazy when i was worried that they thought i was a women ...and wat happen if i sucked there cock and then rhoiught me cause im a man ......but then this older black nan came ask me me to dance slow ...i thought why not ivr dreamed bout sex with blaslckman half wau thru he leanrd and kissed me pn my neck .oooooo i shudderd from excitedi looked at him and started kissing him on the floor mmm my cock busyyed thri tape meant
Cheating Wives
Ladies in the Bloomington, Indiana area. Not getting enough cock from your old man, wanting a little something extra? I am looking to fuck wives who are getting it on the sly or for women who like being fucked while her husband watches. I have a 7.5 uncut cock & know how to use it! I will eat your pussy, fuck you hard & make you cum a lot.
Women In Short Skirts With No Panties
Often wears short skirts and sometimes, when I go to a club , i often wear no panties and amazingly every time i've been fingered by another girl on the dance floor. mmmmmmmmmm Hug
Bang My Wife
hi Olympia, Washington State male here, and would love to bang a mans wife while the husband watches and also wants to join afterward also, i love to play and would love to be watched banging a wife while the husband watches first and then joins om or even with the husband possibly filming it also.Kiss


I am sure that you already know this but I just want you to know that there are so many wonderful people that we have talked to that we are feeling more and more like they are family every day. Thank you both so so so so so so so very much for building a site where all I have to be is me and my husband can do the same. Love this place