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Videos of Women Squirting from Penetration of a Six Inch Long by Six Inch Girth Penis

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Videos of Women Squirting from Penetration of a Six Inch Long by Six Inch Girth Penis on Bisexual PlaygroundVideos of Women Squirting from Penetration of a Six Inch Long by Six Inch Girth Penis on Bisexual Playground
I have a 6.5 inch long 6 inches in girth cock that needs to be sucked and I Love to lick and suck pussy toll your cum is squirting in my face. Yuuummmmy.
Tall, chubby, happy n fun personality. I have a 6 inch penis with not too much girth, bit i know how to use it!!!
6 foot, 7 inch 5 inch girth 2 inch wide
5'8" tall, fit @158lbs 4.5 inch cock with a 5 inch girth
18 years young. 6'0 tall. very athletic bulid! Energizer bunny like stamina! 8.5 inch penis, about 5 inches in girth.. and lookin for a good time! females/couples only!
10 inch dick 8 inch girth
This past weekend I had my 1st ex. with a woman using a strap on. 5 inch girth and 7 inch boy did she know how to fuck, it was great... She opened my ass up for her husband. He didn't have the same girth but was 9 inch long, maybe more and he drove it galls deep.
Thank you chillaxdude.
I had read the same information myself. 6 inches can be quite an adequate length if one has some girth to it as well (not TOO much) which makes for a nice balanced penis.
I don't know why there is such an emphasis on 7, 8, or even 9 inch cocks; some women have told me large equals discomfort.
I would prefer a 6 inch cock and a large ejaculate versus an 8 inch one and a tiny disapointing orgasm.
hiy gang;
I was chatting with my B/F Victoria the other night after way to many glasses of wine and we had abit of a disagreement. i was hoping i would get some input for everyone man and woman.
So bottom line. what do you consider the average length of a mans penis?
i had heard the average is about 6 inches/from my many years of experience I tend to think that's about right. There is always exceptions but on average i would say mos the men i have been with are about 6 inches long and under two inches in girth.
so guys would you please let me know what you are packing in real time. if you dont want to post it here you can mail me. Women, its up to you also to put an end or prove to us that the six inch average is about right. Victoria is say she thinks its more like 6 1/2 to 7 inch
please be real here. I don't care is you are 1/2 inch or 12 inch as long as it is truly your size checked with a measuring tape from the base at the abdomen to the tip. . I will check in after afew days since i am traveling right now and have another story to put down about last nigh with Max
5 inch or more girth at 6 1/2 inch - 7 inch long for anal... and for size, heavy cummers are the best.
It does not take to long for a person to be able to handle a normal sized cock if you play with a 1 1/2 inch dildo or butt plug regularly to prepare yourself. However, as I have had a couple of friends with cocks measuring 8 to ten inches in length and 2 inches in girth. I learned quickly that I needed to find a dildo that could assist me in handling their length comfortably and butt plug wide enough so I could handle the girth of their cocks. Needless to say I play with a 8 inch x 2 inch dildo and a 3 inch butt plug regularly and can now handle both of them comfortably in my ass. By the way, my 3 inch butt plug has also made taking two of my friends cocks up my ass simultaneously that I play with regularly...Wink Just use a lot of lube and relax sanchance and you should not have any problems. Above all else have fun....Hug
An 8 1/2 inches long 5 inch girth shaft and 5 1/4 girth rim on my throbbing head


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Big dicks are great youbhave to lick the shaft more I can deepthrought 12 inch cocks it's a challenge I prefer a 6 to 8 inch dick to suck its not so hard on the throat I sucked a 6 inch tranny cock yesterday and it was awesome, I forgot how much I like sucking a cock it had been 3 years since I had a cock in my mouth I'm not waiting that long again
6 Inch Dicks
Wish I had a 6 inch dick mine is only 5 inches but would love to get my hands on a 6 inch one mmmmm
12 Inch Cock
I have had afew 12 inch cocks most were black but they were all awesome:-P My largest to date was a 14 inch one, it got stuck in my throat.
12 Inch Cock
Hi mike I would be your sissy anytime. I want to get to know you. Inch by inch.
Deep Throat
OOOH WOOOW. theres just nothing like the feel of a big throbbing hard cock head down my throat. I enjoy just laying a guy down, and then taking my time with his cock. putting his hole cock in my mouth and feeling it get bigger and bigger, and harder and harder in my wet warm mouth. and once I have it big and hard. I start working it inch by inch down my throat. till I have every hard throbbing inch of it down my throat. big ones,littlr one, fat ones. I love how it feels to fuck my cock hungry throat. I think the biggest man meat I have had down my throat. is around 9 inchs or so. I would love to take down a 12 inch cock in my cock fucking throat.
5 Inch Dicks
I really enjoy a small dick and I have sucked and been fucked by manyh of all size. I have enjoyed a 5 inch dick as much as the seven eight or nine inch dicks that have been in my mouth ans asshole :)


Hello BillnPattie, Thank you both for the welcome letter. I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site. I was at my wits end as to how I could or ever would meet men and women who have the same discerning tastes as I do. I have been inside and looked around and I really love the site. Again thank you, Raphael