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Watch Vh1 Women Seeking Women a Bi Curious Journey

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Watch Vh1 Women Seeking Women a Bi Curious Journey on Bisexual PlaygroundWatch Vh1 Women Seeking Women a Bi Curious Journey on Bisexual Playground
I am a stable, secure, beautiful and high level energy women seeking a beautiful curious women with the same criteria. A women seeking a relationship that one is willing go also get to know each other. I would prefer a women that knows what she is doing. I will need someone experienced, I have never been with a women but would love to please her and willing to learn.
I'm a bisexual women in a long term relationship. I like to watch women! Women with women. Women with men. Women by themselves. Women with toys. I enjoy looking at beautiful, sexual women, enjoying themselves in whatever sex they are having!
I’ve alwaus liked the idea of becoming more feminine and trap-like, so I’m seeking to meet women or men who wish to help me in that journey.
I am a fairly atractive women in her late 50's. I have for a long time been curious about being with another women. Been straight my whole life and been hurt by the very men that claimed to love me so now I am ready to journey in a different direction. I concider myself a very patient person with a big heart.
We are a 25 y/o fun couple from the Metro-Detroit area looking to meet other couples or women for fun. We are relaxed and comfortable with each other and love to please each other. We like to participate in 420, drink socially, but are by no means heavy drinkers. We are down for pretty much anything and just recently realized we like to have sex in the same room as other couples and let them watch us as we watch them, that is why we are searching for couples also. He is straight, she is bi-curious. She loves women and pleasing them so if any couples want to share their women with her only, thats fine too.Our fantasy is to please another woman together. We can all have fun and enjoy ourselves and see where it takes us! Please no single men! Only couples and women...
Im a bi curious women that is interested in with being with a women for the first time. I'm also almost 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have a ymtwo yr old as well.. My husband is looking to watch me with another women and if she is ok with it to join in when allowed.
Just a little gripe I have with some profiles.... why do some people, particularly men, proclaim to be 'bisexual' or bi curious' when in fact, after reading through their profile, are actually looking for a 3-some with 2 other women, or want to watch 2 or more women! ATTENTION: Watching 2 women, (or 2 men), having sex does NOT make you bisexual or bi curious! If you are bisexual, that means you LIKE to or HAVE HAD sex with someone of the SAME SEX; it does not mean you want to watch 2 bisexuals having sex! If you are bi curious, that means you THINK YOU MIGHT LIKE TO HAVE SEX with someone of the SAME SEX; it does not mean you are curious about what 2 people of the same sex would do or think you want to watch them.
Please, please, please do what I tell my children: DO NOT USE WORDS IF YOU DON'T KNOW OR AREN'T SURE WHAT THEY MEAN. If you don't know, or aren't sure, ASK!
This will lessen the confusion for all.
Just my little bitch session.....
It seems very few women get turned on by watching men. Why is that? As a bi-male I enjoy watching women have sex. It is very arousing. But...I like to watch men have sex too. Why does it turn the majority of women off....Opinions? I'm also curious if women ever talk about it with their friends and what it said?
How about some help understanding Ladies?
Hi, Everybody !
We are a very sexy, athletic, free spirited couple seeking a bi woman to join us 4 the time of their life!
We are looking for a sexy, round shape ,long hair ,like her, to play with us and let's have fun my man loves to eat pussy! And he is very good at it! And he has this dream from sometime to eat 2 women at once! We are open for everything with a sexy women!
Only for bi-curious women!
we are happy to see these responses. It seems a lot of guys are enjoying this change in society where the woman watch the men now and the women are loving it. I believe the women's movement had a lot to do with changing how men think about sex and also how they think about women. No longer do men feel they are above women and in fact in many areas women are winning the batle of the sexes. Women now are more in control in many areas and as far as sex goes, women are definately more in control now and thats probably better for everyone lol
Dan you raise a great question and I do agree that the meaning of "bi-curious" is different to everyone depending on how it is looked at. I am a bisexual, 27 year old woman and always have been though I didn't always understand my feelings towards other women. I have always found women attractive and sexually intriguing but the curiosity came down to the decision of whether or not I wanted to act out my feelings and urges. For many women it is just being curious about the sex with another woman, some have no attraction to women but just wonder what it would be like to be with another women. While some women have the sexual urges and attractions toward other women much like men do. I get turned on by a beautiful women just like my husband does, but I also have friends who have experienced being with another woman but have no interest in going any further than that. They have fed their curiosity and now have no further sexual interest in women.

Bi BBW fem seeking bi fems for casual play. I am married but only seeking women for me. I am not seeking couples to play with. Bi-curious, Bi and lesbain welcome. Send me an email if interested. :-P


Women Who Like Bi Men
As a bi man, I must say that I appreciate any women who enjoy bi men ;) I have had a number of women ask me if they could watch me having sex with a man and I have always been glad to have them observe (and join in if she wanted to):-D It is fun being 'queer' while women watch :)Flower
Women That Want To Be Eaten
I am really new at this. My fantasy is to have an all girl orgy with women that i don't know. I want to have my pussy eaten out by a woman and watch other women enjoy and then we all join. Women only. Just want to have fun.
Women Licking Women
love to be on a women's face while I spread her legs wide and watch another women lick her pussy. And see a couple more women next to me eating each other
Bi-Curious Women For Couples
Looking for bi curious women to join married couple for curious women that would like to have cun with hubby and nee friend...never done it but willing to try hubby will be fully involed
Bi-Curious Women
Hi I’m new here and I’m bi curious my husband is aware that I’m on here he is 💯 on board with me and he wants to watch a bisexual women go down on me and if I like it then I would be able to get together again my husband is off limits he only wants to watch
Men Fucking Men While Women Watch
I enjoy having the wife or gf of the man who fucks me watches I like to have women watching me have sex with men, and some women have asked me to let them watch me have sex with guys, and I have always invited them to watch, by all means. It is exciting to be watched:-D:-D


Hello BillnPattie, Thank you both for the welcome letter. I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site. I was at my wits end as to how I could or ever would meet men and women who have the same discerning tastes as I do. I have been inside and looked around and I really love the site. Again thank you, Raphael