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Wearing Boxer Briefs with Feeldoe

Wearing Boxer Briefs with Feeldoe on Bisexual PlaygroundWearing Boxer Briefs with Feeldoe on Bisexual Playground
Im 19, I live at home, Im up for a good time, Boxer briefs turn me on and bi guys make me happy.
I'm a very sincere,devoted,loyal,faithful .freaky,loving individual who's seeking the same all i need is one and once thats accomplished theres no stopping or interfering with us now i know i can satisfy as well as stimulate you and im expecting the same now i love to cuddle and freak and a brother in bikinis,briefs,boxer briefs or the hugging thigh and boodie hugging boxers no dout who loves to be freak out i love the body,boodie,thighs,calfs and the feet and if your the one get ready for the experience of your life
I am retired Army, intelligent, outgoing my interest are Sci-Fi, photography, videography. I have a fetish white briefs, I love seeing men in their tighty-whities briefs both white Y-front Jockey briefs and fly-front briefs full-cut and low rise briefs There a real turn-on for me. I have never had sex with a man before but have fantasized about it often. I love oral sex, I love watching men having oral sex with other men and cumming in their mouth and swallowing cum. I believe I would like to give and receive oral sex with a man. I am also a exhibitionist and voyeur. I would like to have some fun and a relationship with another man.
SGWM, mature-older here, located in the NW valley of Phoenix (Sun City West). Actually looking to make new friends, and out of those new friends, in hopes of finding my Mr. Right, for a LTR (long term relationship). But while I am looking for my Mr. Right, my mate for life, if FUN PLAY TIME, comes along, I would go for it! I am 71 yrs old; 6 ft; very short grey hair; thin grey stash; some brown body hair; # 220; have tummy which shows; cock about average size that is cut & has a slight curve to my left; into mutual oral fun all over; kissing; groping; fondling; body contact; 69; fetish: into hairy guys that are CUT; a guy that wears men's briefs of those tighty whites or pouched briefs; into undressing a dude very slow like down to his briefs and kissing him all over; taking a hot shower together lathering each other up & even in our briefs; watching a HOT gay video together, & playing at the same time!
I'm a gay 43-year man. I love sucking any types of cocks and swallowing loads of thick spunk. Also like guys wearing boxer's, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, council refuse guys, hi-viz clothing. And anyone else to.
sexy, love to dress up in teen looks, love older men 35+ to maybe 60, hung, love men wearing briefs or jock straps(is my bigges turn on, love them bulges) whom are TOP/MASCULINE ONLY who whould treat me as their girl.
When I was young, everyone wore briefs, white briefs for the most part, except for the old men, they wore boxer shorts. I love seeing guys in briefs, these so called boxer briefs look awful uncomfortable - what is your experience?
Boxer briefs. Briefs are too restrictive. Can’t find any the don’t strangle and boxers are too free. Boxer briefs are just right when you have a little more to keep in place
Boxer briefs. Used to wear boxers but felt like I was flopping all over. Nice bamboo boxer briefs keep everything in check.
Nice pictures...thanks for sharing. I prefer the boxer briefs. There is just
something about them I like. The plain tighty whitey's don't do it for me. But those boxer em.

I myself wear the boy short undies....if I wear undies at all. I am usually without, but when I wear's boy shorts.
Do I have to choose?

I like boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, thongs, pouches and going commando. It all depends on my mood.
Briefs, boxer briefs, commando.


Cock To Cock Rubbing
i'd like to makeout with a hot guy and bob my dick of his, i like the feeling of my dick touching another guys dick. i made out with a guy once, and he opened my pants and his and we both had boxer briefs on and just our dicks touching through boxer briefs i got a huge boner and almost cum just from that but my roommate was coming back and we stopped and first time i ever done anything with a guy
Free Balling
I fee-ball almost all the time. I hate briefs, recognize the occassional utility of boxer-briefs, frequently wear boxers, but always prefer to freeball.
I love to see a guy in briefs-lounge in briefs with a excited cock poke'n out-feeling each other in our briefs-male bonding-in briefs-I have been excited by guys in briefs for a long time-when i was in hs-i loved seening the other boys all in there briefs & then when i joined a gym-it was even better! Guys in all kinds of briefs & jockstraps-all the differant bodies & types of briefs they wore-an how there cocks bounced in there briefs!I love to chat about guys in briefs & underwear-socks-t-shirts-singl ets-speedo's-nudity! Erections in briefs-while changeing-or relaxing-outdoor guys in briefs!Lets chat!
Strap-on In Ass
I need to get a picture of the "Feeldoe" I saw recommended bi another member. I bought one so a woman could fuck my ass with it as I suck her hubby's cock. I SOOOOOO want a woman to fuck me in the ass with a strap-on or Feeldoe. The Feeldoe plugs into her pussy and so she gets a sinsation as well!!
Males In Panties
I have been wearing panties now for 14 years. The first 12 years I wore Hi-cuts and the last 2 years I have been wearing full briefs, my male underwear elastic went bad from non use, it was no problem throwing them out. I do wear pretty bright colors and hope someone sees them and asks me why I wear women's panties, like they do when I go out in a skirt.
Males In Panties
I started wearing panties when I was 8 they were my younger sisters the felt so much better than my briefs , and they were much prettier . I started to pinch them off washing lines as I got older and now I only have panties , thongs and some g-strings


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!