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What Does an Inflatable Butt Plug Feel Like

What Does an Inflatable Butt Plug Feel Like on Bisexual PlaygroundWhat Does an Inflatable Butt Plug Feel Like on Bisexual Playground
Hey I'm just a horny 28 year old bi curiousish cuz I already know I love the feeling of a Big fat butt plug in my ass as I stroke my cock and watch tranny porn. I love wearing a thong and having a butt plug inside me. I think trans and cds are hot as fuck my fantasy would to get bent over by a sexy tranny and get fucked wild. Would love to meet someone that wants to gently at first ease me into a anal bliss.
I want an orgasm right now -- now that I've had a butt plug in for eight hours.
Tall ,submissive ,butt plug trained ,dress when ever I can
A sensitive old man. Enjoy being nude, love wearing a butt plug. Playground has been shaved for years.
I am an easy going person, straight looking and acting. I secretly wear thong panties and use a butt plug in my ass while at home. I like the thought of being with men and women for sexual games.
Easy going, very sexual, love to masterbate,love the anal butt plug
I have an inflatable butt plug, and also this monster....
I am stretching my ass with an inflatable butt plug.A lot of good it will do me I cannot even get anyone to cum suck my cock
Does anybody use or love to use xxxlarge butt plugs,or xxxlarge inflatable butt plug .
I've only ever used a butt plug or a dido but I've used a button plug a whole lot more. How does it feel compared to the real deal? I've been using a plug to get myself ready to actually be bottom but I'm curious if it feels a lot better or somewhat similar
Ok can't wait to get off work in gonna go get one of the inflatable butt plugs and lube up my ass insert plug and inflate all the way and pull it out fully inflated I bet that feels amazing
I have lots of favorites, some I use by myself and some have to be used on me by others. A vibrating butt plug or egg inserted anally is a favorite of mine, nothing like the vibrations pulsing in you ass when noone knows you are doing it, LOLLaughing. I also like my bullet shaped toy that sticks to the wall of my shower, it has a pointed taper to about an inch and a half then flares out to about 2 inches, and has some ribs on it that feel good.. Also, "The Tool" Dildo shaped butt plug about 6 inches long or so is another favorite and the ponytail butt plug, and of course the strap on for the women to use on me.


Anal Sex With Men And Women
I went off the rails today and had a huge adventure . My wife handcuffed me to a tree in a secluded spot in a park and inserted a vibrating butt plug . I was also wearing her thong . She invited many men to come fuck my ass . After each time they would put the butt plug back in . This went on for about 4 hours . Then she let me go but she pulled the plug out and video taped all the sum leaking out my ass and down my balls . Each guy felt good but one guy was so big that he managed to get all 10" in and made me cum twice without touching myself .
A women asked me todo something post would think. Was gay shave from dick to ass an put her pantyhose on she then pulled them up the crack of my ass an said now put these thongs undies on and pull them in crack likei did so she could see my butt cheeks better i thought oohh shit what have i gotten into butt then she put some sheer hose on and cutt the center out ansshe instantly put butt plug in her ass an said when my relax urbno dick Is going in next and started telling me my hosed body was terning her on an started pulling out the plug and said when ur dick goes in me todo tell her when it starts to realy feel good so she could put it in my ass at first i said no n she started fuccking me said yes and fucked her in ass some more guys im not guy watso ever but when u show a women ur feminan side oh its so much better she moved now im seeking a women to get hosed with me and use me use me .any women got any advice i could use something like pantyhose with a women is orgasmic and its ok
Sex Toys Used On Men
I enjoy having my wife use her butt plug on me
Oogz=Is That The BP -BUTT PLUG-ICON!! LOL!!! LMAO!!Laughing
Anal Plug
Made a former girlfriend cum so hard she blew the butt plug right out of her ass.
2 Cocks In 1 Pussy
I love having 2 dicks in my pussy and have my butt plug in my ass at the same time.


Hey BillnPattie, I appreciate you for giving me a way to express the way I feel and for the opportunity to meet people that feel the same way I do about anything. Thank you!