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Where Can I Get a Yoni Massage in the Poconos Pa

Where Can I Get a Yoni Massage in the Poconos Pa on Bisexual PlaygroundWhere Can I Get a Yoni Massage in the Poconos Pa on Bisexual Playground
Wm here. I’m looking for massage exchanges maybe more. I’m a non practicing massage therapist. I specialize in the yoni techniques.
Looking for yoni massage
Fun guy with a slight bad side when it comes to sex. Mostly into women but bi when it comes to the right couple. No bi hang ups here. Strong sexual appetite. Very oral and a master in Yoni massage. Not always available but when I am, I am really worth the experience.
Hi I'm a sexy adventurous female, who would like to experiment with fun loving women. I am experienced in giving yoni massage and nude body slides. Ideally I would like to practise my skills.
Wife looking to experience yoni or tantric massage. Will be in Florida for the summer and hope to set something up. Husband will be present for wife’s comfort.
Middle aged bi-versatile guy from the Spokane Valley...into giving and receiving most anything with gals, guys and those special TG ladies. Open and outgoing, easy to get to know, non judgemental and always up for some fun and frolic. Non smoker, light social oldies music, folk and almost anything but rap ahd headbanger, clean and of erotica on a practiced massage type...deep tissue, shiatsu, tantric and erotic for both sexes...have strong techniques for yoni and lingham to do woodworking and remodeling, am building a sailboat this winter...wife does not play but am able to play solo with both sexes alone or together.
Too bad we are so far apart. I would enjoy giving her a Yoni massage with his help and him a Lingham massage with her help. Check out my post in the General Discussions Forum titled “Has Anyone Given or Received a Yoni Massage?”

There is some good info on the Beducated site.

Maybe you could start a Tantric massage group to practice and play!

Have fun...A
Hi Redfyre9: I thought that too. As I read and listened to more about it, it is beyond foreplay, and in fact, it can be intense enough for the receiver that she would not immediately feel like having sex. Also, it is recommended that you do the practice with the understanding that having sex afterward is not expected, so she can open herself fully to the practice.

The total time with the full body massage to start and then the Yoni massage can take an hour or more. The Yoni massage is not a race to orgasm, but a slow, steady massaging out of physical and mental tensions. It can provoke extremely strong orgasm and possibly squirting in some women. The waterfall image you posted is very appropriate, by the way.

I really do recommend seeing Mariah Freya's site on Yoni massage. She is beautiful and I love her German accent, not like Dr.Ruth at all. She waxes a bit mystical, but she is very informative.

I hope that someone here would share their experience. When I have the chance to give a Yoni massage, I will definitely share my experience and hopefully that of the receiver. Anyone interested in helping me practice the practice?

Take care...A
One Yoni receiver describes her orgasmic experience as...

"My sexual orgasms are typically extremely intense and last a minute or so and decline, even though I can have several. This was like a long, continuous, drawn out, relaxing orgasm that lasted I couldn't tell you how long. It was just a really good feeling."

Would anyone else who has received or given a Yoni massage like to share their experience? Would anyone like to help me develop my Yoni massage skills?
Anyone in Florida looking for a Yoni or Lingham massage, needs to look no further.
My wife and I are well versed in the erotic Yoni & Lingham massage.

Let's chat and meet. Maybe this is YOUR time.
Hello MacaroniPelican:

I'm not familiar with the term edging. It looks like you are referring to what I understand as Tantric practice, building arousal and sexual desire as close and as long as possible before ejaculation for men. I have read and watched a good deal about Lingam massage.

I have shared a post on the female equivalent, Yoni massage. My go-to source is Mariah Freya of Orgasmic Discourses. She is more focused on Yoni massage but has some new content on Lingam massage. For women it is about building over an hour and a half, or so, to a point of powerful and a possibly fluid filled orgasm. For men it is more about spending an hour and a half or two, building to a point close to but not over the line of ejaculation. In some of what I have read, there is a state of orgasm without ejaculation.

I've done a yoni massage and have received a Lingam massage and would love to practice my learning with willing men and women.

Thanks for bringing up this "stimulating&quot ; topic. I look forward to seeing what others post on the subject.
I got the chance to use the sensory stimulation items and the vibrator with a couple this evening, she got a Yoni massage with using the stimulators to enliven the sensations on her skin before the oil. Her hubby who lent his hands to make it a four-hands experience, used the vibrator on her nipples and after several orgasms with the Yoni massage that I enjoyed with her, hubby brought her to ecstasy again, with the point, gently buzzing her clit. I then gave him a focused Lingham massage, using the vibration, point again, to deliver a prostate orgasm, while variously stroking his cock. All the items are definitely keepers😉


Yoni Massages
My wife started getting Yoni and it has enhanced our sex lives
Being Sexually Manipulated
Be nice to have massage therapists gay or bi make a knock at my door and say a free massage pich, witch i will so willing say please. Cum in.. !
Full body massage and oral to mf couple in Dallas, Texas. A gentleman you will really like desires to meet a male/female couple locally to treat to a full body massage ending in erotic massage and oral for each. No reciprocation required, but none refused---your choice. Hey guy's its worth checking into.
Can anyone tell me if there are any masturbation clubs in Fort Wayne, and where they are located? Also looking for someone who gives a sensuous or erotic massage with a happy ending. If this is your profession, then I'll gladly pay your massage fee.
I offer a full body, naked massage to men and women of all ages, colors, and sizes. The massage will be intensely sexual, with the focus on your complete satisfaction. This is a free service.
Nude Hiking
Anyone who wants a buddy to go hiking nude in the Poconos or other secluded areas, let me know. I'm always up for that!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!