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Now I tink everyone has doe this and its nothing to be ashamed about. Me and Laura like to masterbate together every now and then. It can be so erotic IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
Let's start a poll. I masturbate at least once a day.
I masterbate about every other day weather I need it or not:);)
I reckon I masturbate on an average 4 times a day.KissFlower
I masturbate probably 25-30 times a week... whether it be all on one day or expanded over the week.... who knows, WHO CARES!!! :-P I love to imagine another woman down there. Yum I love to lick clit and I love for other women to lick mine! Yummy Kiss Jessica
About 2-4 times a week depending on my stress level and the need to get off....mostly fantasys involve a three some or watching others masturbate...very sexy as it is probably the most intimate act you can watch.
At least once a day. More often than not twice a day.
For me twice a day and maybe once more before I go to bed:-P
i masturbate about 2 to 3 times a day but my current record for one day is 17 times. after that it just becomes exhausting. heres a question has anybody masturbated then as soon as orgasim comes you get an immediate headache?
I got hairy palms and can barely see, but i just can't stop whacking it lolLaughingLaughing
While my husband is working and im at home, im more than likely playing with my pussy. I love the feel of my juices all over my fingers, and I love to taste myself after ive cum.
I still can't keep my hands off of my cock. I cum at least twice per day. One always by my hand. The other any way I can!!!
I cum at least 5 times a day. anywhere, anytime and anyplace cos i think bout it all day long.
Sudbury twice a day. And I REALLY try not know, to hold it back and save it all for an adventure when I can share but, you get on a site like this and start reading and seeing the pics and---ooops---can't help it again!!!! Have Fun
I love to masturbate. I do it whenever I can. In the shower with my conditioner bottle, in bed, and even driving in the car. Also like to have people watch me do it. Love to put on a show.
I masturbate every other day after,during,before sex with a male or female or by myself Women in NYC Contact me
I love to masturbate at least 2 times a day. Either if front of cam, or in my car, while driving. Love to be watched or to watch someone else.
I masturbate at least once a day. I use my hand mostly but sometimes find things that feel good rubbing up and down my shaft. I also enjoy the feeling of anal masturbation so much so that I cum without even stroking my cock. It's even better when somebody is watching you or you're doing it together. :-D
me i dop it about once a day everyday, i love the feeling of my hard Cock In my hand :-D
i atleast try once ,but maybe twice ,but would be much better with some help ,ladys!
I masturbate 2-3 times a day. I love the feel of my cock in my hand especially after I get out of the shower and had just finished shaving my sack and shaft. It is a stress relief for me.
I masturbate everyday I have a chance if there isn't someone around to play with. I especially do play on cam just ask:-D
I masturbate at least once a day, and have since I was young. I love masturbating with someone, and as a youth had a circle of friends that would join me. As an adult have found some as well. Enjoy all male jerk off, but jack and jill parties are great too. Also love to watch couples haveing sex while I masturbate.
I easily masturbate once a day, more if the opportunity arises. I love to use my vibrator against my clit and my dildo for deep penetration. I would love to masturbate while watching either another couple having sex or two women licking each other. I would also love to meet someone for mutual masturbation...watching someone else get themselves off while I do the!
I masterbate at lest once a day
Love to masturbate .......once a day ...prefer to masturbate with other peopleKiss
I like to masturbate with a friend... Love to watch a woman stimulate herself to Orgasms ;)
I love to jack off! Do it at least once a day. The best is doing it at work were you might get caught. Man I love that. Anybody else ever do it at work? or how about in a book isle in the library?
I love to masturbate alone, with others or in groups. I love to watch other men cum also, it's very erotic for me. I have E.D. from undiagnosed diabetes a few years ago, I can J/O flaccid, semi-erect or if I inject my penis I can get hard enough to cut glass! You choose. Sticking a needle and injecting into your penis isn't a big deal, it's just a little prick. LOL Besides I like the erect state for 1 to 3 hours! Can you say ride it? :-P
I love masturbation. for me its at least 2-3 times a day :)
like masturbating either alone or with someone, exciting watching a movie and watching someone else masturbating with you and cumming at the same time, what a rush Hug
I love to do it!!! I can't get enough. I would love to masturbate in front of or with a woman.........Or do each other! Anyone in San Diego county ready???? let me know!
I try to do it once a day, but every 2 days at the very to stroke to porn in the early morning, when I can edge for a while, then have an awesome orgasm! Love it!
At least once if not twice a day. Enjoy on cam watching and doing. Love it when someone else jacks it off.:-D
Some days, I can't keep my fingers off my clit, I'm so horny! I masterbate as often as I can...also love to make myself cum when I know someone could walk into my office at any time...oooo, makes me wet and tingly thinking about someone walking in and seeing me with my fingers rubbing my clit and fingers inside my pussy and/or my ass!Laughing;)Hug
I enjoy masterbation at least 10-12 times a week. Enjoy putting baby oil on my cock. Seeking women or couples to join me.Flower
Still waiting for a partner.........I love to masturbate on cam, in person, or in a group.......:)
I Love to masturbate at least once a day and eat my cum. Anyone out there want to join me? :-D
I have this great toy taht makes me cum until I feel weak. Almost every morning before work!
I love to mastubate. I love to watch and be watched. It really turns me on. I probably masturbate once a day. i loke to imagine that I'm with another woman when I masturbate and that my man is on the side looking and mastubating along with us.:-P
I masturbate every day, sometimes for as long as 3 or 4 hours. I'm doing it right now as a matter of fact.
Love to masturbate with all the lotions and try to do it as much as possible every hour. But it is getting hard to find the lotion with my failing eyesite!
So CA couple here would like to host or start a club for get togethers with other couples for masturbation a jack and jill gettogether...
l;ove to masterbate and be watched , jerk off at least once a day more if i can, likewhen a women or a couple join in
l;ove to masterbate and be watched , jerk off at least once a day more if i can, likewhen a women or a couple join in
have been masturbating at least once a day since I first learned how :-P
have been masturbating at least once a day since I first learned how :-P
At least 1 time a day.. I work in mall and it is fun to do it in the store while people are walking by and they never know it....
Love to masturbate twice a day, like to watch and be watched as while.
would like to have a masturbation party in MD or DE, some time anyone interested just let me know and maybe we can figure out a time and place.
well hello i would luv to sometime and i am in col area
are there any single bisexual women in the yuma arizona southern cali area that would like to get together for small groups of women masturbating and myself, single white male,
We both masturbate at least twice a day. We also like to watch each other or lick each others balls or ass while the other is strokin it til the load squirks all over.....and it's happening right now....Wanna to join?:)
monday - thursday i masturbate about 5 times a day friday all day long. saturday and sunday busy trying to find a bi guy like me or gay
Love to find a masterbating friend M/F for Oregon nude beach fun or ???
ANYONE in FORT MYERS AREA FLORIDA wanna start a mutual masturbation club?
I luv to masterbate on cam with other men and especially women. Its very erotic having people watch me as I shoot a nice load. I'm getting hard now, gotta go find a partner. JOin me!
I masturbated on a woman's tits in front of 17 people while attending a Club Relate (masturbation club) event in Tampa. Found the club via PentHouse Letters and they were subsequently on HBO's Reel Sex. It was such a turn on to "show off" that I was able to cum on her 2 more times. I was her first shot, last and the guy in the middle to cum on her tits. Seeing all that cum on her titties, chest and panties was AMAZING. I also love to masturbate lying on my back and letting my load build up after 45-60 minutes of controlled stroking so that when I cum, I can create a little geyser of cum.
I love to play, being nude j/o, watching and being watched. Looking for partners in Allentown, PA
i love playing with my self and other for hours everyday, like to be watched and like to watch
I can't stop, and don't want to...all the time I'm into my penis...I like to watch and be watched and love to masturbate other people and make them cum
I would like to join a j/o club in the greenville sc area. anyone know of one?
Anyone care to start a Masturbation club in S. California?
Can anyone tell me if there are any masturbation clubs in Fort Wayne, and where they are located? Also looking for someone who gives a sensuous or erotic massage with a happy ending. If this is your profession, then I'll gladly pay your massage fee.
I Love Fucking myself with a Vibrator or my Lovely fingers.. But, much rather have a partner to satisfy me,,,:-P:)HugFlower
i love to masterbate i do all day everyday, i would love to join a masturbation club in florida in the palm beach county area. :-DKissHugFlower
I jerk off at least twice a day...once when i wake up and once before bed..:-D
I am a 31 yr old bi female i love to masturbate with someone on cam it is so exciting.Would love to find people for this.
Mastrubating is always a great more so while being watched ..and in semi or public places.. I alway throught if they want to watch let them no matter who it is..
My wife and I both Love masturbating while alone and while we are having fun together as well as with others...:)
Is there a Jack & Jill Club, formal or otherwise, in the Twin Cities?
anyone in Georgia willing to get together for masturbation. Willing to do no touch just watch up to mutual masturbation. I love to masturbate and I love to watch others tool :)
im masterbating as we speak. i do it maybe 3 times a week. sometimes maybe more. and when i really can't help it i masterbate at work
I used to have a girlfriend that was like a dream come true. We did all kinds of fun things. One of the things we used to do is before work she would let me jack off onto her belly or tits. She really got off too. She would use a little vibe and we'd cum together. I miss that beautiful girl.
I masturbate all the time at the minute, 41 and as horny as hell, i get sooo wet.
Well, , , , Yeah........... At the very least once or twice a day......:)
I love masturbating especially when someones watching & dnt know I know they are.
I really get off on a good masturbation session. It's fun to work up slowly and then blow a huge load. I had a really hot chat session with another member recently that got us both off. I'd love to meet a sexy couple, woman, or man for mutual masturbation fun. It's always hot to Watch each other cum, or cum on each. A real turn on.
Any takers for a Jack and Jill event in Minneapolis/ St. Paul?
Wow.. Lots of horny masterbaters in here ... I LOVE it... You all can cum jerk off with me I'm jerking off just reading this... I love to play with my cock and there's nothing better than having an audience ... Happy days... Adult book stores are great for this
I have been giving serious thought to and about the OTHER sexual partners and what secrets, tecnics, ideas and fantasys many of us even as practicing an open relationship, or partner or multiples there of that many horny people have never had a uniqe masterbation experience that I have found to be one more extreemly erotic as well as entertaining voyeuristic fantasy orgasms, other than solo? So with that being said I have been very exited about the prospect of hosting a masterbation only meeting, even mixed ideas brought into this genre. Examp;le couples, singles, bi sexual, gay and lesbian, transvestite, and transjender would all be exepted and encurraged to attend. with the only exeption being that for all of us in the straight male groupe would most definitly, at least in my world one female to aloe any or all of the males in in the group to be as in all fareness will have a fantasy, or erotic release. Such as female , married, coup[led singled together or to be watched. I can imagin how hot it would be to have a woman use any means to let other either, watch, cheer, assist toys and machine offered to all, and above all let your mind enter a manual orgasms , or team cumming, touching licking, groping, or just laying back and using artificial or resonable ialturnitives to aid in the individual, group tease, invite or for the partner to a whole differnt, but never fales to be orgasms free and easy sexual party where discression, is up to the individule, but anyone and every one can come! I would like to ask all and every on of you in the community if anyone should be exposed to any or or be or informed of this idea, please feel free to add, edit their own secrets. I would really like to know if anyone else would find this exiting ? make your opinion as either, maybe moreTIME, AND ANYWHERE iM GETTING WET JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!
Looking for a masturbation group to jion in Staten Island NY
My clit stays swollen. I masturbate almost every day. Would love to be watched by others. Maybe be in a group. I get so wet watching videos of women self pleasing their hungry pussies and men jacking off their hard huge cocks. Love using different items to get off with.
Count me in! I would love to join in
Would like to find a jack off buddy in Georgia. In or around north Atlanta.
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