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Why Do Crossdressers Like Anal Sex

Why Do Crossdressers Like Anal Sex on Bisexual Playground
I'm 53,single and looking for feminine male crossdressers and Shemales who will allow me to give oral sex to them and receive as anal sex from them
6ft guy into crossdressers, used to crossdress in younger slimmer days, want to get back into it, like anal giving and receiving
36 Year old bi guy. Interested in discreet meetings with other bi men and crossdressers especially. I enjoy topping and bottoming, very into anal play.
48 straight male with thought about sex with transsexuals-crossdressers-tra nsgenders. I am mostly curious and like anal with my wife, 1st time so I am not sure what to expect.
im am a fun and very horny guy looking for a discreet sexual relationship with males female cuple ts tg and crossdressers. im very versitile and love anal. oran rimming and kissing
I am an average 50ish man with a strong passion for sex. Always been with women but have found myself attracted to crossdressers and shemales never had anal sex, but like to play in that area-to lick and be licked.
Just a reminder that trans women and male crossdressers are different. Some crossdressers may eventually transition, but there are cisgender male crossdressers who experience no gender dysphoria and never feel a need to transition.
what about guys liking crossdressers or crossdressers liking crossdressers? i'm game for all of it!
Well we have noticed that all sites limit their blockings to Single females, Single Males and couples. How about adding crossdressers, trangendered and things like that to the list of being able to be blocked. I mean this would help people out that are interested in crossdressers but not men. They could block single men and crossdressers would still be able to contact them even for transgendered on the female fact. Some people would like only to be able to be contacted by transgendered females and not true females if yopu know what I mean is this something that can be done?

I am not sure if it can because I have not seen iot done on any other site maybe it can be a BP only thing until someone else catches on.
hi,mature crossdresser looking for other crossdressers or male admirers for adult fun,love lingerie and love to be given anal.
I love anal play and just bouht my first pair of beads which should arrive shortly. I would like to learn more about anal toys, how to use them and their purpose. I have up to know just had anal sex, anal fingering, and dildo play. I am interested in anal beads and the vast amount of varieties, anal plugs and those funny anal dildos. I found out they even have vibrating ones. I am just so lost. Please help. All information is welcome. *mwah* Kiss Joy
We had 23 people along with my wife and I. We had crossdressers and a wild young female who couldn't seem to get enough. The wives were also in full swing and did their best to take down every guy and gal in the place!!

We had bi oral and bi anal going on that was hot as well. Some great food and snacks and everyone went home spent! People were already asking about the next one and we hadn't even left the hotel yet. For those of you who said you were coming and didn't, well you missed out on a great time again!! Lisa and Bob


Cock Sucking With A Transgender
I want to suck Dick I like crossdressers
Married Crossdresser
Looking to meet crossdressers around Richmond, Va.
Anal Sex
We have enjoyed anal sex for close to 20 years. Danny has always had a fetish for anal, and slowly introduced Carol to it. We practise anal sex on a very regular basis, and have introduced many men (and some women) to their first anal sex experience. A little twist on anal sex that all couples should try.....take a good vibrator and put it in the guys ass, turn it up ALL the way! The guy lies on his back, and lets the woman get on top. The vibration travels right through the guy, into his penis, it's amazing! ...for both partners. Danny & Carol
Crossdresser Male To Female
Any smooth passable crossdressers want to service me
Looking for crossdressers to play with on a regular basis in New Jersey
Cumshots In Panties
Gay crossdressers in sexy satin panties fucking each other


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!