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Love spending time with CDs playing dress up and dress down

Love Annie Kiss
i love being in the house alone ,so i can put on my panties an bra an just walk around the house for awhile ,then get brave to put on some makeup ,this really makes me feel like a tramp who needs a big cock to fuck me raw.Hug
ever since I saw Rocky Horror I have always had this thing for guy's dressed Like frankenfurter!
I know the feeling lou... I like getting all dressed up, taking naughty pictures, and sharing them with close friends.

Love, AzBiExplorer
i know the feel too it feel so great to be my other side and wear hotsex thing
i just love it been dresssince i was a teen and love it i got caught one time and god it washot knowing some one seen me :-PKiss:-DHug
I am almost always crossdressed when I am home. Sometimes, I will put on make -up and a wig and go run an errand or two. I love the looks people give me. They can tell I am a guy, but I am almost passable as a lady.
Once, I need to buy gas, so I put on my short minidress, make-up and all and drove to the station and discovered the pump did not take the credit card and I had to go inside. It was almost embarrassing since the place was crowded.
The clerk looked at me a grinned. She did not know what to say when I had to show her my ID to verify the card and signature but she was cool and did accept it. As I left, I could hear people starting to laugh and talk abou what they had just seem. I felt aroused and embarrassed and happy.
would love to hook up with a beutiful tv
I'm a bi CD looking for clean erotic fun ! Kiss
I'm a bi CD Love dressing naughty but nice ! Looking for clean erotic fun!
luv to meet other TV's or women for HOT lipstick lesbian sex.I'm tall.slender,long smooth legs and body.Luv,wearing stockings,lace G-string panties,corsets cinched "Oh so tight",and ankle strap stilletto heels.Dressing as a women makes me so HOT,and totally brings out my fem/submissive side,e-mail me;slendersmooth
My girlfriend slipped her panties on me one night during sex. I got the biggest hard on I ever had. To this day, nothing compares to how my cock feels in a sexy pair of panties! Try it and see what I mean!!!KissKiss
I/we love transvestites, cross dressers, all T Girls. I'm one! Kiss Hug Flower
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Cross Dresser for Couples & Single Females.Flower
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser for MF Couples or Single Females. Flower
Looking for shaved CD friends
looking for a t-girl with a big cock to fuck my ass good.;)
When i would come home for the holidays or break i would get dressed up and clena the house. Then i would get in the car and drive to a bookstore or theater and go play. A couple of times i would get back home just a few minutes before my dad.

One time i left the curtans around the house open and a meter reader caught me.
Florida: Central - South Central. No single men.
hi 951 soft n smooth dressed up naughty!
I've been enticed over to the "other side" before...and loved it.Ssssshhhhh...
don't tell anyone!
Putting on panties and stockings was one of the most thrilling things I've ever done.Now I want to totally femme-out,nice and slutty,and get doduble-teamed by a couple of well-hung dudes with filthy minds!
Putting on panties and stockings was one of the most thrilling things I've ever done.Now I want to totally femme-out,nice and slutty,and get doduble-teamed by a couple of well-hung dudes with filthy minds!
I am looking to meet a MALE CROSSDRESSER, who like BUTCH FEMALE, for friendship and possible more....:-P
puerto rican. Please, Send me letter. On your Desires. I am interested.

Sincerely, David
Cding gives me such a rush. I dress from heels to makeup. Love short skirts and garterbelts, nylons, bras, wigs I have it all. At times I will get all dressed uo and entertain other CD's and selected men. When dressed I'm a total slut I like to suck a nice hard cock and have it finish in my tight hot pussyass
I would love to meet a nice sexy person that will make love to me and I can be very oral with them... I love masculine men and even a really butch female could become my man!!!! I would please you either way. I hope to talk to someone sexy soon!:-PKissHugFlower
Love to crossdress. When I am home I'm usually in some nice soft panties and a camisole. In the winter time I will wear a sexy gown ummmm feels so good. :)
Ummmm, I love to crossdress it feels so good to be in my panties and camisole....
What do women think about crossdressing their partner and having fun....anyone ever do that or have any ideas/thoughts on this subject?
I cannot explain why it is fun to wear panties and black stockings...but it is.

I need a woman tho to explain how those little garter thingies work....geeez
:)Crossdress with,for a woman....ooh yessss.Being her sissy and doing whatever am told and obeying.A matriach relationship with the woman being my superior and me doing whatever am told,there to please her,give pleasure,be used by or for her pleasure and amusement is the only kind for me.KissHugFlower
i like to dress up and would like to meet some one to help me
Are there any cd's in Biloxi?
it really turns me on to dress like a women i would like to dress up sexy and get my ass fucked and my cock sucked :)
would love to play out this fantasy with a sexy lady or couple
I love to put on a garter belt, stockings, panties, and a short nightie and then hop in bed with my wife. She will act like she doesn't know that I'm dressed up. She ask for me to give her a good foot massage and I dare not forget to suck and kiss her toes. While I'm giving her feet my lips I slide my hips up to her hands so she can give my dick and balls a squeeze. When she feels my thong covering my balls and dick she will act shocked and smack my balls real hard and tell me I'm a bad little boy for wearing her clothes. After I catch my breath I'll bring my head up to hers and tell her I'm sorry (but I'm not). She will give me a big hug and a couple of kisses. Then I'm told to go to sleep, or I'm told to take off those clothes and give her a good fuck.
just wanted to say hi to all my sisters ! i love to go out ! and have a great time with a man in my armsKissHug
Florida West (Gulf) coast crossdressing sissy here! Say hi if you want to play :)
Anyone in the Surrey area UK, I would love to be the sissy maid, bitch for a couple and have sex with the man while the wife forces me to do it.
New fresh Bi curious single sexy guy in Ann Arbor MI, tall, semi shaved athletic body new member here look'in to meet a couple or single for fun. Ask me for some, lots pics vids avail.
HelloKiss If you are wanting to meet a crossdresser in Main i'm interested in meeting you so please contact. Thank you, Amber
looking for well hung black men,yes devourer!love hot black cock and hot cum all over(GANGBANG)!get back soon,very hot and bothered!
looking to suck cock in the lubock area love wearing panties ,,or a couple
Would love to have a couple dress me up as their gurly toy, we go out and pick up another man and go back and have an all night party.
Central NJ CD always looking for new playmates!
Va CD looking for same to play dress up and whatever happens after that. I've always like wearing woman's lingerie almost all the time.
I love to dress in sexy panties a total slut and be a dirty, totally submissive cumslut slave to a kinky, nasty,perverted master who will video me and make me fuck and suck groups of other men or pimp me out while he watches. I am looking for a kinky man, any age who wants nasty, dirty cumdumpster slave to abuse and use as he sees fit.Own me and treat me like the dirty whore I am.
I've had a little fun in crossdressing... But only a little... I would love for a man to dress me up in a soft sexy outfit of their choice and have (my wife or theirs) take control... To get on her knees and make me do the same while we make out with his tool between our lips... The whole time I have a vibrating plug in... Next she tells me to get him hard and wet, and tells him to enjoy my face... I want her to take me then him take me while I'm in her...

The end :-)
i love being femm and all dolled up looking for a women to change me into a shemale i already live as a full time women
look 4 sum men who want to get all gurly and play G.F.s Kiss
Greater Cincinnati CD...loves to dress up and have fun!
love wearing lingerie when im alone and watching porn
Had a girlfriend in Kentucky who liked to dress me in sexy lingerie and fuck me hard, loved it..
Love meeting aggressive men who makes me feel like their woman��F lowerHugFlower
I love to dress and play the part of a submissive little slut for a kinky, hot masculine man!!!
I love cross-dressing and taking pics of myself. Just wish I had someone play with. I secretly obsesse about my first bi experience. I wanna be that trashy girl in the middle of a gang bang. with cocks it my ass and mouth covered in come and being abused.
ive been crossdressinng since i was 11 . am
nd love to put on make upget so hot n sexy .that i jackoff lookn at my self ..not untilll i was 16 did i get caught by my cuzn who was 26 sad damn you look just like a girl ypur sexy than most girls i know . it was then i no
oticed i was getting hard he noticed it to and he walk over ti me and kissed me long n passionantly by then i had put my hsnd on hes cock omg it was huge he looked at me and saod u r turning me on
i smiled and went down to my knees look. up at him unzipped hes pantd pulled out the biggest cock 10" and startrd suckn on it like i been doing it forevFlowerq :(jkk
it is a turn on for me to fuck a hot sexy crossdresser

Hamilton, Montana
FIRST; ARE THERE ANY WOMEN or SHEMALES WHO LOVE And -Or - DESIRE TO TEACH  to CROSSDRESSERS in the Missoula to Darby area? SECOND; ARE THERE ANY MALE/FEMALE COUPLES or SINGLE UNATTACHED MEN - Or - C.D.'S Who fit the same discription?? I am for real, I've never Dressed for Adult play, But TV I love the idea of being treated like a Princess, and seeing where it goes from there. Sorry but your place only!!!
I'm just starting to learn about CD. I've got a lot to learn, but I love it.
I wear stockings ot Pantyhose, and high heels and occasionally dress up a little. Don't have the sexy others to fully dress up like I want, but would hope tp find someone that could help me do that. I wanna dress sexy for a guy a.d get on my knees for him and suck his huge cock and let him have his way with me.Kiss
ive been hooked on crossdressing since my teens.i had a sexy big tit.dark haired.tanned neighbor.who had me do yardwork for her i used her bathroom and in her hamper was silky red teddy and g string pantys and blk stocking.i know its wrong but i took her lingrie and wore it under my clothes alot .i was so turned on .and i help in a diner. and the owner was gay and saw my red teddy peeking out.and said he would let my secret out if i didnt wear lingrie for him and be his teenage sissy slut now days i dress up for dom.guys
I like cock docken in pantys
I've been hooked on dressing in girly things since I was young. I'd wear my mom's things. I'd snoop when visiting relatives. I just love being in satin panties, bra, stockings, heels and a dress. I should have been a girl. Being dressed for a horny guy is the best. His hands on me talking dirty and telling me what to do to him. Mmmm
I still remember what I frist wore. It was my moms 5 inch high heel boots, when she was on a trip for work. It they felt so nice to walk in. Kiss Kiss
I luv it and luv to play with other cds soooo hot where are all my cds at :)
I love to dress up as a little slut, makes me feel whole. I started dressing when i was 6 in my mothers clothes and 23 years later it has become part of my lifestyle......finally.
I am aching to suck girl cock.....
I never understood why women could spend sooooooo much time shopping for clothing. can so relate!Kiss
I frequent other groups trying to learn and grasp my inner female. I very much enjoy feeling feminine, wearing makeup, dressing up in a pretty dress and heels. It all helps me feel feminine and more myself.

I am looking for female friends to chat and be friends. I have too many male habits that need to be broken. Obviously I need help learning to apply makeup if possible, shopping for clothes and finding my true style as a woman.
love this outfit mmm mmm mmmmm
In Chicago need help getting up and off
Love to cross dress and get cock in me
god love to meet you I got my start sucking cock with cd god I love it
I fucked myself til i came today
I would love to suck a crossdressing man
madly in love with cross dressers. where are you.
Someone teach me
I live in a secluded area. Not many people around. I was in my panties doing dishes when I heard a truck turning around in my driveway. My window I is right there. He stopped for a moment then pulled out and left. I wish he would of came back for a bj. I have seen this truck since then. He waves to me and smiles but has not stopped yet. I would clean for him in any lingerie he wanted me to. It was kind of fun being caught.
Looking for crossdressers to play with on a regular basis in New Jersey
Crossdressing on Bisexual PlaygroundCrossdressing on Bisexual PlaygroundCrossdressing on Bisexual PlaygroundCrossdressing on Bisexual Playground

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