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Wife Jacking off Husband in His Mouth

63yo straight male. just looking for a fk buddy i still masturbate 4-7 times a wk nd someone on the other end i amwilling to experiment, virgin ass and mouth i fantices jacking -off big cock other role play like to have wife and hubby suck me together if wife wants to see me fuck her husband it will be first i am willing curious
We are an easy going couple, my husband is curious for a new sexual experience, he enjoys me jacking him off into his own mouth, but now wants to try something new. I am interested in girls and guys, and want to have a good time.
We are a bicurious couple looking for a bi guy. I (the wife) would like to watch my husband get pleasured by another guy and possibly join. It would be fun to have some help pleasing my husband. My husband would like to use your mouth and ass, if you’re down for that, and blow in pure ecstasy.
We like to try new and different thing. Married and faithful, therefore, wife does not really like to share husband fully sexually, but like a lot of different involvement with husband. We like voyeurism and other female to be involved. Wife is a dominant oral sex type person and husband likes it all, he likes to be active in all but wife is a little stingy with husband, but husband enjoys watching just as much. Not looking for a long term relationship.
young black nice looking married couple, wife is bisexual, wife has had a few wife would like to play with a women and 1 day the husband would like to ONLY watch, NO involvement, or woman and husband both please the wife, again NO involvement with the husband
Husband is a cuckold and wants to share wife. Husband would like to assist wife in sucking cock and eating cum or cum cleanup. No Anal. Wife is fairly open as long as husband is ok with it.
Wife: Oh, come on.
Husband: Leave me alone!
Wife: It won't take long.
Husband: I won't be able to sleep afterwards.
Wife: I can't sleep without it.
Husband: Why do you think of things like this in the middle of the night?
Wife: Because I'm hot.
Husband: You get hot at the darnest times.
Wife: If you loved me I wouldn't have to beg you.
Husband: If you loved me you'd be more considerate.
Wife: You don't love me anymore.
Husband: Yes I do, but let's forget it for tonight.
Wife: (Sob-Sob)
Husband: Alright, I'll do it.
Wife: What's the matter? Need a flashlight?
Husband: I can't find it.
Wife: Oh, for heaven's sake, feel for it!
Husband: There! Are you satisfied?
Wife: Oh, yes, honey.
Husband: Is it up far enough?
Wife: Oh, yes that's fine.
Husband: Now go to bed and from now on when you want the window open, do it
A wife should always take photos and a video of her husband enjoying another man's cock. While the wife realize show sweet and cute it is to see him doing it, the moment needs to be captured for the husband to fully appreciate his efforts. Nothing compares to that moment of anticipation and excitement when a man cums in another man's mouth. It is absolutely precious. Bojjis, you should ask your wife if she can help set you up with two (or the more the merrier) men, so you can suck ones cock while the other is fucking you in the ass. Pretty easy if your wife just acts as a fluff and gets the men warmed up with some fucking or a blow job and then pass his cock over to you. If the guy complains, she can just massage his balls and encourage him to continue and enjoy it. If he's a good boy and cums in your mouth with a nice big warm load, he might have an opportunity with her. Totally her choice, not yours. if he cums in or on her though it is your job to clean things up with your tongue. When doing something like this, should you feel the need to cum yourself, your wife should help you double over with knees over your shoulders while either he, your wife or yourself masturbate you and keep your cock pointed towards your mouth so you get it all.
I believe my wife Had seen me jacking off in the shower once as we were with another couple that were both our friends she brought it up to her what would she do if she caught her husband or boyfriend jacking off in the shower she made it sound like it disgusted her Had seen me jacking off in the shower once as we were with another couple that were both our friends she brought it up to her what would she do if she caught her husband or boyfriend jacking off in the shower she made it sound like it disgusted her
He looks like he is trainable, but he needs work on taking the whole cock. wife must masturbate while husband gets fucked than she must clean my cock with her mouth. Husband I have a butt plug you will wear when I am not there because I am out with your wife fuking
one night a husband and wife are sitting at home enjoying tv the husband is eatting peanuts throwing one after another in the air catching them in his mouth. he threw one up as his wife called him and he turn his attention to her and the peanut when into his ear. he tried to get it out with his finger but it slid farther into his ear. his wife tried with twesiers but the peanut slid even farther.they decided to go to the hospital when their daughter and her boyfriend came home and found out what was going on. the boyfriend said let me try my trick if it doesn't work then go to the hospital the husband saya ok and sat down.the boyfriend explained that he was going to put his fingers in his nose and then he needed to blow as hard as he can. so they tried it the boyfriend put his fingers in the husbands nose and he blew as hard as he could and the peanut shot out of his ear. everybody was so happy the husband and wife began to watch tv again while their daughter and her boyfriend went into the kitchen. what a nice boy said the wife i wonder what he's going to be then her husband says by the smell of his finger our son in-law
Maybe I should change my profile. I stated there that snowballing is out of the question for me however, that is assuming sex with strangers. I still think swapping cum around puts a person at risk for an STD, but in a polyamory relationship anything goes with me. If I can be sure that the woman in a triad is only having sex with her husband and her husband is only having sex with her and me then it's ok. If we were actually living together I can easily see myself eating a cream pie and sharing it with another member of the household or any combination of swapping it around. Hell, I don't even know if I can make another man cum in my mouth. If any wives out there would like to show me how to satisfy there husband I'm all ears (and mouth, tongue, fingers, etc.). LOL At this point I'm not interested in fucking or getting on with anyone's wife. It would be nice if she joined in, but just sucking cock with the guy's wife or significant other present would do for me. Too many chefs spoil the broth as far as I'm concerned. I spit and don't swallow....where I spit is up to whom I'm with.


Bisexual Married Men
I am a married bi man, wife does not know about my bi side. I want to meet men or couple at the xxx movie for mutual jack of sessions. I love watching xxx movie while jacking off and chatting with other men who are also jacking off.
Couple With Crossdressing Husband
This is my best kinky scenerio husband in sexy lingerie and wife. Me and wife would pleasure husband then me and husband pleasure wife and so on. Everyday would be idea. Spun out😜
Suck My Husband's Dick While Watch Fully Dressed
maryland older guy who is looking for a wife husband thing love giving oral willing to give husband a blow job while husband watch and give wife a going down party while husband watce,then watce husband give wife a goo oral licking while i give him oral sex
Male Whore
def want to get used like a total whore by dudes or a MF couple. totally treated like a fuckslut and cumhole. Maybe for a husband and wife where the husband wants a lot more hole than the wife wants to give ....
Bang My Wife
hi Olympia, Washington State male here, and would love to bang a mans wife while the husband watches and also wants to join afterward also, i love to play and would love to be watched banging a wife while the husband watches first and then joins om or even with the husband possibly filming it also.Kiss
Guys Who Eat Cum
My post didn’t post with the picture. That’s my wife’s big pussy right after she’s been fucked. I love to lay between their legs as a man slow fucks my wife in the missionary position with her legs high and I watch every stroke in and out of my wife’s pussy. I can always tell when he’s ready to come out she is not sick tighten up and as he begins to unload in her pussy it is the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. It’s only happened a few times but it’s been amazing.I like to clean the man up if they’re into it I’ve only had one let me have it. I get her propped up on her elbows and hold her open so I can see the cum starting to run down out of her. I hold her open and deep tongue fuck her as much as I can and get all of the come that is rolling then I get on my back and she straddles my face with her clit toward my nose. She grinds my face chin and nose with your pussy and she is very quick to come. My wife is also a squirter so I get the Mans cum, The taste of fresh fucked snatch, and her juice running into my mouth all at one time. I love it when the guy watches me eat his seeds out of my wife. One solitary time the guy got hard again it was jacking off watching us and let me take him in my mouth. I have loved the feel and the taste of come since my very first mouthful and I was very very young. I hope you enjoyed the picture of my wife’s wide-open fresh fucked pussy


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