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Wife Shaved Me Pierced My Dick Made to Wear Garter Belt Nylons and Bra

Wife Shaved Me Pierced My Dick Made to Wear Garter Belt Nylons and Bra on Bisexual PlaygroundWife Shaved Me Pierced My Dick Made to Wear Garter Belt Nylons and Bra on Bisexual Playground
Hung well but preferably in my thong panties bra and garter belt nylons and 6"pumps, need dick sucking, toe sucking foot licking, and anal sex if possible!,
i'm a 62 year young man, i wear nylon panties exclusively 24/7, very bi curious looking forlike minded man to dress me in nylons and and garter belt with a nightie with him wearing the same as we run our hands over each others nylon clad bodies, resulting in oral sex, switching rolls
I like to dress in panty girdles, nylons, or garter belts, nylons and nylon gowns while having sex either by myself or with others. I like to wear panty girdles with nylons crotch's so I can do the pantie rub........
love to wear high heels, stockings, garter belt and lingerie
I like women and trans-girls (TV's, ts's, cd's) I am versatile, and prefer t-girls that are too. Have a major fetish for feet in nylons. Just love full fashioned stockings and a garter belt.
im a single crossdresser around 45 and love silky black nylons, high heels, black satin garter belt and pretty nylon panties ; i live in Vancouver,bc
It Was a lot of fun. My favorite were the cross dressing parties. The Girls generally got off pretty light just wearing a business shirt. But by this time my Ex had introduced me to the idea of cross dressing in lingerie. I'd wear white nylons, a while lace garter belt and panties. Some time crotchless panties, some times regular g-string. And an A cup lace bra. I got a lot of compliments, which made me feel sexy as all hell.
Love wearing nylons and a garter belt. Feels awesome!
I love wearing womens lingerie and want to get togather with other men in sacramento area who feel the same. I can host and will answer door in panties, a garter belt, and nylons, with the lights low.
Love to wear pantyhose, panties, garter belts and nylons, all lingerie, really turns me on
I bought a pair of nylons and garter - it makes my dick look hot
If a man is using me I want him naked, if it's another sissy I would like them in at least stockings but would prefer a garter belt also. I would be wearing a garter belt and stockings.


Males In Panties
I wear satin panties every day. sometimes I wear a garter belt and stockings as well.
Black Dick
Any big dick black guys in the Kannapolis Concord Albemarle North Carolina area who would like their dick sucked and then paint my face with cum and then have your way with me dominate me I sometimes like to wear women’s lingerie with garter belt it just makes me feel more like a little cum slut I am let’s get together have some real fun I like to blow and go unless you want to dominate or fuck me in my ass
Submissive Crossdressers
I submissive like it all n like to wear stockings n garter belt n love cum
Being a bi male CD, I find it highly exciting to wear garters or a garter belt.
I love to wear silky nylon thighs in multiple layers. I also like to wear thigh highs in layers on my arms as i give myself or someone else a nylon handjob. I love the silky slipperyness of the nylons as they lure the cum out of me or someone else. The only thing prettier than silky nylons are silky nylons with cum on them. I also love to wear silky pantyhose under my layered silky nylon granny panties and silky nylon slips and gowns. Anything nylon deserves to be worshipped with cum. :)
Hi, This is a dream. That, I had a long time ago. I dreamed that, I was mans wife. Not just a wife, but a Cocksucking and Fucked Swinging Housewife. I would Suck his other male friends cocks at his discreation. There was a night, we went out to a friends private club. All male-couples, except one little differeance, the wifes at this meeting, wore high-heels, black nylon stockings, with black garter belt. Each wife was taken by the hand by two husbands, each wife bend over, cock in the rear, the other in the mouth.


First of all, thank you both for allowing me the pleasure of entering, checking out, and trying your site. My wife and I have very different tastes when it comes to how we use our down time, but we both completely trust and encourage each other and our differences, so your site seems to be exactly what I have been looking for. I was introduced to it while visiting a friend in KY over the weekend. I look forward to introducing all of my friends to it along the way. As I realized that the information you were looking for in the profiles was going to take more than 3 minutes to fill out, my mood changed quickly from annoyance to being highly impressed as I realized you are looking to weed out the liars, fakers, and games-players that seem to be ruling over most of the meeting places on the Internet. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and success as your site grows and blossoms, as I'm certain it will. Secondly, being a bit of a sap and romantic at heart (even if a bit of a free-spirit and part time pervert), congratulations on your engagement! While many may find my interests in joining with others as a single bisexual male to clash completely with that of a totally satisfied and completely happily married man, I can tell you that my marriage was the part that made my life complete. I wish you as much happiness as you can find in each other as possible and hope for years of fun, excitement, and new discoveries together, both in and out of bed! P.S. By the way, 10 years ago when I first met my future wife, I wasn't even bi-curious. Funny how a solid, open and honest relationship can open doors that you never knew were there in the first place.