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Wife Wants Cum Bath

Wife Wants Cum Bath on Bisexual PlaygroundWife Wants Cum Bath on Bisexual Playground
Bath House Daddy. Bi-MWM. Love to play at the local bath houses. "Public" group action really turns me on. Just looking for NSA M2M sex with all ages, all races. For a fun time, hit me up!
sweet,caring, loving,likes to joke around, likes sex alot with the right female , cuddle , bands, concerts , nascar races, camp , camp fires, bon fires, read, candle dinner,s candle lite bath,s bubble bath,s parks, amusement parks, i am shy until i warm up to the right person, commuications, my family tells me i have a heart of gold to share it with some 1
I am an employed engineer, and my wife is finishing up her degree in accounting. We are trying to start a family, and between work/school and all the sex we have having, we don't have a lot of time to keep the house clean and whatnot. We are interested in finding a young submissive/slave female who is diligent and respectful to move in with us (three-bedroom/two-bath) and take care of the household needs. Also, we wanted someone who would be good with children, to help raise ours when we have them. Additionally, we wanted someone who could keep us constantly hydrated and stimulated to help increase our chances of productivity. I have a large penis, and I am a big fan of fisting and orifice dilation. My wife is a photographer, and a huge fan of receiving oral stimulation. We would compensate our maid with room and board, a monetary stipend, and sexual satisfaction, in addition to her being apart of a loving, warm, and safe environment.
31/bi/male from Bath
i love to master bath
I am a tall guy very sexy body nice butt i am hot guy in bed like too try new things in life i work out in the gym pick up some weight like hott oil bath and love the water and like different toys i have black hair Long i have no fat in my stomach is boxes and like bubble bath really hot hot water love to give massages and get them all over my body i love too be put different positions i very flexible guy i like to be a slave guy and like too listen to my dommintx woman i 7' hott butt too play with you can put me in the skin play my hole and you can lick it and it very clean i love to be clean inside and out i like both women and men i fun person to i can wait too meet a person out there i love to clean in the nude too i a good cleaner and i too wash clothes too.
When I was a young boy up until I was 12 my mom used to bath me. I always looked forward to it the warmth of the bath and the feeling of her washing my back, face,chest, then asking me to stand as she washed my legs and butt. I would then turn around and she would wash my thighs, cock and balls. I would become hard it was about 10 when I started to masturbate always wanting her to catch me. After catching me a few times our baths became less frequent and I became sad and depressed. Mom asked me one day what was wrong and I told her the truth I miss our nightly bath. She smiled well were going to have to take care of that because I want a happy little boy. My dad was out of town and mom came into my room in her bathrobe smiling and said it is time for our bath. Off we went I was skipping the water had already been run I quickly undressed cock already hard stepped into the bath turning around as my naked mother was getting into the bath with me. It was the best bath I have ever had this continued until I went off to college and came home with a girlfriend whom I married. Has anyone else experienced mommies bath?
Any couples like to join us. Going for wife’s cum bath for wife tits only be respectful walk over stroke ur cock and cum all over her tits. We may suck we may not suck u depends. Please no old geezers that r stalkers there n please smell good no bad smelling people please.
OMG!! i have a BIG "thing" about bubble baths & showers!!! lol!! for some reason i just get so turned on while taking a bath or shower as well as right after. i would LOVE to get a bubble bath like that!!! and if her name is "bubbles" it would give a whole new meaning to the phrase...."i am taking a bath with bubbles"Wink and can take the picsWink i would never leave you out on this kind of fun:PWink
I have found a great gay bath house in Chicago, it’s called the Steamworks.
Chicago has several different gay bath houses.
Hey want to play? me and my wife love to suck pussy, I am a const. worker and come home for lunch when im in town, yesterday when i came for lunch my wife was hidden behind the door,in a bath robe with a pair of angle face panties, she took me to the dinning rm climbed on the table and lunch was served my loves to munch also would you like to join us for dinner? and breakfast???????????????
I was 7 years old and it was in the bath tub when I was taking a bath and I was using a bottle of preal shampoo it was when they started making it in green and white colors and this is really fun but i put the whole top of the bottom on the very tip of my dick and I started getting into the flow of the rush i was started feeling and then I cumin all on my hand and legs now this is the funny part i just though I pushed out the pearl shampoo back out of tip of my dick because it was all shiny pearl white and the next night I did it again but with out the shampoo I was just waiting for my mom to ask me how come I'm using so much shampoo every night at bath time...🤗🤣😘


Lavender Bath Oil Lavender essential oil balanced the mind, body and spirit. Sweet almond oil is a light, odor free oil that is readily absorbed by the skin - an excellent carrier for essential oils, it's especially well-suited to formulating bath oils Blend: 12 drops lavender oil 1 ounce sweet almond oil Pour oil mixture into the bath under running water. You may add up to three ounces of this balancing blend per bath. Suggested variations: Add bubble bath along with the bath oil. The suds help disperse the oil and add some fun too. If you have a favorite scent, try using that instead of the lavender. Lavender is very calming and is great to use after a long day enjoy!
Wives Sharing Hubby's Dick With Men
i like to share a cock with my wife till we get a face bath and swap it arround
Mommy/Boy Role Play
Last weekend my wife Misha and I invited a 18 yr old boy to play with her. He wanted to do a mommy/son theme and so did Misha. He came over and they had a fine time. She told him how much he had grown and inspected his cock before putting it in her mouth. He called her mommy and told her how well she taught him to fuck other girls when he was growing up. She gave him a bath and then they fucked in the water, after she watched him jerk off and she licked his semen as he came. She then took a wash cloth and really gave him a bath before he got out. He stayed for about 3 hours and they stayed in character the whole time, the boy is welcomed back home to his mommy anytime.
Bath House
When I was a truck driver, my stepdaughter would ride with me during the summer. I stopped for the night, and found a bath house. I showed her to the females, and I went to the males. Long story short, she came to the men's bath house and we all had fun..
Bubble Baths
Sometimes, there's nothing better than to just lay back and cuddle in a nice hot bubble bath. Then ofcorse there the times that You can sit face to face and see how creative you can be. I hate to waste a good bubble bath alone, but on occasion, I must admit, I Do...... Be Happy:)
Bath House
The only bath house I frequented was coed one in Sasebo, Japan when I was stationed there in the early 70's. However, I noticed you're in Hawaii so here's some info I think might help you out. Being from Hawaii the only bath house I know of is in Waikiki and its called Max's Gym & Private Men's Club. If you email me I'll send you their phone number...


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