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Wife and Sissy Hubby Double Date Story

sissy cuckold male kept locked in a chastity lock owned by wife who is very sex hungry likes her sissy hubby used and humilliated by her lovers
We are looking for a bi male to hook up at the lake next week. hubby will be bottom or top, but wife needs double attention too
hi we are a couple from hattiesburg ms.i am 34 and my hubby is45,we both are very clean,and both cleanly shaven,i am 34 red head with double E tits,my hubby is 45 with 9.75 hanging and almost 12 hard,my hubby likesto watch me with other men we have had three guys and my hubby at one time and had a very good time,i am wanting my first xeperance with a women,
Well I'm 5'2" I have blonde hair and blue eyes, currently pregnant. I think i'm physically attractive. My hubby is 6'4" he has hazel eyes and brown hair, is extremely attractive. I'm looking for a woman for myself to play with. Must not be interested in my hubby as he will only be watching. And James is looking for a man for himself, must not be interested in me. But willing to let me watch all sexual activities that my hubby is partaking in. We both enjoy, oral, anal sex, water sports/golden showers, light bondage, lesbian play, gay play, some 3somes, sex toys, erotic stories, Double Vaginal, Double Anal, Double Penetration, and we love to try most new things. We are not interested in Swinging, beastiality, scat, rough bondage etc.
wife is a bbw dom that loves very big cocks and blk men. hubby is a sissy cuckold crossdresser and he loves to lick me clean and my men to. looking for safe honest nice hung bi men for mew and my hubby
We are a Femdom couple only in the bedroom. My wife is my Mistress and is in charge of all sexual activities, or otherwise the boss in the bedroom. I have been trained by my Mistress/Wife to be her Sissy submissive, to dress like a sissy, suck like a sissy and take cock like a sissy. To service men at her command. I truly love being submissive and thank my Mistress/Wife for showing me/Sissy the way.
looking for a couple to do a 3 some in the youngstown-warren ohio area. willing to suck the hubby's cock with the woman. and hubby does me while i do his wife. don't mind sloppy seconds or wife can watch as her hubby does me in my ass.
I'm a bi (oral) man and my wife is straight. I love sucking cock, my wife loves being pleased by two men, and the guys we meet like having their cocks sucked by both of us before having sex with my wife. Everyone wins. Saying it's a double standard because "he" gets to have sex with two women makes no sense. My wife "gets" to have sex with two men. Is that a double standard... or a threesome?
So I had opened this link before I left home this morning.  As I was
waiting for the subway this morning to start my morning commute, I
realized that even below ground (no cell signal) this story was
sitting on my iPhone.  I stood next to the door leaning and began to
read this very descriptive story.  I was wearing my typical business
suit; this one has pants that shows off my goods, let's say.  As I
read the story I was getting more and more aroused.  I eventually got
to about half hard.  I noticed a good looking Asian guy around 40
staring at me.  I think he saw just how good your story was.  I wish I
knew if he had a hot wife, like you to share . . .

Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.
-- Woody Allen
OH MY, OH ME, OH MY!!! What a DELICIOUS fanny bottom your wife displays! OH HOW I would LOVE to LICK HER from stem to stern and back especially AFTER G HER (if so honored to CUM aboard and make a deposit). And what a LUCKY MAN hubby is to have a wife that sexy and that self-confident to let hubby WATCH HER play with another US WHAT A TREAT! I'm WAY to far away (no temps below my age) (and hubby) want a nice sweaty (and OILED) pussy licking in SWFL....y'all CUM.
The sum of my story I was sissy dressing by 11 already n was moved to live wit my 2 stepuncles @ 12. In that neighborhood I met 2 much older men that popped my sissy cherry 🍒🍑 There's much mor detail to that but that's the quick version lol
true story,
my one time gf from high school met up she wanted to dress me in bran and panties and made her the sissy she wanted she took my dildoes and fucked me in my sissy pussy hole i was so turned on but sadly she left but encougres me to wear lingerie and sissy stuff and sniff my poopers so i can me more submissive to women and trans and men and i really love it.


Cheating Wives
Never had to worry about my late wife cheating. We had an open marriage, she coukd date anyone she liked. She dated a could of men, but she rather date a sleep with married women.
Open Marriage
My late wife and I had an open marriage. Which for mean she could date and sleep with either and male or a female friend of ours. And the same was true for me. The only thing was we told each other if we had date that night.
Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
My wife just left for a date...after she got ready she let me lick her pussy and ass to make sure everything was ready for him...and before she left she pasted to me in Yahoo IM what her date, a Dom, said to her in chat... "yup im going to lick you your going to suck me real good im going to fuck you and shoot my load in the cup and your going to take it home and once your home your going to smear it all over your used pussy and make hubby lick it all off" It's gonna be a Loong few hours waiting for her to get home...I can't wait. She told me the next time they get together she's gonna bring me along to watch and to clean them both up afterwards. She said he'll grab me by the hair and shove my face into her pussy as soon as he cums in her and pulls out.
Anal Sex
I love receiving anal and have been known to actually beg for it.......especially if the guy is well endowed ( 9+").....I used to date a girl that actually initiated anal and liked to get on top so she could ride it. I did not understand why she got so turned on and would scream and cum like crazy. Then one day a well hung stud who was making me his little sissy bitch laid on the floor on his back, lubed up his cock and told me to sit on it......OH MY GOD.........I have been hooked ever since....... there is nothing that feels better than your asshole getting stretched around a nice large mushroom head.....then right after it pops in......sliding all the way down to the bottom in one quick motion.....MMMMMMMMMM. So if any couples, bi males, str8 males or bi females in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area would like me to bend over for them just let me know.....I like talking a thick male cock or a strap on from an hot fem also.........really think it's hot when the wife fucks me with a strap on while I'm sucking her hubby|8BKiss
Cum In My Wife
Ladies i wish my wife was a fucking slut like you girls and me her sissy faggot non passable crossdressing cock sucking cum eating hubby
Piss Play
I love pissing in sissies mouth, she drinks every bit and sissy loves getting a nice golden shower as a reward for being a good lil' sissy. I want one of my lovers to use sissy in this manner and sissy fantasizes about it constantly she so wants to be a submissive sissy under a strong male who has just fucked her wife. Two females using sissy as a toilet for the day is another sissy dream she wishes would cum true any couples, or females want to make a sissies dream cum true???Kiss


Maybe I'll be able to write another compliment. Within 24 hours I had found and made a date for a meeting with an almost perfect play partner. Will know in 24 more hours if I can write a success story. I do find the site easy to navigate. One of the better sites I have ever used (including business sites). Jay