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Any suggestions ?

First suggestion is don't give up. If this is something you want to happen, you need to keep trying to meet someone who can and will fulfill your deepest desires. More often people are just to far apart in distance or age. Just keep the faith.

I agree with you 100% !!!!! I'll keep faith!!

If you are ever in the pan-handle of Florida, I'll enjoy pegging you.
By a man or woman? Or does it matter?

I believe Captmate wouldn't mind being pegged by either. Of course I'd enjoy pegging him or you, I love playing with soccer mom's.

Wildstreak would luv a woman first to break the ice!!

my Sweet and very Tight Ass Hole Wants to Get Pegged ..

Yes My Sweet and Very Horny Ladys I will welcome your Strap-On"s

My Sissy cum Loving Tight Ass Hole'
's to get Fucked I am %100 all Bottom...

Yes Ladies I REALLY Do Enjoy Sucking on your Sweet Tasting 's as I am getting my Sissy Tight Ass Hole Fucked By all that Maybe Interested in doing So, 's Shemale's and 's with a Strap-On..

I Just Really Do Being all Cummy Wet where and When I Can ...

Hi everyone...can I play too??

I need help finding what I'm looking for. What I want and need so badly is a hot female that wants to come play w me and my husband. We have Soo much to offer

I'd love to get "pegged" too. It is a fantasy of mine and it will happen. I have the thoughts about it, I watch Gay porn showing guys riding each other, it looks awesome to be fucked, balls slapping my ass, having someone deep inside me, pulling out, then back in. Safe sex is always a must, but I try not to let the mechanics of that to get in the way.

Any women in nj who enjoy pegging their man
I suppose the woman who is into pegging would be quite the popular lady. We could start a fan club for her.
If my wife wanted to peg other men I would love to help you out. She is a beast when she gets wound up. I will def be in touch if she wants to

Let me know mike keep in touch

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69 With A Strap On
my wife pegged me once before and I enjoyed it greatly. She won't do it now, but if there is a female out there that would like to we're ok with that.:-D
Dick In The Mouth With A Dick In The Ass
MMMMMM finally got it... his wife pegged me with a flexible strap on and he came down my throat. It was so hot!!!!
Anal Sex With Men And Women
Interested in M2M anal. I'm a TOTAL bottom, so no topping for me. I LOVE being pegged by women, too.
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
I have tried almost everything in sex there is to try. My last 4 long term girlfriends were Dominatrix. Being pegged with a 10inch strapon is the best, most perverted sex I have ever had. I have been doing it for 20 years and it is still the best sex I have ever had !! LOL !!!!javascript:addicon('Hug')
Nipple Sucking
Touching my nips just make me melt. I was seduced by two guys in the shower after they saw me get excited by the water running over my tits. And recently I reversed roles in a lesbian threesome, with the sub licking and sucking them while the dom pegged me with my feet in the air.
I love being pegged.. With a 10inch fat strap on.. drives me Insane and makes me squirm and moan like you wouldn't believe.. plus the orgasm is out of thus world it's so Intense 😈😈& ;#128520;😈&#12 8520;😈

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