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Tied and Pegged

I am a sw hot male looking to get pegged for the first time. I luv eating a smooth pussy until you beg and scream for me to stop! I would luv to be tied up, blindfolded, and women have their way with me. While I am not attracted to men, if I am tied up, my mistress could do with me as she pleased. I fit pleased her to fuck me in my ass with her strap on while making me suck male cock, that is ok. If she would rather me eat her pussy and have her man puck my ass, so be it.
I like to be pegged tied up and and throat fucked while masked
Horny, kinky and wanting someone to teach me more. Love eating pussy, sucking cock, getting fucked, being watched,tied up , bondage, want to get pegged, edged and dominated
5'6" 148lb's me & my gf r both bi... i love getting pegged by men & women with strap-on's.. i enjoy being tied up & used.. both me & my gf r up 4 anything but u MUST be decease free.. no STD's.. H.I.V. or AID's... we both drink & smoke cigarettes & are very easy going & down to earth people...
I like to hold hands tied together with my partner touching tongues and noses french kissing having our legs tied together as well and wrestling while we're tied up
I have never been dominated or pegged/fucked before. I would like to be pegged/fucked without a safe word and electro shocked. Is that too much to ask?
Hi im jake looking to being strap on pegged as im tied up by a girl or couple
have been on all 4s but have also been tied to a saw horse (there's a name for it but i can't remember it) bent over it and tied ankles tied and men used me for over 2 hours never got to see some of them they just lubed up and slid in me till the came. my friend untied me after and told me what a good bottom sub i was and he would do it again for me.
To be held captive for one year in a logging camp
To be tied up there and used by whom ever wants to as entertainment
A camp that has a minimum of fifty men or more
On Friday night to be taken out and tied out back and used as a urinal once the drinking starts
Hosed off afterwards then tied to bed and used throughout weekend
Spanked and whipped whenever anyone feels the need
I love to be pegged. I'm not fat but my ass is hungry to be pegged. Pick me
Mine is to be held captive by 5 sensual bi-lesbian woman and taught how to eat each one to a squirting orgasm, and then repeat it. Failure to succeed would require me to be pegged. Success would get me pegged and ridden at the same time.
If you ever get in or around the Cincinnati area drop me a message. This sounds fun, I love getting pegged by a beautiful woman. Been pegged by past gf’s but the female has to be really comfortable to enjoy it and definitely helps if she enjoys taking control. You’re gorgeous btw.


Being Tied Up
I've never been tied up before. I love it when I feel helpless and totally dependent on someone. Being tied up, not knowing when you'll be untied or what a person will do to you while your tied, WOULD BE A TURN ON. Lindawantabe
Forced Sex
I would love to be tied up and forced to suck and fuck hands are tied and my legs are tied open.. so i have to take cock in my mouth pussy and ass...and swallow cum..
Kinky Sex
I love being the Submissive in a B/D S/M relationship with men,women couples or groups. I've been ask what do you want done once you are tied up.My answer is if I'm tied tight enough you can do whatever you want. My purpose of being tied up is to be totally at the mercy of my Mistress, Master. And yes pain and or humiliation is expected. How far would you go once I'm bound,I'd love to find out
M-M-M Threesomes
One of my favorites as well. But one of the best times was the first time I was tied up. I was with two friends that had done me before so I was comfortable when the tied me to a coffee table on my back with my head hanging ogg the edge backwards, and ly legs tied up exposing my ass. They proceeded to take turns fucking my ass until one came over and shoved his cock into my moaning mouth and throat. That soon followed with loads of cum! :) Happy times.
Kinky Sex
the thought of being tied up and the other person in complete control would be amazing. or being tied up and blindfolded not knowing what to expect
My wife and I have had some great times with spanking. I really like to be spanked with a paddle, sometimes while being tied up. Not into pain per say, but like the intensity of being tied up and her increasing the strength of her spanking. To cum while being spanked is a fantastic feeling. Kay likes it when I slap her ass when I am fucking her. It really intensifies her orgasm.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!