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Sitting in rest stop west of lansing, love to suck my first cock if anyone can help me.

I live in Lapeer , east of flint

Nothing better than rest stop sex
I know it’s dangerous but exciting

Are you a truck driver

So how far do you travel .....

I’m in Lapeer area east of flint maybe meet in the flint area
No not a trucker driver, just a horny male that wants cum in both of my holes

We are all look for some one to play with ,, I can give you what you want.....let’s meet in flint
Little to far to travel

Years ago, I traveled a lot. Saw a lot of rest stops. I had no idea what I was missing!

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Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
there was a rest stop in Maine that you could go there anytime.for a threesome. i sucked many cocks there.everytime i got close to the rest stop i got a hard on right away.then i would walk in the woods there was men evrywheres wanting to get suck off or they would go down on you.the summer time this place was awsome for great sex.i was sucking a man thru a glory hole i was bent over and i had a guy taken my pants down.he was sucking me then he wet my nice bun hole and stuck his big cock in my ass.boy that felt good mmm i was getting fuck and i was getting fuck in the mouth.there was lots of horny men was like paradise. i gone to this rest stop maybe thousands of times.but the damn state of Maine shut it down.they close it.all the nice places where i use to go are close down.
Bert a friend ps i will write other stories soon.
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
I've frequently though of giving and getting at a rest stop. Climbing into a big rig seeing all the gauges and switches and a twitching thick dick to play with, to man handle, and yesss to suck on it trading BJs. I'd love to meet oralm4all, if you'll meet me around Jacksonville tomorrow late morning we will play at a rest stop and have great oral maybe a MMM
I have this hot fantasy of losing my anal virginity in the sleeper of a truck in a rest stop or truck stop parking lot.

If you are a trucker who will be traveling I-5 in So. Oregon, drop me a line...
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
I am a driver also & I would love to suck some guy off at a rest area if I only can find them the problem we have is I don't sit in a rest area long enough to find any one that wants sucked off but if I knew they were there I would stop
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
ctcrossdresser the next time you are in NH let me know....the rest stop isn't very far from here :-P
18 Wheeler to be ganged at a rest stop

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