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I have never had a hookup, only been with 2 men, and want to have some fun. Where can I find a man that would let me drain him without having to ever see one another, just feel each other? The anonymity is such a turn on🙈

Damn Shy!!
You better stand back and make room for what is about to happen....

You might as well have thrown 50 pounds of Fillet Mignon into the lions den!!

Yes it is. I once entered a girls room at club med at night. Although we had done things earlier, she did not know it was me. She gave me a really good fucking. I thanked her and left before it got light out.

I would be willing to make the investment in a trip your way; it's 300 miles but I've got plenty of time and you appear travel worthy. What method of draining is being proffered here? When is this being planned for? You can DM me if you'd like.

I will be in Galena and would be willing to drive to you as well!

I can come to your place and have some fun with you

Or we could do it just be exchanging messages. It takes a little time and both have to have great imaginations. Being horny doesn’t hurt.

I’d love to help you out.!

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Sex With Strangers
I think this would be the ultimate thrill to have anonymous sex with a stranger and then walk away not even knowing their name or anything about them.
Glory Holes Florida
West Palm Beach Looking for sucking cock anonymous.
Dick In The Mouth With A Dick In The Ass
My first time was in a restroom got fucked while I sucked cock both of the anonymous and putting their crotch under the partition
Sex With Strangers
I did that lots of times back in the nineties...totally anonymous sex, no introductions, almost no conversation, just fucking. Woof.
Glory Holes
would love to have a couple next to me in a glory hole...I love how anonymous it is, and you know what you want....
I love bath houses, all kinds of anonymous sex. sucking cock, being sucked, fucking and being fucked, sucking as many cocks as are available.... it is so hot. I also love being watched by others while I am having sex with men.... yummmm

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