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  3. Who has "Big balls"

Who likes big balls and what is it about them that you like? I love mine sucked while my cock is being stroked.

Great looking cock and ball love to lick, suck and play with both

I have fair size ones.

Not big but full

Here see for your self

Call me

Well let's see them BiFunWithU 😋
I've been told they are.

Maybe not huge, but decent.

Very nice 👍🏻👍🏻

nice Big smooth Balls!!

I love to lick them, especially if they're hairy!

my big balls

Mmmm love big balls playing with them sucking them yum yum 😋

I love playing with mine


Here you go.

Damn, you all have really nice balls and cocks! Keep them cumming I would love to suck any of those 😋

I love to have them licked and sucked

Here you go
How’s this ?

having mine licked when I jack off

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Ball Stretching
I have always wanted to stretch my balls. I have stretched my ball sack by pulling on it by hand. Now that I am divorced I can get the equipment and start stretching my balls.:-D I want to get them to hang very low by them self I want them to cover my asshole when laying on my back, so when I get fucked his cock will have to move them to the side so it can get in my asshole. That way when someone fuck's me his groan will hit my balls when he pushes all the way in balls deep. If we are fucking doggie style I can push my balls back so that when he is stroking fast and his balls are swing in the air they will hit mine.
Ball Licking
I love to suck on a mans balls till his seed is all over my face. For me, I hate my balls and my dick. I wish I had a pussy. I wish I had a Dominate who would have me castrated. My balls put in a jar so I could look at them and laugh. My leggings would sure look better without that bulge. Lindawantabe
Shaved Cock & Balls
I've never had the pleasure of sucking a shaved cock and balls but would love to! I'd gently lick and suck on the balls one at a time and deepthroat the cock balls deep!
Ball Sucking
Mmmm i just got into this & i now luv it Mmmm big yummy balls in my mouth sooo hot Met this guy with a big dick & nice big balls as i was suckin his dick he told me to play with his balls so i did then he asked me to put his big balls in my mouth & jack him off so i did mmmmm he came sooo much :-P
Cocks Bounded Together
... i def have a fanatsy about being with two dudes and tying both their cocks and balls together real tight and then sitting on both their dicks until one or the other of them shoots ... or set it up so one dude is lying down and the other fucks me from behind and has to pull his buddies cock and balls in and out while they pull on his cock and balls .... def hot ... esp if they talked about how hard they were going to shoot ...
Big Balls
Love Big Balls. Big LOW SMOOTH BALLS wins me over. Love big balls woship/admiration.Hug:)

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