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I enjoy cock and ball bodage and feeling my balls getting stretched out. I like having my balls stretched to the point that it starts to hurt some as I masturbate or as I'm getting sucked off.
I've got a 3 collar + 3 ring stretching maintenance kit. Love to stretch my sack. Would love to chat with others who like this also.

I love to see guys who have attached a cock and ball bondage - since if thay do jerk offI like to catch the cum in my mouth

Sounds interesting, would like to try it.
I need mine streched in FLORIDA
i love being stretched. especially if I have to walk naked in public, (nude beaches, swing clubs, strip parties, ) My dog collar, nipple clamps, ball stretcher and prince's wand are a must to travel. If you never had the airport personnel check them out in the airport you haven't lived.
I have a 1 pound ball weight, can wear all day
I have always wanted to stretch my balls. I have stretched my ball sack by pulling on it by hand. Now that I am divorced I can get the equipment and start stretching my balls.:-D I want to get them to hang very low by them self I want them to cover my asshole when laying on my back, so when I get fucked his cock will have to move them to the side so it can get in my asshole. That way when someone fuck's me his groan will hit my balls when he pushes all the way in balls deep. If we are fucking doggie style I can push my balls back so that when he is stroking fast and his balls are swing in the air they will hit mine.
Wear a 2in ball stretcher 20/7
Feels SOOO GOOD! Wearing 1 lb most of the day.
I don't have weights to wear but I really enjoy sessions of manual stretching by hand and do it a couple of times every day.
Ball Stretching on Bisexual PlaygroundBall Stretching on Bisexual PlaygroundBall Stretching on Bisexual PlaygroundBall Stretching on Bisexual Playground

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