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In your life time how much cum do you think you have swallowed? In my 50 years of cock sucking I’m guessing that I have swallowed at least 5 gallons of cum. How about you.

not nearly as much as I would have liked so I have some catching up to do

I would say about two shot glasses full to date. I’ll be adding to that today 😁

Sadly, I swallowed more of my own cum than others. That’s not by design but situations. I’m happy to say, most of that was out of my girls pussy.
I’ve probably swallowed a 2 liter bottle of cum in my lifetime. Always willing to guzzle more.

Not much. Maybe two cups? I’m a very late bloomer. I only became interested in sucking dick a few years ago, and though I’m eager to actually do it, I’m very deep in the closet and haven’t met the right guy to try it with. So, I swallow my own pretty often. (That’s my own cum in my mouth in my profile picture.) I like it!

I like to suck dick and swallow cum. Lol I like to share as well.

I have swallowed cum from atleast 200 men maybe more. Over 100 men has released inside me. I usually give my man the option to let it ride or cum on my face and mouth. I prefer in my mouth but I also wanna make sure my man gets what he wants also. I'm such a slut for cock 😋 ❤️

Who knows? It was all tasty!

I've been sucking for the better part of 4 decades, I'm definitely up in the gallons category!

I need my cock suck and played with so badly

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Cum Swallowing
Question,this may sound silly but as I'm a beginner at this cocksucking bussiness,can you put yourself at more risk of catching something,by the simple act of swallowing another's cum ,verses not swallowing another's tasty cum.Can one of you in the know take the time to write me with the answer to this age old question of cum swallowing,fact or fiction! discreet57
Drinking Cum
I really enjoy swallowing semen. I like the thick coating it leaves in my mouth and the thickness of my saliva after having a mouthful of cum. I believe it is good for you and their are medical papers supporting the benefits of swallowing semen
Men Swallowing Cum
I really Love swallowing your Cum Gentlemen and I am a very good Cock-Sucker with No teeth at all In my mouth And the best time for me to be swallowing your Cum ? Is - at the same time my hot little ass hole is being filled with Cum, Cock after Cock I Love to Suck and to get Fucked ? In Pahrump Nevada feel free to ask to meet up sometime ...
Cum Swallowing
I have sucked cocks from small 4 inch thin ones to 12+inch super thick choker ones!and have enjoyed swallowing the loads from everyone of them i absolutely love the taste of cum and i always try to keep sucking after the guy cums some let me continue on while others pullout immediately after cumming which i hate them doing i love to linger and gently suck and lick the head after swallowing specially the hole i do this to let him know how much pleasure he just gave me and as a sign to him if he wants to go again i am ready willing and waiting for it |8BKiss
Fucking Wife While Husband Fucks Me
Also great is riding a nice hard cock while wife is sucking me while I was sucking and swallowing a super hard thick 9" cock. Indescribable the feeling of feeling a hot load shoot in your ass while swallowing one and shooting in wife's mouth. Wish I could have fit that large cock in my ass too.
Bi-Curious Men
Submissive, Gay Male, D/D Free, Will Slut For Bi-Curious Men..Waynesboro, Va Area..Use Me For Extreme And Perverted Purposes.. I'm available for any race for harsh rape-style analfuck and gangbang fuck, double fuck, deepthroat mouth fuck, double mouth fuck, cum swallowing, piss swallowing, piss up my anus, submissive kinky taboo sex, anything goes with spankings and

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