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Bf is always working. Sun up to sun down. But wants me to find a females who can keep me company and for the 3 of us to possibly get to know each other a bit more.
If you were close you would never be alone I promise
You are very close to me…if we can chat I’ll send real photos and tell you where I am

wants females guys.

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Men That Want To Be Fucked In The Ass
I'm glad my dad made me be a girl or a faget he started letting his friends take me home the age of 14 knowing that they were fucking me. Him and my mom would bring men home but they met two have me and I laughed in bringing home men and making me take care of them in my bedroom I realized a couple years later than that they were selling me to all these male strangers
Being Naked
As soon as I enter my home, I strip... and stay that way until I leave. And, when not at home, as often as practical.
Porn Shops
Miss the days that most of the Arcades had Glory Holes, there are a few still around and when you find one, it is like the all you can eat Buffett at the truck stop dinner! I am fortunate enough to have 5 or 6 with in 50 miles of home, the issue is, I am out on the road most of the time, however, I do visit at least twice when I am home!
Forced Cuckolding
I became a forced cuckold! One night when I wasn’t home a young black thug broke in our house and fucked my wife! It was the strangest feeling when I got home! It was tamari’s to me but at the same time erotic!
Women Licking Women
Coming back home to visit to New York City wanted to see if I can get a special welcome home present coming up Aug 31 to Sept 6 :-P Hope we can have some fun together :-P
Bisexual Party
I'm looking to develope a group of bi friends interested in an in home party here in my home on a regular basis, monthly or so. Anyone interested please feel free to e-mail me.

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