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ok i/m new to some of this what is cuckolding??
Watching a man fucking gorgeous woman doggy style with you right under her pussy licking her clip and waiting for him to put a load inside and you get to clean her up and then she makes you clean him up and that she wants him to fuck your bitch ass
Yes fuck me n front of my wife
A fantasy of mine to have someone fuck my hotwife. I watch the male as he fucks my wife in many positions, gives her oral and satisfies her in every way, but holds off cumming. The male fucking my wife doggie style as I am beneath them and licking his balls and taint, as well as, licking her clit. He intermittently pulls out and slips it in my mouth once in a while as he is fucking her. The male still not cumming and we switch one final time. The final position that he is allowed to cum in is my wife on her back and her head is hanging over the edge of the bed with my cock in her mouth while the male is fucking her soaking wet pussy. When he gets close to cumming, he tells me to lower my head to just over her pussy. He starts to cum inside her and pulls out to finish in my mouth. He makes me clean him up and then pushes my head down on my wife's pussy, as she is still sucking on my cock, and bring her to another orgasm as I clean her up. It will never happen, but one can fantasize! lol
Forced Cuckolding on Bisexual Playground

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