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Who has one, who wants to show it

Hey Randyalltheyime, here’s one

Here is one for you

Here you go

And nice they are

Randy it's beautiful, you can hit me in the mouth with it!mmm, mmm,mmm

here is mine!

Thick and uncut older Caribbean Pinga….

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Big Cocks
Going down on a long thick cock is such a turn on...feeling it grow...then that head gets so fat and hard right before it gushes out hot thick loads of cummm!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!
Sex At Book Stores
the best place in Houston is the Executive Theater. I have been going there for the past few weeks and had some great blow jobs as well as my sucking. One time i was sucking on a 7.5" cock and when I came up for air there was six other guys watching and we had a great circle jerk at which time I sucked off four different cocks. One guy ad a small cock and the biggest balls and he came down my throat and all over my mustache. This was a real pleasure as I had leftovers all the way home. Also sucked on black guy with a huge head on his dick, he also was a heavy cum guy. I was able to stay with him for all of it. I am in my mid 70's and a few of the guys shook my hand. Went there today and sat the last row end seat and middle age guy took his cock out and pointed it to me and it was great especially so many other watching us. Had an older guy with pencil thin dick but a thick cum, did make me gag a bit, it was thick. The last guy was a Latino with a 5; thick cock I really enjoyed this one, the first thick cock ever finally getting in the back of my throat
Cum In My Mouth
Anyone interested in teaching me how to suck cock and force me to swallow there load on film.. I want to be use its my first cock and I want to be gagged while you pump cum in my mouth or just bend me over and do what u want and cum in me on me or all over my face. I need a daddy to brake me in.. who knows maybe you just meet me in a parking lot and have me suck your cock and hold my head down when you cum. Where are you. I want to experience giving head and being fucked.. maybe you can host and have some friends over and fill my ass an throat with thick loads of cum...
Sex With Male Cousins
The first dick I ever sucked was my older cousin.He was 17 and I was 7. I know it was wrong,but at the time I loved doing it;and the taste of his cock and that sweet precum that generously leaked out in a steady flow until he finally blew a huge load! The head of his cock was already filling my mouth and I was forced to swallow quickly...and I loved the taste of it! Thick and gooey and his cum was sweet...not salty at all! Not long after that,I was also sucking off my neighbor and "best friend" who was 14 at the time.They both had beautiful cocks.My cousin was uncut with a lng thick shaft and large hairy balls and lots of thick hair on his thighs and pubic area.My neighbor had a cut cock with very,very thin pubic hair just above his cock,but his balls and the rest of his body hairless.
10 Inch Cock
I'd love to ride a nice thick 10 incher till he's just about to cum and then have him pull out and let me stoke it while I suck and lick his cock head as he shoots his load across my tounge and down my throat Blowjob
Fuck My Mouth
Is there anybody here in Bristol Connecticut that would like me to suck your cock and fill my mouth with cum nice and thick I like to give a good head. I need cock real bad.

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