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When I get real horny I go down to the book store, the kind with the large rooms and leave the door unlocked. I wait for some one to come in. One time a coupes came in and we sucked and fucked through 40 bucks of porno!. Most of the time I get the best blow jobs ever. Has anyone else had an adventure like this?
We love to suck and fuck in the video booths at adult book stores. We often stop while on long drives for a break in a towns adult book store for some local cock and sperm.
I have definately had some HOT times at adult books stores! When I travel I am always on the lookout for a place to stop and get off!;)
I will say that the best bj I ever received was thru a glory hole. I also like the 'leaving the door unlocked'. that way it is a little more personal.
This sounds like fun and I am glad others like it also. I have been sucked off several times in Greensboro, NC. Ready to reciprocate.Kiss
3 women going to be in gary indiana GLORY HOLES. 9-22-06 9PM CT's theater 4620 Industrial hwy Gary indiana across from Gary Airport
Im sure a really stupid ques ....... but are there any glory holes / book store fun locations in the area of, ok here is the funny part, NYC? How about near / around the tunnels on the Jersey sides?
I love going to bookstores. I love sucking guys cocks but really love it when they tell me to get up and bend over. Having other guys watching and stroking is so hot and have then see me get cum shot all over my face and step up for their turn. Anyone here in Phx?
i've always went to bookstores to suck cock but this one time i went to 1 in nj,it had a theater i went in(i like fucking myself with a dildo,so i use enemas to clean my self out and had always wanted to get fucked)so anyway i got my sweatpants down and had on crotchless panties playing with myself when i guy cums over with his cock out so i started suckimg.before i knew it i had 1 slip in from the time he was ready to cum i had sucked three cocks,had a face and mouth full of cum,he pulled out and shoved his cock in my mouth.he came and i came at the same time.all this in front of 10-15 people
Any bookstores in northern VA? Please let me know I have a lovely lil sissyboy who would love to perform and I enjoy watching ....
love sex at book stores
Oh yes, sucking at the bookstore. Love It.:-P
I have got the best blow jobs in book stores and also given some good ones myself. Love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth and love the reward after a good sucking. Anyone in Broward County Fl. want to receive a good BJ? If so get back to me. Love to swallow too.
I love to spend the day at the adult bookstore. On my knees swallowing creamy cum. yum!!:)
Many Many great memories and great times in adult theaters and bookstores all over the country over the years, DejaVu in Vegas is great..Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, many places in Denver, Tampa and if you could imagine it Billings Montana.
Got my ass fingered 3 to 4 up my ass was trying to get fist fucked in my ass wishful thinking
I wanna be gangbanged in an adult bookstore or gay bar.
I have never been in a adult book store and I would love to have that experience in Lowell Ma or any area within 20 miles. Does anybody knows a place like this so we can go together
I am a small white dick male. I am 67 years of age. I have often wished to Suck a Man's Cock, in the Lobby of Adult Book Store and Have Photos Taken of me.
I do enjoy gloryholes, they just excite the hell out of me I get so turned on having a cock slide threw that hole and you wrap your hand and lips around it and suck it until it explodes down my throat.
Anyone close to sex store on rt 7 outside Winchester
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