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How do you delete profiles from "Who you viewed"? We did alot of browsing and now our cache has so many profiles, it is difficult to find the ones we were most interested in viewing again.

I don't think you can delete. You can always add the ones that you're interested in to your friends list
you can delete - - - look to the right side on their profile or whatever it's called see a stack of offers -- -
"email, Im's and so on. you'll find it there. good luck searching haha

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I see several persons have viewed but no one has made any comments?
M-F-M Threesome
My sexual fantasy would be to have sex with 2 men. One would be fucking me & I'd suck the 2nd man cock. I've never done that before, but have viewed on a porn tape with my husband! :);)
2 Black Men 1 White Sissy
Is this possible I'd so then four and more and more! I want it so if your cool 0⃣ drama discrete I down 420 good not intokissinggolenshowers or shit buteood dring some pissclearpisswater like when u drink a lot of light veer that's fun clearness water I even drink from the tap until milk is next and we'll I can't explain how long I wantedcoolnewfreinds but this is Las time looking delete all this in couple days so let me if u want many help find cool fu names m
Couples Searching For Bi Males
I'm a 'virgin' as I've never had a threesome, but am more than educated having viewed and fantasized a threeway. I'm HARD just thinking about meeting the Right Good Looking Sexy Fit Couple who want to make me their sex & love 'slave'.
he knew that I would do anything for her attention, especially if it meant that she would play with me. She knew I was aroused by her naughty tales of infidelity. This opened her up to exploiting my secret desire to be her sissy slut slave! Her manner to lure me to the bedroom, where she would spread for me, and tell me the only way I could have a taste is if I admitted that I was her sissy slut boy! I would be forced to say out loud" Yes I am a sissy slut boy!" ..OR state that I really wanted to be treated like a sissy slut.. Spanked,dresses as a sissy slut, forced to please and by that she meant dressing and waiting for her to come home after a "date" with any man she could find to empty their seed into her lovely pie. She would have me saying anything, she knew I was ashamed that I actually enjoyed her exploits with other men..In other words a CUCKOLD! YES..She had cuckolded me! The first time she saw me unable to hide my erection when she described how she had been taken hard and deep by a guy from work, she began to laugh and torment me with her domineering manner. She found stories and confronted me with them. The first time She ordered me to strip naked and read aloud the nasty stories of forced feminizing, male submission, forced bisexual and cuckold tales. Well, before I could even start the fact that she was taking such a dominate tone with me caused my genitalia to rise and strain.. She only viewed this as her queue to begin total control of our relationship. " Someone likes the thought of other men having their way with me" ..You like to think of their large C**** penetrating me, don't you! Ye..Yes Mistress! She would laugh and force me to my knees... Hiking up her dress ..grabbing my head by the hair..pulling me violently to her swollen and dripping slit!! My face hurting from the force she was using to bury my nose and mouth into her dripping lips.. Clean it all up sissy boy!! I had no choice but to comply with her perverted demands.. In order to keep from suffocating I would slurp and swallow just to get a gasp of air between her reckless mounting of my face!! "That's it slut" she firmly whispered.. "Lap it all up". . The very thought of being forced to clean up the cum of another man both frightened and aroused me.. I was so aroused by her domination I was practically in a dream state.. I needed to taste the seed from her lover..I wanted to swallow every last sticky drop.. My face glistening from her own secretions and that of the spent lovers.. she paused to tell me that I was to clean her bottom as well..I was soon so caught up in this taboo activity, I became her tool.. Hers to use in whatever manner.. She soon made me simulate oral prowess on her adult life like vibrator..She forced the life like appendage into my mouth and demanded I take most into my throat. She would use the toy until it was thick with her fluid and then order me to lick, love and succumb to this act. She was only getting started in her deliberate indoctrination of me to be her fem slut. She had plenty of idea's to satisfy her own enjoyment of our nasty scenes. She too was transported into a level of libido that we both never thought possible. And she was not about to give up her new found pleasure. We both understood what was once taboo was out of the bag and each too excited to want to stop . I was not ready, or so I thought to actually share my dark fantasies..but once she was aware of them and blatantly calling me on them.. I was hers to use.. To be cucked is one thing, to be hers is quite another.Kiss

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