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I prefer top as you can see

I like the bottom. Feels like the other person has more control and feeds my submissive side!

Mmmmm, I like the guy on top deciding if I gag or not, or if he wants to fuck my mouth, or raise up and drop his balls on my face. Mmmmm lol
Subbottom here n I like getting forced gagged by cock wen laying down in 69 🥰

top with a finger in my ass

Top. Face fucking the bottom..

I really enjoy bottoming, I like the thought of my face being fucked. They can really let go, plus it’s easier to rim that asshole. I recently did this in an adult bookstore/theater. I fucked him & another guy, then they took turns fucking me & getting sucked by me. Finally the hotter of the 2 ( about 65 years old) & I moved in a 69 while about 5-6 other guys watched & jerked off. It was perfect, we were in complete sinc for nearly 10 minutes, until I started spurting my cum in his mouth, within seconds he pounded my mouth & came in my mouth. When we finished, we both got up, caressing each other’s body & deep made out.

Bottom, always... for 69. The Top can lower and push deeper into your throat...

On our sides. Easier you can take and give as much as you like.

I don’t really care as I love both top or bottom as long as I’m getting satisfied and I’m satisfying my partner

I am submissive so bottom for me.

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