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How many guys would love to spank my ass and make it red then fuck me

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Being Spanked
I've tried spanking my self a few times I liked it a lot it would have been so much better if some one else did the spanking it would turn me on more, hope to find a volunteer soon, Please,,
Being Lightly Spanked
Never tried spanking, though I think I'd really like to! I'm not sure I'm ready for the full-blown THWACK! of a paddle -- skin-to-skin, hand-to-ass spanking is more my scene, I think. I've always wanted to give...and now I think I'd like to receive too!
My wife and I have had some great times with spanking. I really like to be spanked with a paddle, sometimes while being tied up. Not into pain per say, but like the intensity of being tied up and her increasing the strength of her spanking. To cum while being spanked is a fantastic feeling. Kay likes it when I slap her ass when I am fucking her. It really intensifies her orgasm.
Being Spanked
I would love to give a lady a very sexy bare behind spanking with others watching, so they get a very good show and she gets a very good spanking. I would even let a lady spank me to put on a show for her friends.
Being Lightly Spanked
Not in to spanking not one for pain. Ok
Being Lightly Spanked
We are spanking experts

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