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a good spanking warms the tuchus for the fun to cum...:-D
Spanking is an art that is developed while learning the intensity level thresholds . A very erotic forepaly. I am an and insturctor to other females only. Please read my profile for additional information.
Spanking heightens the pleasure during sex. ooooh please may I have another???
This submissive slut could use a good spanking.
My stepdad introduced me to naked ass spanking at a young age of 7 and it continued on till age 16. I'm not into it for sexual reasons if other guys are too. Dennis J
I love to be spanked, and I have resorted to slapping my own ass.
looking 4 female who loves x-dressers to serve her:):)
I got Naked RED Bare Ass Spankings at Home until I was 16!! I still enjoy a Sound Spanking(Give/Receive)Today! To me a Squirming/Flinching Red Ass with a Leather Strap is an Erotic Turn on for SEX!!
Spanking on Bisexual PlaygroundSpanking on Bisexual PlaygroundSpanking on Bisexual PlaygroundSpanking on Bisexual Playground

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