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Pissing 69 can host in sioux falls

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Ball Licking
Gay Bottom In Virginia Into Ball Licking, receiving and swallowing Real Men's piss after I have sucked you off and swallowed your load of tasty cum..I also take 'piss fuckings' up my anus by Men who can piss with a hard cock..Find this piss drinking slut at
Water Sports
Im a new member recently. Yes I like peeing as well as Watersports. There is nothing wrong in being piss on or drinking piss as long as that person is clean. Most piss is sterile from a Medical point of view. As Bi-Sexual I love female piss play being piss on as well as licking there pussy's after they have pissed. Most woman like being pissed on there Clits it stimultes the Clit alot from what I have found out from woman who have taught me this. Some like to have there holes piss in as well. What ever the case maybe there is nothing wrong with watching participating or drinking piss from a Female or Male. Its to bad there are none here in the Ohio Valley area or Colubus that are willing to try piss play or clean them after wards.:( Maybe Im wrong but it seems most of this type of play is out of state here. If there is any takers or persons who are interested please let me know and prove me wrong. Thanks rocky2006:(
Piss Play
A like a role-play with piss involved, or a special girl that will piss on me or me piss on her
Piss Orgy
I love to drink my hot piss. It taste great. Nice and warm when I piss in a cup., I drink it right from my cock. Had a female piss in my mouth and it tasted good.
Piss Play
About ten years go, my LTR and I were enjoying "69" and when she came she pissed by accident. I never experiened that before and she didn't know what was actually occurring. When she later realized what happened and that I drank it she got more tuned on then I had ever seen her before. For the rest of the time we were together (about six years) we enjoyed piss play frequently. We did a fair amount of swinging and were surprised to learn how many others were either into it or interested in it. It seems women prefer to have golden showers and to even drink piss from other women. If a man does it, they usually want just a shower or a piss enema. Men usually want a shower or piss enema from other men but will often drink piss if from a women -- especially if she's a hottie. Go figure. It's all the same. Anyway, if you haven't tried it, don't deny yourself the pleasure. :)
Golden Showers
My hubby loves it when I straddle his hard cock. I slide just the head in, then I let a little piss go. I'll pump him a couple of times, then i'll let more go. The hot piss flows down his shaft and balls. It drives him wild. Then I pump him harder, every time i move downward my pussy splashes in the pee that has collected at the base of his cock. I keep pumping and pissing until I cum so hard the piss actually squirts up his chest. After he cums, he licks all the piss and cum off my pussy, which makes me cum all over again.

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