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I can't believe I'm the only one!
;) No your not I like it with the rite person it can be a lot of fun. Don't forget the plastic sheet or my old gf & I use to play on the kitchen floor (easy clean up);)
yes or an air matress works great,,,,,,makes its own pool,,,,damn i even made a movie guess ill have to pop it in the vcr and jerkoff,,,,,,
Believe it or not , human urine in a healthy adult is sterile and harmless. A woman did this to me once, long, long ago and still excites me. Too embarassed to tell anyone until now!!
I love to feel her warm piss all over my body. watching a woman piss on me is such a turn-on as she holds her pussy wide and squirts all over... mmm.
I also love watersports, both giving and receiving. I have been playing in piss for several years now and can't wait to find others who like to play also.Hug
KissYummyKiss just soak me all my face & hair, all over my boobs & bottom, or in between my legs...Kiss..I love it allKiss
Heather D
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm..I love this idea. I had first seen it in a porno many moons ago. Then when i met my sweetie we started to talk about it. she has done it in the past but i never have.But I sure am looking forward to doing it with her. It sure turns me on even to think about her peeing on me and visa versa. She wants me to piss on her tits and then while she holds her pussy open have me piss on her clit.....YUMMY........I want her to stand over me and piss anywhere she wants. I also wanna kneel on floor in front of toilet while she pee's and lick her during and after. Mmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!:):-P
It is FUN. I used to date a girl who loved to have her clit pissed on - I think it really made her CUM. We would get in the shower and I would wet her down then lay down under her so she could pee on my face, chest and cock - I got so hard when she did that. Then we would exchange piss kisses and screw with the warm golden liquid all over us - That was some wonderful sex.
i need woman in orlando who loves to get eaten out while she pisses
hot inner pink black hot pussy hole is delisious any 4 me in o town:-P
Oh yes. Had a girlfriend who loved to piss on me then sit on my face to lick her clean and maked her cum, which was always my pleasure. I also loved to piss on her tit's,face, pussy and ass, all of which i eager ly cleand for her. To bad, career goals, damed things.
Anyone in the Tampa area looking for a single male to enjoy this activity? Definately interested and looking for other couples and SELECT singles to get together with
I tried this years ago and loved it. I'd love to find someone within driving distance to explore this again. I'm bisexual and would love to have a woman or man to piss on me and et me piss on them.
:-D A past girlfriend and I were hooked after an accident she had whilE I was eating her out. See, when I met her she said she never had an orgasm. so i gave her one. But when she started to cumm she let go a stream of piss down my throat. Being one that won't ruin a Great Orgasm did the only thing I could, I drank her up as she came. When i told her what happened, she was so excited that she had me pee all over her........................... ..........WE WERE HOOKED ! ! ! ! ! ! !
This is something I have fantasized about, seen in videos, and wanted to try for a long time. Last summer, I reconnected with an old boyfriend I hadn't seen in years. In the middle of the night, he got out of bed and went in the bathroom to take a piss. When he came back to bed, we started playing around again. As I sucked him, a little piss dribbled out into my mouth. He whispered, "Sorry," but I kept sucking. That was the closest I've come to doing it (except, perhaps, for a couple of times lying on my back in the bathtub with my legs up over my head and pissing on my own stomach, chest, face, etc., which was very hot). Would love to play with piss with a buddy or a girlfriend or both. How do people get into the subject with men or women? I haven't figured a way to flat-out ask or hint around to see if he or she would be interested (or just disgusted).
Im a new member recently. Yes I like peeing as well as Watersports. There is nothing wrong in being piss on or drinking piss as long as that person is clean. Most piss is sterile from a Medical point of view. As Bi-Sexual I love female piss play being piss on as well as licking there pussy's after they have pissed. Most woman like being pissed on there Clits it stimultes the Clit alot from what I have found out from woman who have taught me this. Some like to have there holes piss in as well. What ever the case maybe there is nothing wrong with watching participating or drinking piss from a Female or Male. Its to bad there are none here in the Ohio Valley area or Colubus that are willing to try piss play or clean them after wards.:( Maybe Im wrong but it seems most of this type of play is out of state here. If there is any takers or persons who are interested please let me know and prove me wrong.

Thanks rocky2006:(
I have only given a golden shower twice, but it was such a turn on! I met this guy at a bar we were both really drunk and he just flat out asked me to piss in his mouth. He put his whole mouth over my pussy and drank every drop. He said it tasted even better when it was mixed with my cum, so he fingered me til I came and then I pissed in his mouth a second time.
This was about 6 months ago and he moved away, so if anyone is interested let me know I'm dying to do it again!
i love pissing i love the warmth just all over my body i f there is ne body that would like to do this plzz let me know id be glad to do it with them
I love piss! I love giving and receiving it. Is there any one out there who will help me out?
Looking for well hung studs in the Fort Worth, TX area that would like to have a bi bottom panty wearing sissy cocksucker as their bitch to use anyway they want, Gag me and make me swallow.....

bend me over and pound me....stretch me and fist me.....and when your done using me like the slut that I am comes the best part........PISS ALL OVER ME and leave me laying in a puddle like a used whore.............any takers?:-P
:-P Men's Hot Piss Being Showered On Me Direct From His Hose! Enjoy A Multitude Of Men Over A Period Of Hours Pissing On Primarily My Face & Open Mouth
We enjoy participating in watersports at least once a month. It is so erotic and she loves the feeling. The hardest part is in finding partners to play with who share this belief.
I LOve to have Women PEE
on me iv'e askek 2 women and they loved it
since i ate them untill they CAME:):):-D
subrobert, i would love to watch that.............i think 2 guys is hot, and i think golden showers is hot........wish you were in florida
if there is any 1 in nyc who likes to pee on body and in mouth give let me know
Has any of you guys every tried putting on a condum and pising in it. Then hold it and jack off in it (still wearing it) The cum looks like little fishies swiming in gold water. Try it it's fun!
Well for us this forum is way great as we have been playing wet for ages...ya its very difficult to meet others into piss and our mission here is to do our best to change that! To us its a totally intimate experience, freeing yourself from the conventions society places on us....after all...we have accepted and acted on our bisexuality and here we are now expressing another unconventional sexual interest....Hug....We welcome contact with those interested and no we are not going to hide this aspect of our sex lives....all we ask is acceptance and understanding....
~~Love ya~~
~Kat and Kruize~
This is the kind of nasty shit I am into. Love it, LOVE IT
grrrrrrrr.....give me the pee! all of you!!
allways looking for someone to have some pisss fun with inperson or even cam2cam if interested hit me up:-P
Hey if there is anyone who would be intersted in covering me in piss and also maybe letting me piss on them PLEASE CONTACT ME!! i am extremely interested in trying this out. been a fantasy of mine for a couple years now.
I'm looking for a female to give me a golden shower. Just say the word! :)
I am intrigued... would someone like to urinate into my mouth? (woman or man) I would like to have a drink of piss from the source. I have drunk a glass of my own and it wasn't bad |8B
this is something I always wanted to try. Anybody near Brantford Ontario?
would love to find a woman to pee on me...aahhhhh
been pissed on by 2 guys. i'd love to have a woman piss on me. i don't drink, but i love the feel of piss in my face and on my tongue.
I've had a few limited experiences with pee play, but want to do so much more. I like being on both the giving and the receiving ends, but I especially want to try drinking it directly from a woman and then lick her clean. It's unfortunate that more people aren't into this.
id love to try this if any body is in the md area manly frederick area drop me an e-amil
this is great...This has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time...
I have pissed on and in the mouths of both men and women, and it is awesome! I also cleaned my gf's pussy after she pissed and I loved it! As a Dom I have had in the past submissives who craved my piss and never wasted a drop. it is hot!!! :)
Its great having a wet woman piss in my mouth just wish i could find more that enjoy doing it to me while i am made to mastrubate.
Love watersports action, love to hear from others who do.
would love to have a girl piss all over me ... I think that would be very HOT...
I've gotten a couple of times to suck on a nice cock just after the guy peed. Loved it. I'd love to have the chance to experience more then just the last few drops. Any guys in Utah willing to piss all over me, in my mouth, and in my pussy? Love the feel of a guy feeling my pussy with his hot piss. I've never tasted a woman's piss before, but am willing to give it a try.
What does pee taste like??? I really wanna try it just wondering what it tastes like?
Hello....i (amber) am very interested in being peed on by a guy...i also enjoy peeing in my panties.....i cna be a very naughty gurl....i would enjoy being with my Daddy and another man and being used thoroughly by them and then being peed on by them.....oh, and pictures too!!
I love PISS in all its aspects - always willing to introduce people to the pleasures of pissing:-D
any m2m pee fun in s e michigan?
Hey look on my profile for the album "piss album" for pics of me pissing!
I would love to have a couple take turns pissing in my mouth.
Any men in michigan looking to get into some hot piss play give and take straight from the tap in the mouth or up the ass?
Hubby would love a hard cock up his ass giving him a hot piss enema
I was talking to a lady online once and i got the idea that i'd like to fasten my mouth over her pussy and have her cut loose with a full stream of piss. I don't know if this would work or not or if i could keep up swallowing it all but i'd like to try it sometime. It would be HOT!! Let me know if you have any experience with this technique.
One of the hottest things I've done a few times is to be fucking a woman and have her husband piss on us. Also love eating her pussy after he has pissed on it. FUN!!!
Any kinky people in Nj into piss play??lets get together and make this real
Philadelphia here
Love receiving pee in my mouth. Also like being used as toilet paper for any females (either pussy or after she poops) LaughingKissHug
i cant believe no ones mentioned water sports, my best job ever would be pussy cleaner in a toilet of a fetish club
Anyone in the metro Detroit area, or the Naples area in FL that likes golden showers? Please let me know, I'd love to have regular pissing get togethers.:)
love to piss on cocks or pussys, and have anyone piss on my cock, mail me for chat
The girlfriend and i have done water sports mostly her spraying me on chest and face and even in my mouth and as a result i now fantasize about men spraying me as i am a CD .. i have now seen videos of men with full erection as the are inside a man pee while fucking OMG WHO ELSE WANTS THIS or can do it to me help ..Nichole
I enjoy the sight, sound, feel and taste of the golden liquid!!:-P
Be it from male or female. I love to piss my jockies and enjoy drinking my golden nectar. Would like to find a woman, man or couple who also enjoy the pleasures of the golden flow!
Years ago I had a girlfriend who enjoyed "Pee Play." she called it......especially
me giving her golden showers....lots of bathroom fun......I would love to hear from others
into water sports...... Especially women or CDs.....
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