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This is what i would said to anyone that seeking to connect with me, IJS it appears everyone talk through text and everyone is hiding behind their mask so in a effort to return back to the mature adult world where those that honesty have nothing to hide so here what i want
Nothing wrong with expressing tour thought, i would like to know what turn you on about me and how would exploring with you enhance my experience i have never had any encounters but have weighed all my pro and cons and factoring privacy, trust, respect and health risk rather it going to be one time or continue the person i choose will be my only one so i want someone that outgoing, no drama or issues with being open and honest, financial able to share moments amd occasional go to a swinger event or a nude resort and role play as friends, i also think at least with my first date i want someone that relax and knows how to converse and connect without a lot of asking but the confidence to gently lead me and share visual thoughts as a turn on or roleplaying as a startup lol because I’m very large i want someone that get very sloppy when they give oral with not a lot of stroking but a firm set of lips working it slowly but steady and i can heard the sound that a turn-on hearing someone moan, suck greedy, whisper and beg for it, i want someone that not in a rush but want to change things within the encounter and my fantasy would be knowing the exact moment to flip me over and spread my cheeks and tongue fuck me before sucking my huge cock from between my legs, i want a man that cock is sexy enough for me to stroke it as i fuck him, i would enjoy someone that enjoy letting me play with his ass with his toys as he sit on a huge dildo, i would love someone that i could put a collar on their neck and parade them around the house for his wife with a sexy lingerie on as he lay down and eat the both of us as i fuck her and cum down her throat and she bring it to you, i want someone that as the moment builds they get freaky, erotic, kinky and can bring energy to the scene, my idea cock would be a smooth 5-6 inch dick that avg in girth, nice ball but not just hanging, a smooth ass, a nice man pussy that can open for a virgin that large without ripping my skin being honest, a bonus would be a man that can cum from his man pussy, health is important as i get checkup every 6 month, married etc because i would prefer no skins to feel comfortable. Someone that can laugh share real stories, social drinking smoking etc no issues here, someone that confident and understands why he choose to be in the lifestyle and therefore past no judgement on our would be ideal i respect everyone choices to be happy. He has to be honest his family is always his choice but don't lie and don’t make plan you not going to keep and upfront about your intention and changes are we will be great friends either way so if you have that vision of enjoying life within a erotic environment and have the courage and confidence to seduce a 6,3 198 lbs very attractive and educated marry male that enjoy laugh sharing story and exploring with other with as i been told a sexy 13 inch thickness call a BBC that brings hours of pleasure then what you next move
perfect HUN

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