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????? Ok, Ok...I came here hoping to "looK" or "watch" 3 girls and a guy? It could happen. Maybe not in my observable lifetime (other than a nice porn movie) butt I sure love knowing that there's a LONG list of you also seeking the same thing!!! Pervs. Well CUM Aboard.
Would SOOOO love to do this!!! :-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P :-P:-P:-P:-P:-P
The last house party we attended, we ended up with 4 other bi guys ands had an absolute blast. We both sucked every dick, one and two at a time. I got fucked really good and a 5th guy joined as we were all beating climax and all 5 shot their loads on Khela's tits and neck. I slopped up a handful of their mixed cum and while I was using that as lube to jack out my load, buried my face in the mess on her tits. It was the most cum I have ever experienced at one time. Needless to say, I orgasmed exquisitely and shot my load all over her face and tits as well. Naturally, we showered together afterward.
Looking for sexy bi girls to join me an my girl an we will be sure to please so there is never a dull moment
Me and my Wallman are looking to do something different things
If this is ever possible, I will be drowned in pussies for life. This will be a new lifestyle for me. lol. I will sure like to try this 3 or more women and an endowed guy.
So excited to do this im not worried about you having a perfect body or being super pretty i would just like to have 3 chicks that want to have there way with me im not really picky when it comes to females i like all races i like all body sizes the only the i ask is that you take care of your self and your a very clean hygienic females? Im ready so.inbox me
would love to do this,love to eat a lot of hot pussys,and finger them love multiple 69,s always super horny very hot toolHug
Looking for my first pegging experience
I will do ANYTHING!!!
I've had three women before. Wow,what a party,lasted quite some time. Of course that was some time ago,however,I bet I could give a good repeat.I would love the opportunity to drain the women dry. As you can see I'm in pretty good shape. Just alot of sunburn.
Iv'e enjoyed 3 girls before,one didn't want to stop sucking my cock.
Love to eat 3 girls pussy at the same time
add me if you find 2 gf's that want a sexual evening
3 Girls 1 Guy on Bisexual Playground3 Girls 1 Guy on Bisexual Playground3 Girls 1 Guy on Bisexual Playground3 Girls 1 Guy on Bisexual Playground

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