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Has anyone else noticed that girls with small (A cup) breasts have very sensitive nipples? I have a friend that can be induced to orgasm by sucking, pinching and pulling her nipples................when I stretch them and apply a nipple clamp she starts to cum like crazy.......she says her nipples are connected directly to her clit.....I know she is not faking cause she gets very lubricated and I can feel her convulsing internally.

Once I have both nipples clamped and we start to have intercourse all I need to do is apply a little pressure to either clamp and she cums on que........she is 32 A and her nips are a little bigger around than a pencil eraser and almost and inch long when I pull and stretch them.

My ex wife was a 38 d with silver dollar sized aureoles and her nipples rarely got erect and she had no sense of feeling in them at all. . Comments?:-D:-PFlower
Looking for Eggs thats all my nipples are big and hard and very sensative to all...Im a 38D..I dont htink its the size I believe its the woman
love those a cups
You're absolutely correct, Kathy, however I very much like small breasts. I am not so much into the size of breasts, but the small ones are as lovely as any and I have always apreciated the smaller-busted woman. I find it terrible how some men act as if huge boobs are the optimum. Well that ignorance is it's own punishment, because those guys will miss out on a wonderful woman whose genes didn't include that trait. It IS all good, but some good things come in small titties:-D
It's true. In over 40 years of hands on research, the small busted female has a "leg up" in sexuality over the larger breasted.
big breasted women look great with their bras on and in a sweater. i love small breasts since they rarely sag and when on her back they stick up and don't hang over the side of her chest.
but boobs are boobs and i love to suck them all
I had a water ski partner that was 5' tall petite, with firm a cups and she would go wild when you masaged her breast and nipples. But there is more to a woman than breast. show me one with common sense and a good personality and the breast size doesent matter.
I love breasts in all sizes. Love just flicking my :-P across a woman's nipples then nibbling on them ever so slightly.
I have small breasts and it is true that they are more senitive than larger ones. I don't know why guys make fun of small breasted females in public then go crazy playing with them in the bedroom. I enjoy mine being suckled and a nice firm tongue rolling it around.When having sex in the doggie position I always pinch my own nipples and roll them in my fingers. KissKiss
I've noticed that the smaller breasts have the most sensitive nipples and usually the longer nipples. I ldon't know which is more fun, sucking on erect nipples on a small breast or eating a cum filed pussy on a woman with small breasts.
Small breasts are the best! This is from an A cup herself!Laughing
Gee I learn Something new everyday. always thought large breast(nipples )were more sensitive, guess I am wrong, However, my experience has been that the larger breast caused more arousal with me:-P. and I always found the nipples very sensitive, not so with small breast. Right now I will take either!!!!Hug

Maybe we should do some on hands research on this topic and find out the truth. It seems we are going only by word of mouth on this one.Flower
my bra size 36 a when i am rose and very sensitive
I think I would have to say that I like most breasts, no matter their size, but A or B cups, with tiny areolae -- no bigger than a nickel or a quarter, max -- just look amazing!

I've had more women with small breasts encourage me to pinch and bite them than those with bigger boobs, and the reaction seems to be quite dramatic (ie more connection twixt nipple and clit). Coincidence?
There is absolutly nothing finer than an A cup woman, dressed or undressed. Large breasts look ok on an 18year old, but A cups are forever.:-D
I am a 38E and have very sensisitve nipples. I get very turned on when my nipples are touched or played with, etc. I could easily get wet and very very aroused from nipple play. This wasn'talways the case. My breasts became more sensitive after having children and nursing. Has anyone else had this experience?
The best nipples I have ever played with were on A cup size breasts. They were so very sensitive and I loved them. A woman with small breasts are very very sexy and need all the attention that I can give them.....
I totally love small breasted women. I go crazy with such a small tit in my mouth.
love those little firm boobies and hard nipples
Firm small breasts and big nipples -my favorite!
Actually, little boobs or even a flat chest can be hot and wonderful to kiss, suck, and chew on. For some reason, the nipples on these types of boobs are more sensitive. Whoda thunk?
EgG hunting
loves the small boobies too...but just egg hunting here
i have J cups and mine are very sensitive and i think they are directly connected to my clit. i think it all depends on the woman.
There is nothing better than a nice perky set of A cups. Firm, tan and with little nipples just begging to be nibbled on.:-P
I love all breast sizes,but Iam an "ass man" and have found that women with small breasts have been compensated with a great ass and legs!
I I would never imagine missing out on getting it on with a small chested woman just as I can't imagine why woman would pass up on a man with a small package. Does size really matter or is it how we use the tools given us? In a perfect world this would be true but, .,,,,,,,,,for some reason, some are stuck on huge tits and a big crank. Help!!!
I love them all. Any available?
Well, I'm a 36 C and my nipples are very sensative. And no, they dont sag or fall over the side of my body when i lay down. Theyre very perky. But I have an obsession with smaller breast or breast no bigger than C's. But they have to be perky. I dont really like breasts that sag or...droop too much. No thanks.
I really like women with A cups so if you are interested and near Indy, please let me know. It's all about the pleasure. Don't let the fact that I am bi deter you because I like women better than men but I will play with both. As I said, it's all about the pleasure.
I love A-cups. I had a 20-something last year that I met while traveling and she was almost flat and embarrassed about it. I nearly came off just taking one whole tit at a time in my mouth and sucking it. Oh, do tiny tits excite me and I praised her tits and told her never to worry about them or go to those damn hard implants. Plenty of guys worship A-cups. Half-dollar size nipples are another big turn on for me no matter what size the boobs, but big boobs just get in the way. No more than a 34-B for me. :-P
I will take A cups over any other size any day
Wow, Dated a woman severial years ago that was very thin and was almost flat chested. But had very large sensitive nipples. She is one of the few I have met that would have orgasm from nipple stimulation. She was a blast to be with.
I love two things about small breast. 1st, they tend to be much more sensitive to touch, I have sucked and nibble on a cups until she came with no other simulation of any kind. 2nd and most improtantly, oh and don't get mad ladies. But the women I have been with that have small boobies just try harder. It's like they think that start with a dissadvantage and they have to make up for their smaller breast. Please do me a favor, don't tell them they don't have to, because I am enjoying the hell out out it. :-P
I love A cups, they are so perky and Kiss sensitive.
There is nothing sexier than a hot woman with tight tiny breasts and nipples!
no matter the size large or small i like boobs ,small ones are allot of fun i like to take the whole thing in my mouth and suck softly and there is 2 to share in an mfm or mff Kiss
small tits hard nipples luv em
I'am so turned on by a woman with small breats they are so sexy small nipples as well..I get hard just thinking about it
god yesss tiny tits so mmmmm make a girl sexier then huge Kiss
I just absolutely LOVE little Titties ! A tiny girl with tiny tits is my biggest fantasy :)-
Petite ladies with A cups are my ideal. I love to see them in public sans bra (because they don't need them). I used to work with a little cutie who would come in my office and lean over my desk while we reviewed worksheets and I could get an excellent view down her top and see those perky tits and beautiful nipples. Come to think of it, that was likely the only benefit of working for that company!
Petite ladies with A cups are my ideal. I love to see them in public sans bra (because they don't need them). I used to work with a little cutie who would come in my office and lean over my desk while we reviewed worksheets and I could get an excellent view down her top and see those perky tits and beautiful nipples. Come to think of it, that was likely the only benefit of working for that company!
Always brings to mind a young Japanese girl I had the pleasure of fucking. Almost no tits at all but delicious.
A cups are the greatest :) my GF has a beautiful pair of perfect A's with very large nipples. What more could a man ask for.:-P
Like I said before, I'm growing my breasts. Right now my breasts are a real strong 46 A. I'm pushing a B cup. My nipples are getting pretty big too. I've been using nipple twisters for over a year. My nipples are supper sensitive. I play with them all the time. I'd love to have another man playing with them. Lindawantabe
love em!!
Any and all sizes!!!
I have had girlfriends, ex-wives that have had large and others bolt on's but my favorite was a long time girlfriend that had "A" cups!!!!
I love small breasts on women, enjoy sucking their nipples and pulling my foreskin over a hard nipple.
I find a cups usually have great nipples for suckling and always open to suckling for any women
She is sexy like a little sweet pussy from her.
You’re very sexy, would like to enjoy getting to know you.
Any in GR MI, interested so bad, message me ;-)
So suckable, not fuckable.
What’s smaller than an A cup? I had a friend in high school we called “skeeter” because all she had were skeeter bites. Saw her a few years after college, and she she had definitely filled out.
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