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Yep, we're in the Mile High Club. We were lucky too, because we joined just before the 9-11 attacks that have hightened security to the point that no one will let 2 people in a bathroom go.
It would be awesome to find others who are openminded sexually and are pilots themselves or love to fly! Bill is very close to getting his pilots license! (He really does it all) Plus he calls me his co-pilot in a few ways :) It's a lot of fun! If you are open sexually and love to fly, let us know!
i am a liscensed pilot, a&p mechanic, flight engineer and ai. would love to chat and? give me a call
I actually have more EXITS from an AIRPLANE than I do LANDINGS! AIRBORNE!Kiss
Became an IFR general aviation pilot who rented aircraft to help keep a former business alive with customer site presentations, project meetings, product installations, and "service calls." Some of these service calls graduated to a client needing "pleasure fixes." Keeping 100% uptime on complex automated systems while I became the fix for 'broken' users.
Airplanes on Bisexual PlaygroundAirplanes on Bisexual PlaygroundAirplanes on Bisexual PlaygroundAirplanes on Bisexual Playground

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