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[color:Purple][i]Laura and I have a set of anal beads but we do not use them as much as we use to they are fun and can enhance an orgasm. They are a great adtion to a Sex toy collection so if you do not have them I would get a set. They can be bought in different sizes and colors. Heck I think they have ones that light up. IconU4DragonIconLRWolf
Anal beads are the best. Pull them out slowly and then when you cum pull the rest out fast.
IO wish I could find a couple in the Philadelphia area who would enjoy doing it with me
Hvae had several experiances with anel beads always love them make me cum so much harder I like to use alone but really love to use them with others
I dated a "working girl" years back who introduced me to the knotted silk scarf technique...WOWIEWOWWOWWOW!!!: -D
grranimal hows that work?
Agree with refinerydoc, put in slow and pull out slow, then fast when cumming. Always cum when using them.
I would like the beads, if you want a nice ass mail me.
Anal Beads can be a lot of fun when used properly. :)
My GF used a set of anal beads one time we got together and it was great!!! We have been having a lot of fun exploring anal sex.
I love anal beads. I love anal sex whether it be a big juicy cock or a didldo, strapon, ohhhhh yessssssss KissKissKiss
wish some women in utah would use some anal beads on me
nothing better than anal beads cuming out slowlyKissKiss
sounds like fun, sign me up! Bay Area CA for anyone into play.
Gotta love the beads I picked up my first set this weekend, amazingly fun to play with.
I went to an Adult store to look around and they had a sale on anal got enough courage to buy some...can't wait to try them... Does anyone have any good points...?
nothing like them. mmmmmm
I'd love to try the beads too.
beads are great but i do like the bigger balls ;)
Beads have been a pleasure in my life though have only indulged in the smaller variety. Larger would be very interesting sensation I'm sure.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
Have never tried anal beads but sure wish I could...
I love anal beads. I like to keep them in for hours and pull them out real slow right when you cum.
I too had a girlfriend that loved filling my ass with beads. I liked it but I'd rather have a Cock. Lindawantabe
Ive used a tampon in my ass before. Never tried beads but always wanted to.
Used beads a lot they are very enjoyable we have a pretty good size set that rattles they are amazing
Tried them for the first time tonight and kept them in for 4 hours. Loved them. Can’t wait for the next insertion
Anal Beads on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Beads on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Beads on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Beads on Bisexual Playground

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