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Can a Man Cum from Anal Penetration

We are very open minded and looking for someone to please my man through pegging or penis penetration. We are both very into oral sex and penetration sex. The lady is not into anal but the man is into both giving and receiving and we would like to find someone to help us out.
I love threesomes - MFM with everyone playing with everyone. I like double blowjobs, double vaginal penetration, double penetration with anal and vaginal, doing oral on her while doing anal on him, licking him and her while he enters her....
Attractive chocolate BBW with an anal fetish seeking submissive lesbian/bi female to satisfy my anal needs. Must be willing to perform analingus for prolonged periods upon command. Must enjoy anal penetration with dildos.
Bi couple seeking women for now, then a man for girlfriend's first double penetration (anal/vagina) at the same time, then a woman with a strap on to do double penetration, do me, do my girlfriend, and switch. Our biggest fantasy is a post op trannie/shemale with dark skin, big tits, and a descent size cock!
Cd love oral anal penetration for all
open minded and wanting to try anal penetration
They have a product called Anal Ease.
Anal Eaze is specifically designed to ease the discomfort sometimes experienced with anal penetration.
It contains Benzocaine to de-sensitize and slightly numb the area. With Anal Eaze, you can finally enjoy the devilish delights of anal sex!

Now I sound like a commercial.
We now return you to your normal(whatever that is) forum :)
Hey Guys!

Carol and I are planning another little Gang-Bang on Saturday, November 27th at our private party place in the West Island area of Montreal. Think of it as a BP Poconos Play Party Warm-up!

So far, other than Carol and I, we have four other very experienced guys coming. This isn't a bi-men party as none of the other guys are Bi, but it is an almost anything-goes type Gang-Bang. When we do these, Carol is submissive and you can do anything you want to her, and with her! No need to ask permission, just do whatever you like! Anal sex, double-penetration, triple-penetration, just about anything you can think of! It's all good. The only rule is that condoms are a must for vaginal and anal penetration.

We always have a lot of fun with these parties, and everyone has a great time. Men, women, and couples are all welcome to attend. So if your interested, just message me and I'll send you more information. If you have any questions or comments, leave them right here on the forum as others may have the same questions.

Danny & Carol
Wow, Doug, for someone of your age, you really have EXPLORED anal sex (lol, you have such a cute nickname) That has to be one of the most detailed posts i have ever seen. Good job, no one can come away from it without being pretty well educated about the subject.

Of course, though, being gay, I only fuck male butt, (although as you said, anyone that i fuck has the right to drill me also, i find that it usually doesn't happen). Cleanliness and awareness of someones HIV status is very important to me, because I generally use spit for lubricant until actual penetration (w/condom). At penetration, a litle KY may be helpful. Another thing about KY is that it doesn't taste too bad. A good long rimming, using spit to lubricate the area and your fingers, finger penetration (one or more) massaging the anus, etc. can make for a butt that is very ready for penetration. Of course, in order to do this, you must be committed partners that are aware that EACH OF YOU IS HIV NEGATIVE! (there are also other health issues that may affect these acts) Most committed couples are very aware of each others health status, so this can be a safe practice. Cleanliness of the area is very important (see your post-lol). With men, tho, you can massage the prostate. This can get the man EXTREMELY ready for penetration (yet sometimes not, you'd be surprised, everyone's different).

Although I haven't ever indulged in this practice with a woman, I would think that she might enjoy it. Men certainly do! I've never met one yet that didn't enjoy it, but I digress...

As you said, people do have trouble getting used to the idea of fooling around down there. But once you've dealt with that, it becomes another great and wonderful thing to do in bed. Many times, anal penetration doesn't even happen between us two men. We get so excited just playing around down there that we both come once or more before we even get to penile insertion.

Well, anyway, the post is about pain problems with anal sex. So, find someone you can commit with and USE YOUR MOUTH, YOUR SALIVA AND YOUR TONGUE. Maybe it'll help! just my two cents worth. respectfully submitted, with love, Ken(kookoo)
I dildo train my bitch ass everyday on my monster dildos. I can take a 16 inch hirse cock dildo all the way. I'm a devoted anal size queen. I only cum from anal penetration and vibrating my tiny limp 1 inch clitty. My sex organ is my shaved anal pussy now.
Looking for other men that like toys and penetration. Interested in all email exchange on this subject. Looking for buddies to play with in private. I have a lot of toys and Ideas on what I would enjoy with a buddy to play with. I am open honest married clean DDF white mature guy that enjoys anal penetration and toys.
I can have 4 different ones.

Clitotal, G Spot, Anal and Deep Pussy

Having the first 3 at the same time is an outer body experience orgasm. Which I like to call the "Tri Fecta" Doggy style, anal penetration from my partner or anal beads and my favorite blue vibrator. Provides vaginal and clitoral stimulation. I will cum quickly and hard and the most vocal.

Give it a try ladies!

Anyone else have their favorite way to climax?


Anal Stretching
stretching your ass and getting your sphincter to allow penetration is very helpful if you are going to attempt to be bottom for anal sex. I had imagined anal penetration from when i was 12 years old and began to suck boys' dicks but i never acted on it. I got various toys which I inserted in my butt. I found one great rubber dildo which was hollow, yet firm so I could insert it with or without a vibrator in it. It was rather thick, tho and I could not get it in me but i kept trying. One night I sat on it and it popped right in and after that it was not at all difficult to insert it . when I finally did let a man fuck me, He was able to penetrate me with ease and I have been happy to accomodate anybody who will do me the favor and screw my asshole ;)
Anal Sex
Anal sex has been something we have been working on for years. You can't just jump into this--or we couldn't. It was something she tells me that was for me. NOT ANY MORE!! After several years of doing anal every now and then, it has become a regular thing now. It starts with my fingers while I lick on her favorite spot. I always lick and play until she has several orgasms. Then I can move on to penetration which is hot, hot, hot for bothof us. We used to go straight to her pussy but the past 2 or 3 years we go straight to her tight ass. She knows in the first few seconds if we can or not. When we can she loves it, talks dirty to me until I'm moving in and out so hard it moves us across the bed. She grabs her vibrators and plays with her clit and will have huge orgasms. She says she craves anal now. I can see why. When she cums having anal its hard to hold on to her. Her body tightens so much I don't think two muscle bound guys could spread her legs. For me it has been an incredible experience. I can honestly say anal is awesome!!!
Anal Sex
we both enjoy anal pleasures ... but for faye, her most intense orgasms cum thru slow rhythmic foreplay that slowly evolves into rough sex then anal penetration ... her most intense orgasms are achieved this way
Anal Sex
I have the most intense orgasms from anal. Double penetration is quite something also, but many times I prefer just to take it up the ass. :)
2 Cocks In 1 Ass
I have found the easiest way to set up a double anal penetration has been for one guy to laydown. Whomevers ass u plan on fucking sits on their cock and then the person on top leans forward and the other gu comes in from behind. It takes all of a few minutes to set up and it totally hottt!!!
I-81 exit 52 (a & b), I-76 Carlisle exit 226 penn turnpike. Flying J, Petro, or love’s truck stop. Looking to suck, anal penetration, and maybe swallow a load of cum. You: clean, good hygiene, shaved or trimmed, with a big 8”+ cock. Not into too much body hair. But these are all preferences no absolutions.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!