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i didn't know than a man could have a mult.orgasm till i had a anal one. now i cannot get enough,
Me to love the intensity of my orgasm's when my ass is full of cock or fist
If yov relax it will open and take mre than you think. but the price is you will always get wet in the ass. cumb once you wnt forget it. you will go frm str. to bi in one ass squirt
never had an anal orgasm, but i love when i cum while getting my asshole pounded... omg thats the best!
I get an anal orgasm by simply looking at this photo
Leighannwithcock you are SO right. A good prostate orgasm is so intense it makes you want to get fucked again and again. I still love to make love to women, but I've done that so many times that it is not as new or as intense of an orgasm as getting a hot cock sliding in and out of my ass until I jizz like crazy!
My boyfriend and I are looking for a female ages 18-24 who will be willing to travel to Irvine, CA in late July. We are looking to get down with another female, and even take care of her if she wants (:. We are fun and outgoing people who love things like bondage, anal, and money shots! We are very easy to talk to, so we could either get to know you first, or just jump right in! Whichever you prefer.
The first time I ever had an anal orgasm it totally blew my mind as I couldn't believe I was actually coming without my cock being stimulated. Since then I have come numerous times anally and noticed that it usually happens when I feel the cock in my ass throbbing,,, Sex Wink
I can come with a cock in my ass without touching my own cock. It just lets me know what a true slut I am for cock:-D
I love to pound my ass hole with a glass dildo it makes it so wet an it does cum an would love for a woman to suck an lick it also an I would love to rim a womans ass an toung fuck her ass if any one would like to try ass licking let me know
That's why I love being fucked in my sissy white ass. The harder I'm being fucked, the more cum seeps from my little white dick. The way it makes me feel is amazing. I want to be fucked hard 24/7. Lindawantabe
Yeah baby fuck my ass make me have a anal orgasm
Happened a few times to me and when I wasn't actually expecting to cum. Just really enjoying him. The first time he was pushed right out of me and I squirted in a few long wet pulsating streams of leg shaking breathtaking convulsions before he was back inside pounding again and again until my legs gave way and he continued to take me as my cum spewed out onto the bed sheets. Before long he pulled out, announced he was going to cum and I turned to get there just in time to get a quick shot of him cream in the face before getting my mouth over his mushroom head to enjoy the remainder of the warm man juice. Lets discuss the other experiences over coffee or in the chat room. Kiss. Kim
Anal Orgasms on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Orgasms on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Orgasms on Bisexual PlaygroundAnal Orgasms on Bisexual Playground

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