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there is nothing quite like someone who know how to say something well...especially if they have to roll their r's to do it ;)
Rah Ro!
Since communication is the key to the creation of any human bond, since communication is at the heart of getting our wishes fulfilled and understanding others' wishes, I find people that communicate effectively extremely attractive - and feel bad for those that can't formulate their thoughts in a sentence. In bed, I like a lover that expresses herself or himself, who tells me how my touch makes them feel, what they'd like me to do, what fantasies are going through their minds. I'm not a fan of silent sex. Laughing
GOOD SEX IS COMMUNICATION at it's very best. Think about it, , , , The very meaning of the word 'intercourse' is communication. ..... Ofcorse there is a hell of a lot more to sex than fucking. And the ability to talk about ones dreams, desires and fantasies is essential to GREAT SEX. There is no limit to the possibilities for those that can freely discuss their needs with one-another. That applies to couples or any combination there of. (two'zees, three'zees, four'zees or more'zees) YOU must talk, play & have fun. That is what 'GOOD SEX' is all about. Be Happy D i c k
I'd like to try this hit me up about it. Bi curious single sexy guy in Ann Arbor MI, tall, semi shaved athletic body new member here look'in to meet a couple or single for fun. Ask me for some, lots pics vids avail.
I saw somewhere that the most important sex organ is the mind.
Tell it like it is
Articulate People on Bisexual PlaygroundArticulate People on Bisexual PlaygroundArticulate People on Bisexual PlaygroundArticulate People on Bisexual Playground

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