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Auto Fellatio? I know what Fellatio is.... but the auto part???
Here's what the defination of what I found on the internet about it. Autofellio: Oral stimulation of one's own penis
I would love to be able to suck myself off when ever I wanted too, but at last I have to settle for just masturbating to get myself off when I'm alone...:)
lol, i thought it meant road hear lol
When I was younger, I would lay naked on my bed and throw my legs over my head and lower the head of my cock into my mouth and gently suck it until I had a delicious orgasm . My first taste of cum and WOW what an amazing feeling!
I've tried, but best I can do is come within a few inches and shoot into my open mouth. See my paid pics section if interested.
I used to be able to do this when I was younger. I used the same technique as EveningWood. I would lay down and throw my legs up over my head and could get the head of my penis in my mouth and suck it. It felt awesome.
I'm a self eating dude... ring me if you are too! Dennis
I wish I could suck myself. I remember I tried as a teenager. LOL
Younger I couldick the precum off of the head.. That was as far as I could get
I used to when I was thinner. I could get about two inches in my mouth. The foreskin was the best part.
I think a man who can suck his own cock is fucking AMAZING! One of my favorite types of porn to watch.
I cant suck myself and I love the thought if cumming in my mouth but I always chicken out but not tonight I'm so horny and been watching gay and selfsuck porn all night I'm going to do it this time and I'm gonna film it why not I will let everybody know what I think and how I taste
when I was young I could stick my tongue on the head them I would jack off and let the cum drop in my mouth awesome
I was never able to suck myself I could get my cock about a inch from my mouth but never reach it I liked sucking cock even when I couldn't reach it I would jack it till ready to cum and let it drain down in my mouth now that I much older I can't even get close to letting to cum drop to my mouth lol.
when I. was younger and bi curios thought why should women get all the cum. loved watching cumshot movies. started sucking my own cock could. get head of cock in mouth. dildo in ass cumming on face better film this. let girlfriend catch me and she loved it. any couples or groups in n phx
love to pnp and verbally humiliate me let's do this
I tried to suck my cock when I was younger but only got to lick the head. I would then jerk and cum in my own mouth. Now I prefer cum from other cocks.
I want to suck my own cock anyone know how?
would genuinely love to find a guy like that for myself and my wife to play with. ;)
would love to train a younger son to do this and self fuck! Love watching guys do it paying special aatention to the details as they breath heavily and make themselves ...
Auto Fellatio on Bisexual PlaygroundAuto Fellatio on Bisexual PlaygroundAuto Fellatio on Bisexual PlaygroundAuto Fellatio on Bisexual Playground

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