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Wow, I'm the first person interested in this!
Ok, has anyone but me wanted to get outdoors and get kinky? I've gone solo backpacking and played a bit, but I'm SURE it would be much more fun with others!
It is a LOT of fun. It is soooo easy to find a very private place on a pretty little stream and spend a few days naked, having sex and generally playing around. AND, it saves a lot of weight in the pack when almost no clothing is in the bag! :)
I went to the Caribbean for 2 weeks and we stayed in this island. During the day we would get on the boat and go out to the open sea and just be naked. Then, late afyernoon we went to the island and continue naked. It was fun!!! I've done it in couple other places. Would love to do it more often, though.Hug:-P;)
I've done a little nude backpacking lately. Would love to find someone to go camping with in my area or the North Georgia area.
Always interested in meeting up with other ounce-cutters and gram-droppers. What's your base weight?
I love to go backpacking in the nude as the warm sun and a cool breeze feels wonderful on my naked body...
Once you get into the backwoods and set up camp, who needs clothes?
Lookong for someone who would like to do some backpacking with me, day trips and overnighters with some naked fun. I live in East Tennessee
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