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I love being held down while fucked. I love to feel the weight of a guy pressing me in to the mattress. Sometimes I get bruised but it is worth it!!:-D
i'd love to be held down by a couple of guys while the rest take turns fucking my face and ass....
Well I love it when a guy overpowers me in wrestling then holds me down. It would be nice to have sex after that. Really nice. I hope that happens one day, because I am looking forward to it!:-D
Being held down is necessary sometimes. I know that the first time I see that 10 inch Monster Cock looking at my sissy white ass ( even thou I want it ) I'll probably have to be held down. Lindawantabe
Something i have always wanted to happen be held down and used
I love you 2 being grab fond found Ben over and duck filling get all that that cox wen I was 15 I went 2 my Neighborr one day after school I when in that smoke a joint gave me a beer they Sat on both sides of me thay and me down have my short all the way down slit it in being forced They said 2 each that my dad would like to know that his son is a sissy he love being f up the ass
I get so excited when a man holds me down tightly to the bag or pins me against the wall or just hold me tightly on top and makes love to me or fuck me hard. I love you and another man holding me down as I lay on top of his stomach with my ass in the air being held down tightly so another man can fuck me up the ass. My dad and my uncle held me down construct meaning in front of my mom and sister but we were having family fuck at least the guys were fucking the girls I was just being fucked by my dad and his brother but I love watching my dad fucking my sister especially if she's ovulating and she don't let him pull out. And makes me wish I was a female because I would love to get pregnant for my father or uncle or grandfather
Would love to tease you and show you my pussy make you watch me and make you want to be inside me and still deny you and then when you can’t take it anymore you overtake me and take my dripping wet pussy and tell me your taking what’s yours!
I want to be held down and used by many men
Being Held Down on Bisexual PlaygroundBeing Held Down on Bisexual PlaygroundBeing Held Down on Bisexual PlaygroundBeing Held Down on Bisexual Playground

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