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He Held His Wife Down While Another Man Fucked Her

He Held His Wife Down While Another Man Fucked Her on Bisexual PlaygroundHe Held His Wife Down While Another Man Fucked Her on Bisexual Playground
I am married and have a good marriage. I’m discreet and have held my sexual tendency for men for 23 years from my wife. I was in my first gay relationship when I got married. The hottest sex between getting fucked by my first and new secret boy friend and my new wife wanting to fuck almost every night every night. I still thnk about those days and want another relationship.
I'm a hard working man and I would like to share a part of my life with someone special . I'm a caring person , like to love and be loved . I'm a new guy , lonely and needs to be loved and held and showed affection . I would like to met someone with same interest . Looking for maybe a guy with same problems . My wife don't show any affectiaon no holding and touching for the last 25 years . Hoping to find someone man or woman to share some time with was be discret !!! . new guy ! I'm a person who like to watch movies, out going , open to new things looking to hook up with anothing guy with same interest . I can love and like to love back, I like to be close and feel the warmth of another body . I like to be held and touched something my wife would never do . This is missing in
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hi looking to meet like couples for fun with me and my wife, my wife is just discovering lesbian but i love bisexual for sure love to suck be fucked and swallow cum, I also love to see my wife fucked and she is beautiful
Hi we are a happy couple who wants to explore our sexuality my wife wants me to get fucked by another man who has got a really big cock she wants me to be treated like a women it turns her on She has fucked me with a dildo and she really enjoyed it if anyone who has this big cock and is up for. Giving me it for my first.time feel free to text me and my wifE will join in if its big enough for her 10inch or more my wife is 5ft 2 she is tiny and she has a tight pussy she is gorgous so if u want to stick your big cock in her u need to turn her on by fucking me
Hello my wife and i are EZ' going and fun loving she is the one in control now and she is going to do to me what i have done to her for the last three year's .and that is watching her get fucked by other men i loved setting her up to get fucked by other guy's and after almost three year's of this she has become a slut that craves cock ' and that is what she intends to do to me she wants me to want it need it and crave it ' To that end i am to seek out a DOM that will make me his bitch .and make me suck as much cock as possible . that's why I'm here to find that Dom Guy that would Really enjoy having a shaved smooth sissy slut to use and train .I use to take my wife to adult theater's dressed in almost nothing and have her suck my cock as others watched . this got her fucked over and over . she wants the same thing .done to me well that's the short Verizon of my story
His 10th grade daughter is dating a 11th grade boy. Dad thinks she knows nothing. My daughter his daughter and wife are close. Her daughter wants thong panties ... my daughter said she does to but does not want to go with her mom. Last night his wife asked me if it okay to take them both thong shopping and explained. She says I am sure u get it my husband is idiot. I wore at their age.

Now it's been 3 weeks. He puts his daughters thongs in wife drawer. His daughter makes fun of him with mom and my daughter.

He has not fucked her in months ... how do you tell a guy to fuck his wife ? If he needs a warm up first I will jerk him off.

I even told him I feel bad for his wife.. just fuck her.
He said would you just fuck yours... I laughed and said yes.... she would insult me and I would fuck her ....

Just fuck your wife it's a pussy. I do not think you would... I said to be honest anyone else's wife I would have already fucked her.

I already fucked and I gave list....
My wife watched me getting fucked and his wife too , they stopped playing with each and just fingered themselfs , it felt good because he had already fucked her my wife
When I was 10 my friends older brother had us suck his large cock he got me alone naked in his bed with a jar of lub on my hands and knees and fucked my virgin ass it hurt bad he held me down and and fucked m with all his big cock till I started to stop trying to get away. .after that I let hem FUCK me when he wanted to some of his pals also fucked me. Now I love to take a huge cock up my ass and down my throat. LD B069
My wife and I had a mmf hookup once. she planned it, it was so I could get fucked by a guy. Supposedly she had meet up with him and had sex with him before. So we meet in a hotel he fucked and I fucked her i ate her and he ate her he fucked me as I fucked her it was a great time. But she told me she never ever wanted to that shit again
I've done so many things. Fucked two different close cousins multiple times. Sucked a dog's cock. The wife and I had a threesome with a hot transexual in Vegas. Sucked cock and gotten fucked with the wife watching and talking nasty. Been dressed up like a sexy sissy and pimped by the wife. Sucked cocks in so many places including at work. Fucked a milf while her husband choked her with a shoelace and then peed on her later. Fucked my mom's best friend for the better part of a year. Had a threesome with twin sisters. Had a threesome with two married women who were on vacation without their husbands. That's some of it, still looking to expand the list.
Mosy men would like to be fucked /or a strap on up our ass as the wife watches.Just as we love to see out wife gets fucked as we watch and then lick her cum filled pussy. BI>. ed


Paid for it once with a hot shemale. She was very attractive and in her twenties. I sucked her beautiful fake breasts and her eight inch cock. Seeing that thing hanging off her hot body made me so Fn horny. She was very dom and held my head firm on her cock. The man in her came out when she fucked me from behind. She held my wrists and fucked me non stop before shooting on my ass. I got a slow Bj after and it was so nice. The experience was well worth the money i spent.
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First time I sucked another man's cock was as it was sliding in and out of my wife's pussy. He was seated and she was riding his dick, facing away from him, using the chair arms to help her ride him. She asked me to kneel and lick her pussy while they fucked and as I did, my tongue licked his cock as it was moving up and down. My wife held my head down and slipped his cock out of her pussy and into my mouth. I admit that once I had his cock in my mouth, it felt great and I eagerly sucked him until he came, which I swallowed. Did I like it? I still suck cocks with or without my wife, so you figure it out.
Couples Dominating Men
My wife has 'given' me to other men -- ordered me to strip and display myself before guests -- men and women -- and held me by the hair while men fucked my mouth. We especially enjoy when she binds me over a footstool, with legs spread and wide open for men to fuck me as I squirm and whimper, helpless to resist.:-D
Being Held Down
Being held down is necessary sometimes. I know that the first time I see that 10 inch Monster Cock looking at my sissy white ass ( even thou I want it ) I'll probably have to be held down. Lindawantabe
Being Held Down
I get so excited when a man holds me down tightly to the bag or pins me against the wall or just hold me tightly on top and makes love to me or fuck me hard. I love you and another man holding me down as I lay on top of his stomach with my ass in the air being held down tightly so another man can fuck me up the ass. My dad and my uncle held me down construct meaning in front of my mom and sister but we were having family fuck at least the guys were fucking the girls I was just being fucked by my dad and his brother but I love watching my dad fucking my sister especially if she's ovulating and she don't let him pull out. And makes me wish I was a female because I would love to get pregnant for my father or uncle or grandfather
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Hey om married but I think about being dominated n turned out by huge black cocks the first meeting I'll be shy but want to be held against my will and face fucked everyone nut in my mouth I'll be a secret slave


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