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Not To Say, WE Are 'Older' BUT Hey, "Seduction Are US":)Hug:)
I'm an older woman for younger men looking I love younger men who love older women
Hello, I have met a guy and he is younger then me 26 years younger. Well we met at work, I trained him. We kicked it off and became good friend. We hung out, confessed girl and family problems...bottom line have had the greatest of conversation. I was seperating my wife (not due to him...another story that has nothing to due with my bi sexual inclination) and he was having problems at his home so we decided to rent a home together. He has been a super roomate and has shown so reactions that incline me to think he is willing. He lets me give him hot massages. He love for me to spoil him, like he likes for me to cook for him...make him shakes and simple take care of him. I have caught him several times checking me out but very quick. Like for me not to notice. I confessed to him of my feeling toward him (like I would love to suck his Dick and so on) and he still let me do all these things although he confessed he was strictly into girls. So one night while I was giving him a nice massage, I grabbed his dick and he jumped and went to his bed. I went to his bed a talked to him in his ear then went to grab his dick and he had a hard on. After persuading him a bit telling him that this does not make him gay I ended up sucking and he bursted super fast. Now its like...oh I felt forced...I don't have the same feelings and he doesn't want me but he hasn't left the house nor does he act different although I haven't and still don't dare massage him. Do u think there is something here? I will explain more upon your response.
Looking for that older guy who just wants to suck good old cock and enjoy
Age is nothing but a word. I'm open for any age group. If your dick gets hard, your not too old. Lindawantabe
My first sexual encounter was when I was real young...he was much older...turns me on watching older men have sex with each other
I want a man 70+ to pretend to be my daddy im 57 year old attractive and I want him to be naughty with me when mommy is not around..
Want to be seduced by someone older
When I was little I use to wish that an adult, man or woman, would be nasty with me. It never happened.
Looking for a daddy to take advantage of me this will b my first time very open minded willing to try anything once I'm not very big maybe 5 1/2 cut clean about 6ft2 225 blue eyes and shy like I said first time so need someone to take charge
I would love to get a bj from a guy. Ive jack off every nite for over a yr now i think its time to let a man do it to me.
Being Seduced By Someone Older on Bisexual PlaygroundBeing Seduced By Someone Older on Bisexual PlaygroundBeing Seduced By Someone Older on Bisexual PlaygroundBeing Seduced By Someone Older on Bisexual Playground

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