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Curious Bisexual Feamle Looking for Bisexual Curious Female

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Curious Bisexual Feamle Looking for Bisexual Curious Female on Bisexual Playground
We are a fun loving couple that do everything together. She is 5' 110 lbs and very sexy. She is bisexual, not bi-curious. He is 6' 175 lbs and str8. We are looking for a female to have some fun with or the right couple. Her fantasy is to meet a mature female that is bisexual, not bi-curious.
i am bi curious female in pa blonde 130 poundslooking for a feamle to maybe join me and hubby (lol)or maybe just me
A curious couple looking to have fun with like minded bisexual females. She is 5'5 and sexy as hell, He is 6'3 with a slender muscular build. She is bi curious he is straight. We are looking for a bisexual female for our first 3some. Someone with some experience to make the experience easier.
Hello all, I am a bi-curious female looking for a younger or the same aged bi-curious or bisexual lady. I am disease free and expect to stay that way. I am in a Long term relationship and this is something we have discussed but haven't gone through with he suspects that i am bi-curious and says i will like it. I do not expect him to participate but could watch. I am a happy, outgoing,outspoken fun to be around person. The only thing I am really shy of in life is having a bisexual relationship or encounter. I don't know that i am looking for a relationship as much as to try something new maybe with no strings attached.
22bi-feamale married to a 37 male. I am not just curious....ive been there and done that . I am looking for a bisexual female. Or a couple w/ a bisexual female. I am for real here and not looking just to chat. If you seem interested let me know and we can get to know each bi
Experienced bisexual female and cismale partner ISO bisexual or bi-curious female only for casual friendship leading to FF and/or FFM encounters. Only females need to reply, thanks.
PHILLY AREA. We are a Bi-curious male 38, 6/4 250lbs body builder type, female half is 34, very attractive professional 5/6 125 lbs blond bisexual. We are looking for Bisexual couples, Bisexual women and select Bisexual / Gay men to come and join us at some of the gay/bisexual dance clubs in Philly for a night of dancing, grinding, touching and whatever else. Please review our profile.

Hunter & Prey
Bi-curious is rather a strange word. I've always thought that it's like being pregnant. Either you are or you are not, not in between. Is there such of a thing called hetero-curious, or gay-curious, or lesbian-curious, or trans-curious? Bi curious was predominatly used by men/women who hasn't accepted their homosexual tendacy and uses that term just to be on the safe side. Then there are those that already claimed to be bisexual even though they haven't experienced it. They already know, not curious about it.
Just a little gripe I have with some profiles.... why do some people, particularly men, proclaim to be 'bisexual' or bi curious' when in fact, after reading through their profile, are actually looking for a 3-some with 2 other women, or want to watch 2 or more women! ATTENTION: Watching 2 women, (or 2 men), having sex does NOT make you bisexual or bi curious! If you are bisexual, that means you LIKE to or HAVE HAD sex with someone of the SAME SEX; it does not mean you want to watch 2 bisexuals having sex! If you are bi curious, that means you THINK YOU MIGHT LIKE TO HAVE SEX with someone of the SAME SEX; it does not mean you are curious about what 2 people of the same sex would do or think you want to watch them.
Please, please, please do what I tell my children: DO NOT USE WORDS IF YOU DON'T KNOW OR AREN'T SURE WHAT THEY MEAN. If you don't know, or aren't sure, ASK!
This will lessen the confusion for all.
Just my little bitch session.....
I don't think its a matter of being bisexual, bi-curious, or straight here. I believe this has to do more with straight guys claiming they are bi-curious to enter into a couples bed for sex with the female only. Or guys who claim to be bi or bi-curious who upon meeting up with a couple inform them he is not really interested in having sex with a guy or just goes through the motions. In other words I believe everyone should be able to list themselves in whatever category they choose be it str8, bi, bi-curious, gay, trans, etc. However, if you do choose a category make sure you are willing to live up to what is expected as I would only expect a straight guy (if we meet) to want to have sex with Sue. Where on the other hand if he indicates he is bi-curious I know that he not only wants to have sex with Sue but is also willing to experiment with sex with me. Then there is the category I fall into which is bisexual where I could careless if a woman is involved or not when I have oral and anal sex with another guy as I totally enjoy having sex with a guy as much as I enjoy having sex with a woman....Wink
Yours is a curious question if I understand correctly. In my experience a bisexual female is always seeking a connection with other women, not men. That is of course, what bisexual activity is all about: Bifem seeks same sex for sex! So to find a bisexual woman seeking not one but two men is very unlikely, it seems to me.
Male 38, 6/4 250 lbs, bodybuilder type (Bi-curious) Female 34, (Bisexual) 5/6 125 lbs, hot blond. We are a couple looking to meet up with other Bisexual couples, bisexual females or select Gay / Bisexual males at one the Gay/Bisexual dance clubs in Philly for a night of dancing, grinding, lots of body touching and whatever else happens. We think of dancing as foreplay, when people get dancing in a environment like this it becomes very erotic. We like to go to TOC and Club Pure 1 or 2 times a month on either Fri or Sat night.




Mature Married Bi-females
Being married to a bisexual man I am interested in finding another mature Female who is bisexual or bi-curious that would be willing to teach me the joys of making love to another woman...
Bisexual Masters
not one entry for bisexual masters? curious. well i am a bisexual master and from the look of it the only one! which i can safely say elevates me to bisexual master of the universe!
Bisexual Women
I'm looking for a bisexual/bi curious woman to have a threesome with me and my man we are from Springfield Illinois I am bisexual and he has always wanted to be with two females at once so we both will be getting what we desire lol if interested contact us we check our mail everyday Kiss
I would really like to be in a relationship with a bisexual couple tried it once we were bi curious couple They realize it wasn't for them I'm also bi curious
Bisexual Women For Couples
We live in NW Alabama. We are looking for a clean female friend to have fun with us in and out of the bedroom. We have had prior experience but we are looking for one girl to have multiple experiences with. No guys or couples! Only single Bisexual/curious women!
Bi-Curious Women For Couples
We are looking for a couple with a Bisexual or Bi-Curious female in the Florida Panhandle or the surrounding area who would not only be interested in having fun with us both in and out of the bedroom, but who would be willing to help Sue fulfill her curiosity of making love to another woman. Email us so we can get to know one another and go from there...Hug Kiss Flower


Thank you so much for being so attentive to your members. I never invested for a lifetime membership before. I have a warm fuzzy feeling about your site. You are really doing a tremendous service to people like myself who feel like a lost kitten. I don't like raw sex but I do enjoy multiple relationships within a group. How is that for an explanation. I guess what I am trying to say is I believe in polyamory. I did not know this until after I married for the second time. My husband is straight but I really believe he is curious about other men. I do not have the patience to convert him into his real nature. I have lost a lot of time not addressing my bisexual nature. Thanks for listening. And thanks again for this wonderful playground.