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I love to dress up as a hooker at my motel in reno I was about half dressed up when a knock at the door I jumped up starteld no one was coming so I looked througk it was acute motel guy bringing me xtra towels iopened the door he just stared at me I guess I for got my make up was al ready finished so I let him in he put the towels in the bath room and said any thing else I thought a miniute and said he could help me finishe getting dressed if he liked so he took off his clothes and said any thing for a lady coustomer my dick was growing anso waqs his a lot so we got out my out fit and he said wait let me shave you I always wanted some one toshave me completely and dress me up it was so sexy I was pretty as any slutty hokker when we finished his cock was 8 thick an d in felt so slutty I pulled myy camera out and went to him and showed him how it works then I pushed him back on the bed sucked him to the brink then stopped pulled my pantys off and lube his cock the I rode it all the way to his nuts until hee xploded filling my ass when it did I sqirted on his face and chest then I went out to party at acroossdreessing club he stayed I brought home a shemale to party whith and I got my fantasy sucking her while he fucked my sex ass hard and deep his balls were slapping my ass in time with me slurping her seven inches it was fantastic she shot cum in my mouth all over my face he pulled out and creamed my ass we rested then wehelped each other get dressed after we showered iput my red lipstic on and told them to get those cocks out so whill they kissed good by isucked his cock till he painted my face the itold him good by she stayed longer tought me how to dress how to strut my ass around then she laid me on the bed lifted my skirt rolled me over and spanked me hard the licked my asshole getting it wet and forcing her cock down my throught gagginging me but I took it couple more hard slaps on the ass then she spread my ass cheeks apart and started fucking me slowly then harder and faster it hurt alittle then I started thrusting my asstoward her till I felt her balls slapping my red ass I was loving every thrust till my cock squirted at least agood sised puddle on the floor then she quiverd and filled my ass with so much cum some leaked out and ran down my nuts she pulled out slow it felt like jhon holmes she was agood looking shemale with nice tits and agrreat cock she cleanend up dressed me up and took me to her place it was the time of my life
Hey bi guys want talk dirty to each other an trade pics. If close enough maybe meet. I'm virgin that wants a guys penis in my ass. An video as jizz leaks down butt cheecks.
I want fucked very hard and cum up inthis tight ass
Bisexual Guy on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Guy on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Guy on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Guy on Bisexual Playground

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