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i want to have a foursome with 3 bi men fucking me and fucking eachother all at the same time so all you bi men out there who like to fuck the ass fuck my ass and 2 othe guys aswell it'll be lots of fun and orgasms
Really want to be a part of this action. anyone interested holler at us.
The wife and I hooked up with a pair of hung cuties saturday night and had the most UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE time! She wasn't even going to join in, just watch me get abused by 8" and 9" thick cocks. After a few minutes of hot cocksucking, she just jumped right in the middle and a couple hours later she had been penetrated every way possible and was in heaven! Now she wants more! I'm definitely going to do this again! DP? No, TP!!!!
Sue and I have experienced the pleasure of having a MMF threesome with a very good friend over the past few months and have Loved it very much. Now, we are looking forward to possibly allowing another male friend join us for a foursome. Wow, just think of all the sexual combinations...Wink
philly area here ... def could get into this and want to get fucked as part of the plan .... would def be hot to have two guys fucking me and the F and then have them swap and talk to each other about who they were going to cum in ...
Love to have 3 bi men over for an evening of sucking, fucking and picture taking. Mostly about her. I get to take some pictures and act as the fluffer
This Gay White Fag Would Love To Be With 2 Real Men And A Woman To Submissively Serve With My Mouth, Tongue and Anus..
Waynesboro, Va area..I'm a full service bottom..Gangbangs, Kinky Taboo Sex..Fuck me and spank me..I am a full service bottom slut servicing Bisexual Males..I may be used for:

Anal Sex: Single men or gangbanging groups with double anal penetrations..Hard rough usage is permitted with spanking and butt slappings and takeing cocks of any size..

Massage and Body Services: Full-body erotic massage using my fingers, hands, mouth and tongue including sucking and licking feet, toes armpits, nipples, all over as desired and directed..Kinky, taboo or extreme sex: Just ask for anything..I enjoy to bottom for unusual services..I may be used by all races..I'm ready for contact..
looking for lots of cocks and cum
hey there I'Am a newbie all you single bi-men or bi-male couples out there I'am UR Gurrrrl. no fisting or piss play, maybe lite spanking lots of asshole licking & lots of 69:-P;):-P (:
Hello I would really like to take part in a group party. So if there is anyone in MD. DE. or S.PA hit me up
I just love sucking bbc
Older couple in New Hampshire trying to find another couple and.or a couple of guys. He and she love to suck cocks. One can eat her while another gets his cock sucked byy him & her. Nearby contact us.

I want this so bad I want cock while she films and helps me suck those cocks
Bisexual MMMF on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual MMMF on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual MMMF on Bisexual Playground

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