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I have no idea why this isn't a hot topic.I like to perform for my lady,she's is why I'm bi.I love suck + fucking a man because alot of ladies get turned on by that.I always believe in pleasing the lady in all her desires.Always been straight until the lady thought it would be nice to see me sucking acock+ getting taught the ways of the anally inclined.that is what started me on this bisexual adventure,seeing her thrilled in my explorations.
I agree with you smoggytomcat. I like bi guys and it's a fantasy of mine to see 2 men together and then I join in. Just thought I'd share.
I'd Love to find a Lady that would join me a Bi Relationship, that would be my True Fantasy.. Until then I'll keep looking in the Tampa Bay, area. thats Fl. Ladies.Kiss
That's my dream girl too. I want a woman that wants to share men and women with me. She would be the ultimate keeper
And I totally agree as well

Heck, I'll suck any cock in front of a woman watching!!!
I've sucked cock and had my cock sucked by both males and females but, not at the same time. Have yet to find a couple where the wife sucks my cock while I suck the husband.
i think a woman as in a man likes to watch. thats why internet porno is a multi billion dollar business,but there is nothing like watching your partner with another,,thats why i have agreed with her to watch me give head to a man. ive watched her do it now its time to return the favor
I have met a lady who knows I am bi and loves watching men suck each other and have sex. I can't wait to perform for her and let her take pictures it totally turns me on! Wlecome others to join as well.
me an my lady will suck an fuck large cock all night looking get back to us????????????
hi,am openminded,d/dfree love to meet female who I can share my oral skills with,plus meet bi couples as well.:):)
OH hell, Id luv to find a female (in my area SW PA) to be my lover, best friend that likes to share men an women with me any one intrested?
looking to suck cock with my wife at same time .we are both very bi and love cocks and pussy.but wanna kiss my gorgeous wife while a big uncut cock squirts all over our lips. mmm yummmmy for both of us.:):)
WOuld love to find a woman who gets turned on by gay/bi men! ...Hey Prettykittins, I'm uncut & shaved! Would be amazingly hot to be blown by you & your wife
I get so horney and wet when i watch men uck and fuck its a big turn for me
I would love to be licked by two bi men until i cum and then watch them suck and fuck each other while i dildo myself.... Now that is so hot!
Love watching men kissing, sucking and fucking each other. It makes my pussy very hot and wet. Can't wait to find two bi boyfriends to fuck on a regular basis. The bigger their dick's the better. This is my dream, what is yours.
i just want a suck a big cock while a female watches
love the topic, what is hard to find is the woman aspect of this equation
Looking for one or two bi men that want a three sum with me. I love to suck your ass an fuck you while you suck my pussy.. An seeing a man suck an fuck another man turns me on love I want to be part of that any takers?KissHug
Looking for a bisexual man who's interested in sleeping with me Kiss
39 black and bisexual from Raleigh, NC and I'd love to find a lady that wants a bi man for friendship or maybe more.
Seeking women in PA 30-55 who love bi men and also love bi black men. Seeking both!
I would just enjoy being in a room with two three females with strap-ons on and all looking at me as their new and very horny sissy fuck toy...
Bisexual Men For Woman on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men For Woman on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men For Woman on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men For Woman on Bisexual Playground

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