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Bisexual Woman in Harrisburg

Bisexual Woman in Harrisburg on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Woman in Harrisburg on Bisexual Playground
i'm a bisexual man with a girlfriend currently...i'm looking to meet other men that are similar to me in the harrisburg area
60 y/o man that travels to the Harrisburg area often. Looking to meet other with like interests. Love oral sex. Love going down on a woman. Never been with a man but there is always a first time.
Normal Guy in Harrisburg PA, looking for some lunchtime fun with other guys.
We are an interracial couple new to Harrisburg looking for women to explore with.
I'm a 53 year old straight male from harrisburg looking for women
Young couple in Middletown, PA just outside Harrisburg. Looking for others who are interested in having some fun now and then.
I find many of the labels of bisexual and bi-curious nebulous at best. I consider myself bisexual but I dislike anal sex, even with my wife. I enjoy oral sex, both giving and receiving with a man, I enjoy touching, caressing and kissing another man, I can see myself in a relationship with a man, but the fact I don't like anal sex discount me as bisexual?
With my wife, she enjoys being with woman, eating out a woman, being eaten by a woman, engaging in nipple play, but only if she is sufficiently aroused and is not turned off by that woman. Would that make her more bi-curious or is she truly bisexual?
Ah, so many questions....

David Male
We are a couple (M&F) and are looking for a single woman near harrisburg for a threesome. any takers?
I'm very much so looking for a bisexual couple in the Lincoln Park Michigan area who are interested in a bisexual man.
It's very rare where I live and it seems that there isn't anything as in what I'm looking for and it's very frustrating to say the least.
If I met a woman randomly , how do I know if she's into bisexual!
Couples-How do you pick up on a couple in which you have no idea what there all about?
I really don't think you'd just walk up and state-Hi I so and so and bisexual,how ya doing.....wondering what the results would be.
That is why I'm writing all this here. In the hope I can finally meet a Male/Female couple who wants bisexual.
Fingers crossed.
I'm a bisexual woman age 41. Looking for a bisexual woman or feminine lesbian for friendship, play, and possibly more in the Peoria, Illinois area.You-- 5ft to 5ft6in. Average me at bisexualplayground.
I've always considered myself straight, but often fantasize about being with a woman. I recently had a theesome with my bf and another woman and damn, did I love it. I want more. He did join in, but he sat back and watched and having sex with her really turned me on and he's given me permission to have one on one with another woman. Will it be just as hot to me with him not there?
Are there women out there who only get into having sex with another woman if there's a man around, or does it matter if he's there or not? Do you think a woman is considered bisexual if she'll only have sex with another woman with a man there? Is She bi-sexual if she'll only have sex with another woman, but not consider having one for a girlfriend?
What are your thoughts?
Thanks for your reply. I am happy, and I know that's what matters most.
I guess the Gay label currently represents where I'm currently at in my life.

Maybe I'm just waiting for the right woman to turn a Gay man Bisexual (Any takers?) Laughing

I've always thought of myself having a relationship with a woman, but sexually my urges are pretty much towards men.

So, for right now I'm Gay until proven Bisexual. :)


Couple Looking For Bifemale
Hello black couple here we a seriously bi female,from Harrisburg, cum joins us teach here the ropes you woman enoughKissKissKiss
One Night Stands
willing to have a one niter with a woman or women to satisty me an themselves an me again Laughing but if anyone is interested in having a one niter with a bi-curious woman 27 big boned an nice tits dd40 an a nice ass to match them look me up. i definitly will go for a couple too f/f/ or m/f so holla back Kiss:-PHugFlower in the lancaster york harrisburg area in pa
Friends With Benefits
well im lookin for a friend with benefits that can help me fullfill my dreams of being with a bi-curious or lesbian woman who wont mind hookin up for a one niter maybe more of them later on in the lancaster york, harrisburg area pa just please cum an look up me Laughing:-P
I am a slight BBW bisexual woman in an LTR with a man I love dearly. I am SO HOPING to meet another BBW in the Dayton, Ohio or surrounding area for great times and great sex. If you are funny, outgoing, love to laugh and see the positives in life and are an experienced bisexual, I want to meet you please.

My man wants to watch me with another woman and not be with the other woman without her consent or mine. Lets get together, have a cocktail and get to know each other. Contact me and I will give you my YAHOO ID and lets get acquainted!!

Thanks for your time!HugKissFlower
Mature Married Bi-females
Being married to a bisexual man I am interested in finding another mature Female who is bisexual or bi-curious that would be willing to teach me the joys of making love to another woman...
Men That Want To Suck Cock
I need to be sucked in harrisburg pa


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.