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I love to get fucked by all sizes and shapes. Of course the best cock to be fucked by is a thick cock thats really fat in the middle or long and thick. LOVE that! Hit us up guys. :-P
I love the feeling of a nice hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of my ass. The only thing that would make being fucked in the ass better is being able to suck on another cock or being able to kick a pussy at the same time.
Blowjob :-P
I've done this only once before but can't get it out of my mind. The feeling of him fingering my ass as I lay an my belly. Then the anticipation as he lay on top of me and slid his fat meat back and forth on the crack of my ass. When he positioned the head of his hard cock on my hole I could barely speak as he asked if I was ready to be fucked. It didn't matter though because he put his full weight on my back and I could feel my hole slowly stretch open as he pushed it inside me. It hurt at first and I tried to move away a little bit but he kept on pushing. He started to hump me and I could feel his cock deeper inside me with each stroke. It felt so damn good especially when he began to pump me hard. The sound of his balls slapping my ass really turned me on I guess because I've only heard it before while fucking my wife, now here I was with a fat cock stuffed up my ass and loving every minute.
I am interested in finding a man to fuck my husband in the ass while I watch.

He was a GBM, 10.5"x6. I met him walking home from a club. He stopped to ask if I needed a ride, then as he was taking me to my destination, he convinced me to go to his house and "take a walk on the wild side"... Little did he know that I'd been dreaming about this for a number of years...

We got to his place, he made me a drink and turned on some Barry White (need I say more!!!). Then, he excused himself to the bedroom and bade me to make myself home. He came back out in a silk robe to the thigh, tied around the waste, with no apparent bulge. I finished my drink and asked for another, in anticipation of what I was hoping to experience...

As we were standing there, he gently pulled me to him and we began to grind our hips together as we moved to the music... It was then that I began to gather some appreciation for the size of his manhood - I couldn't wait... It was then that he kissed me - long, deep, with a passion that drew me to him - body & soul... I returned his kiss with equal passion, grabbing his body in lustful searching, as I gave in to a lifelong longing...

As we kissed, we gravitated toward the couch and continued to "make-out". He leaned across me and began to kiss down my neck and chest. As he did so, he took off my shirt, undid my pants and rubbed my cock & balls... I had a HUGE pre-come flood which had soaked my underwear... He then passionately kissed me again and suggested that we move to the floor where we'd be more comfortable...

Before he'd let me lay down, he put velveteen bedspread on the floor in front of the couch so I could lay on it and recline against the couch, and put a couple of pillows against the couch for me to recline on... Up to this point, he'd brushed away my advances to touch and fondle his cock & balls... As I began to lay down against the couch, I pulled him to me and passionately kissed him, pulling him beside me so I could see, touch, fondle, rub and possibly taste his cock and balls - he still brushed me away...

Next, as I lay propped-up against the couch, he moved between my legs and gave me the most earth-shattering oral orgasm I'd had (up to that point)!!! After literally sucking me dry, he took a wash cloth which he'd brought from the bedroom and cleaned my ass squeaky, then dried it to a shine. Then he pulled me towards him until my head was resting comfortably on the pillows and BURIED HIS TONGUE INTO MY ASS!!! I didn't think it was possible, but within a minute - I had a multiple orgasm and came all over my chest and stomach!!! He put my legs down and cleaned ALL of the cum off of me - he even shared the last of it with me in a long, searching kiss... It was then that I was to get my FIRST exposure to his MANHOOD!!!

We traded places on the bedspread, as I opened his robe and gazed at HIM... MY GOD!!! I lay down between his legs as I kissed, licked, nuzzled, jacked and TRIED to suck his cock... What I DID succeed in doing was getting a taste of his as I sucked his pre-cum (what little there was of it) from him cock and swallowed his balls... As there was NO WAY that I was going to be able to satisfy HIM orally, I proceeded to bury MY tongue into his ass!!! It was like a kiss, only without the same response... I rimmed him until he said the ONLY way I was going to get HIM to cum was if he was fucking my ass!!! I WAS READY!!!

We traded places again, then he asked me if I was ready to try to take his cock up my ass - I said yes, and meant it... I was about to have my most lustful dreams fulfilled!!! I was EXTREMELY excited!!! He gave me another rimming to ANOTHER multi-orgasm (where were they CUMMING from???) and then pushed three fingers of Vaseline into my very relaxed, openly panting ass... He asked me if I'd like to "grease-up" the cock which was about to take my virginity - I just kissed him and reached for the jar of Vaseline... I grabbed three fingers of Vaseline and lubed him up good, all the way down to the base of his cock - I wanted it ALL!!! We both cleaned-off our hands, then he put another pillow down for me on the bedspread and moved it away from the couch about a foot or so...

When I lay down on the adjusted "bed", he leaned over between my outstretched legs and gave me another, deep, long, passionate kiss... Then, he put my legs over his shoulders and put the beautiful head of his magnificent cock at the somewhat gaping edge of my ass... Even in my (what I thought) relaxed state, it felt like a baseball bat being driven into a pin hole... He told me to "push out" like I was "using the bathroom" as he gently ground into my ass... It worked, but only until he got the mushroom head into my ass - I was panting!!! Then he wanted to drive it deeper - I wasn't ready... I was happy with him grinding my ass and A LITTLE BIT OF PUSH-PULL, butt I just WASN'T READY TO GET FUCKED!!!

He was gentle and loving, but finally had to pull out as it wasn't "doing it" for him... I understood. We quietly got dressed and he took me to my place. However - that's NOT the end of the story...

Two or three weeks later, after several discussions about what was good/bad about the experience, we got together again... He picked me up and told me that he'd moved, and that he'd moved-in with someone - but that they wouldn't be jealous... While he was driving, I tried to suck his cock, but all he'd let me do was fondle and rub it...

We got to his house and he introduced me to his boyfriend. We all shared a glass of wine and then his boyfriend went upstairs to "their" bedroom... He fixed me a drink, which I quickly drank (between kissing bouts) as he had another glass of wine. I asked if he had an enema bottle and could he please give me a two-quart enema to help rid me of any "obstructions" which would inhibit his cock from plunging as deep as it could - there were no objections...

I finished my third strong "Highball" (appropriate) as I was emptying my enema into the toilet. When I was sure that there was NOTHING left in my MAN-PUSSY, I cleaned myself up, put ALL of my clothes on and proudly walked into the chamber of my virginity's demise...

As we'd discussed, this was HIS night - however long it took, HE WAS GOING TO "TAKE MY VIRGINITY" AND GIVE ME THE FUCKING OF MY LIFE!!! I came into the bedroom and started to strip for him - he was already naked... He made me stop when I got to my bikini briefs, then he told me come to him. I stopped at the edge of the (circular, revolving king-sized) bed as he RIPPED-OFF MY BIKINI BRIEFS - MAN WAS THAT EXCITING!!!

I dropped down and began sucking his cock in any way that I could... He pulled me onto the huge bed and kissed me for a long time, then he sucked me dry and rimmed me into near-total oblivion... I WAS READY!!!

We again went through the "ritual" of lubing each other up, cleaning ourselves off and kissing as we prepared for my de-flowerment... This time, after he put my legs over his shoulders and seated his cock into my ass, I grabbed his hips so I could have something to hang-on to also...

As he ground his cock into my ass I pushed my ass into his cock and ground it into him... As his cock-head passed fully into my ass I kissed him deeply and told him to keep grinding his cock into my ass until I had him ALL!!! I moaned and panted and kissed him and pushed and ground my ass until I could feel his balls against my ass - what a SWEET feeling that was - ALL 10.5x6" of his MANHOOD - UP MY WANTON ASS!!! I WAS PROUD OF MYSELF - butt the BEST was yet to CUM!!! We (he let me rest) rested for a moment as my ass got used to him, then HE began gently moving in/out, only a little bit at a time - then a little more, and then more...

He was able to slide his cock in/out of me for three inches or so before I began to get into rythym with him... When I was fully adjusted to his cock, I began to MEET HIS COCK, THRUST FOR THRUST!!! My virginity now gone, I BEGAN TO TRULY GET FUCKED BY HIM AND TO FUCK HIM IN RETURN!!! His thrusts grew deeper and more powerful as his lust began to build - me, matching him thrust for thrust - excitedly listening as his balls slapped my ass, fueling my passion and wanton lustful NEED of his cock to FUCK ME, HARDER & DEEPER... By now, the sounds of our fucking were getting somewhat loud - his thrusts & withdrawals creating a popping/sucking sound - me clenching my ass to his cock and grasping his hips to slam my ass into his cock - MAN, WAS I EXCITED!!! We were both sweating profusely as we fucked, nearing our climax... As he neared his climax (I couldn't physically cum anymore - I was dry) I was nearing a psychological one... As his passion neared its' peak, he reached down, grabbed my neck with both hands as he braced himself with his elbows over my shoulders and kissed me with his eyes open as he came... At that instant, I could feel what seemed like a gallon of cum paint the inside of my ass with the warmth of his passion...

He collapsed on me as my ass milked his cock dry, the two of us kissing ourselves into a small nap...
Interested in a top in the Leesburg, FL AREA. The bigger the better.
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser seeking MMF or single Female who want to Fuck Me! Flower
love to get fucked while wife or gf watches and i can eat her pussy or what ever have tight virgin ass that needs a nice hard big cock and lots of cum to shoot down my throat too, ,hazleton pa. here cum on i need cock:-P
one of the best feelinga I can think of is being penetrated by a hard cock or a strap-on as i give oral service to the spouse of the penetrator. and having a hard cock in my mouth while another one is deep in my ass is about as good. I enjoy being fucked and I am always hoping to find people who will fuck me. :-D
Wanting to learn to take cock as well as I give it
I love the feel of a hard cock punping my ass. I'd love to suck a hard cock & having another pumping my ass at the same time, maybe while a woman watched on.
I constantly dream of a stiffening cock in my mouth growing as I suck it and provide extreme pleasure to its owner.
anybody want to fuck my virgin ass?
In north carolina Needing anything
Having a man's cock fucking my ass while my girlfriend or his watches and urges us on,is very fucking hot.Having her watch closely as his cock pierces my tight,pink hole,is awesome.I love the expressions on their face!
i just want a real cock in my ass.tired of dildos,i want a real cock to explode in my tightb virgin ass
There is nothing better than getting fucked in the ass from a stud with a huge cock. I enjoy the doc johnson dildo but a real thick long cock is the best! I love to swallow all the cum as his girl watches and helps out!
Anyone near Winchester (VA) want to slip into a very willing, tight ass? I may be bottom, but I am an energetic fuck.
Well I would like to get fucked up the ass while I'm fucking my wife's sweet pussy
Todd Central Indiana
I would to fuck some bi-man-pussy.....If anyone is in Phoenix, AZ area, hit me up.
Springfield Missouri here ya'll! Like to wear panties and get it up the ass. I can also be top for a couple with hot female.
Mmmm guy fucking my mouth and another fucking me in the ass....while ours wives watch. Then they start switching, going ass to mouth on me. Damn I just came in my pants.
one guy fucking my mouth and another fucking me in the ass....while ours wives watch. Then they start switching, going ass to mouth on me.
Well I have to agree, the best part about being bi is getting fucked although being fucked while either sucking another guy or licking a woman is also pretty good
Two men at once, I love it.
Having my face fucked at the same time getting my ass fucked while jerking off is the greatest turn on, but to have someone watch, anyone,everyone, would send me over the top.
I love to have a big cock fucking me in the ass bareback while another cock is fucking my mouth and someone is sucking on my cock. There are a group of women and men watching this exciting sex show starring me. Then we all three cum and I feel hot semen shooting deep inside my ass while another penis is spurting delicious semen into my mouth and my cock is shooting my cum into a welcoming mouth. I would love to be the star of that show.
I enjoy being ass fucked. I like the pleasure and pain of. While playing in my pussy at the same time.Then watch my man get fucked from behind as hard as he can stand it. Mmmmmm !
Anal Virgin. looking for a cpl to change that. Or maybe a female with a strap on to train me.
I'm ready for the real thing ! Who wants my cherry ? I would love to give it up while fucking or eating a lady
I need a man to mount me! BAD!
I need someone to take my tight virgin ass
I love dick in my ass!
Like the fact that i can get a man hard and horny and then spread my legs and cheeks for him to plow me..
i love being fucked in the ass ! nothing better feeling than a big,hard cock sliding in and out of my ass:-D
having a hard cock sliding in and out of my ass when i cum gives me intense orgasm
I can't wait to have a dick in my ass. I can't to feel the warm cum fill my ass.
I desire to experience a hard throbbing cock in me.
Thia ASS needs filling in Ohio!Kiss
I like a big big cock fill'n my ass to the limit & cum'n deeply inside my tight asshole!I cum so hard when im bein fucked in the ass!Its so nice-feeling the cock slide'n between my tight buns-an entering me completely to the hilt!
I've never had been fucked or sucked another man but would love to wear a skirt and do both:-P
I absolutely love to get fucked. I met a guy online once and used to stop at his house on the way into work every so often when his wife was taking adult education courses. He was older, probably in his late 60's.He liked to fuck younger guys and i had never done it before so was really excited to try. i remember the first time.. After my wife left for work, i took an enema and drove to his house, nervouse but excited. I rang the doorbell and he came to door -all smiles and told me to come in. After a little talk, he put on some gay porn and said we should get naked, sit on the couch and watch it for a while to get into the mood. we stroked each other off and then he took my head and pushed it down on his dick. He told me to suck him to get him hard which i did. once he got hard he couldn' wait to get in me so bent me over the sofa right in front of the picture window and slid it in. Man, it felt good and so right. It's what I wanted for many, many years. I masturbated while he pumped. After he came, he asked if i wanted to take a shower and then got in with me and sucked my cock. It was a regular thing for a while, each time i'd suck him and then he'd fuck me in different positions. After some time, i lost touch with him and don't know if he's even still alive.
Love to find a bi guy to totally endulge in versitle sex.
Love to slowly undress him,and kiss and lick as I remove each peice of clothes. Love to suck him alaso.Like guys with hairy legs. Think redheads are wxceptionally sexy but all guys are. Like guys who are D.D free and cut.
Will do and be whatever he wants. I live alone and can host.Cum lets get naked and go for it/Perfer 30-55 older if in shape. Free any time.
My fantasy is to be gangbanged by several athetic studs and be their sex slave. Anyway comeon guys get with me
bi-curious married male here lookin to explore the bi-scene, lookin for a man to take my cherry ass. want to experince a cock in my ass the only thing that has been in my ass is my wife thumb when she is suckin me and that feels great when i cum so i think it will be alot more intense with a cock
last nite we had a mfm with my wife n a guy who we have had before but last nite was the first time that we stayed all nite and the hotel. so we had to tell him that my wife has to take her sleepin pills the latest is 11pm so she can be good the next day. but had been fuckin all kinds of ways for about 3 hours.
my wife n him went to bed n i went to sleep on the sofa cause it was a small bed n all could not fit. we were all naked and stayed that way for sleepin and i always sleep face down and i did as usual. about half hour later i felt my buns being gently squeezed and separated so as to open my hole to view. i was still sleepy thinking i was dreaming and moaned a little, i could feel my hole opened and some lube being applied, and i realized that i was no dream and the guy was fondlin my butt and asked my if he could play with my ass cuz he needed to cum n did not want to bother my wife, finally he stuck a finger very gently into my hole which i did like and moaned a bit load, at that time i raised myself up to my knees, so he could have better access to my virgen hole, he than spread my cheeks apart,i felt his cock in my ass pressuring to put the head in i started to back up a little till i felt his head open me up n go in slowly, i thought i was going to feel pain but no it felt good and he kept going in slowly deeper until he was all in me. i started rockin back and forth and the started moanin and fuckin me a little harder cuz i told him this was my first time being fucked and moaning said i got me a cherry ass wow i am going to enjoy this (which he did) i did too very much. he fucked me about 10 minutes and came deep inside me while i spread my cheeks for him so he could get all in and he was strokin my cock at the same time. when he came i came to and he said that i was tightenin my hole and made him cum in a grand way. we came together we just fell forward with him buried in my ass for a few minutes after that we went back to my wife in bed and i hugged my wife and he hugged me to sleep for about an hour or so and than i felt him his cock at the entrance of my hole tryin to get in my ass a second time. wow what a way to get my virgen ass broken mmmmmmmmmmmm i told my wife the next morning and she said great!
just had a cock in my ass n felt good is there anyone in the area wanting a tight ass? south texas area
any bi men in michigan want to play?
Would love to have two big black cocks-one eating my pussy while the other fucks his beautiful ass.
I want a woman to fuck me in the ass (and take my cherry) as I suck her hubby's pussy wet cock
i have too agree, i may no longer be a virgin, but very few women can fuck like me. i can get'em off in 5 min.!!
I love getting fucked in the ass, wish i could find someone in the kingman, az. area to please
Oh hell ya. The fill as a man slides in an
D than tucks me. Pulling his head all the way out than slamming it back in to the nut. God what a filing. Than he pulls my hips to him so his hot load can fill me with wormth
luv the feeling of my ass being fucked slow and deep ,strap on and the real thing . But no bareback .
looking for a 3some in rock hill s.c. all bottom here...
looking in s w Pa
My ass is ready for the high hard one, can't believe I waited so long. First guy is going to be satisfied indeed.
I sure hope to find someone to help me experience this again.
Well I'm still a virgan and can't what to have my ass filled with a nice hard cock in it I be dreaming about it for a long time now I been looking for a cant even find a cock to take my virgan asss but maybe real soon I'm hoping well wish me luck
I like wearing nippless bra n crotchles panty and wanna get fuked like a woman and also wanna suke a cock S00000N R.G.V.,TX
Hey to all females who do enjoy a tight male ass to fuck with there stray-ons - on do feel free to say hello and I am a very good Cock-Sucker guys I am 100% bottom and I do enjoy getting my tight ass fucked- Interested say hello by going to my profile and let me know who and where you are at OK my very horny-ass friends.
5'6" at 155 lbs, blue eyes and light brow hair, looking for someone around Kaufman Texas, im very bi love to kiss and suck cock and get fucked in the ass.
looking for guy or girl to fuck me in nyc,enjoy getting fingered,and girls with straponsHug
My first time was with a friend we went to his hose and sucked eachother a hard cocks all night.
Went to an ABS in Denver. Got into GH and a guy fed me his cock..sucked in hard and he turned around so I could rim his asshole. Then push my cock through hole and he sucked me hard, put a condom on my cock and slid his asshole back onto my cock and fucked himself until I squirted in a the
I first got fuck in the ass at the age of 15 by a 70yr.old men who walk up to me ask if wanted to make some money I said doing what he said he wanting to fuck me I walk away from him I thought about it that night and got a little hard and wondering what it would feel like so a few days later I seem him again them ask me the same question this time I said ok so he took me to his house and to his bedroom I was scared as hell but he walk up behind me started playing with nipples and my cock it really turn me on them he stuck he's tongue in my ear it really got me so I started backing up against him he pull my pants down and under wear I was naked now them he took his pants off and turn me around to look at his cock it was hard as a rock he put me on the bed with my ass up in the air put lube on my ass and his cock he started putting in me it hurt bad at first so he stop with cock in me to let my ass get used to it them it stop hurting so he started fucking me again he played with my cock and balls was really liking it now so I started pushing my ass against his cock them felt it get real hard and started to cum man felt good after that I let him fuck me when he wanted to then I started sucking his cock and got my first taste of cum been getting fucked and sucking cock ever since then. Kiss
ive sucked cock, fucked many dildos in my ass but i need a man to fuck my ass and cum inside me....
Bisexual Men Getting Fucked on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men Getting Fucked on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men Getting Fucked on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Men Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground

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