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Fucked My Girl Friend 1st Time Snuck off in the Desert Behind the High School and Fucked

Fucked My Girl Friend 1st Time Snuck off in the Desert Behind the High School and Fucked on Bisexual PlaygroundFucked My Girl Friend 1st Time Snuck off in the Desert Behind the High School and Fucked on Bisexual Playground
We're looking for a kinky, sexy girl who wouldn't mind getting dressed like a school girl, getting spanked, getting tied up, and getting fucked/eaten out really good. She's gotta be open like us and willing to suck clit, cock, and be fucked and sucked herself.
I like to wear female panties and get my ass finger fucked while I'm sucking dick and get fucked in my ass and swallow cum and being called a girl while I'm being fucked
I am a very horny guy, i like pussy but i have never fucked a girl, and i also love dick, i have been fucked, i have fucked and sucked and swallowed
I’m 18 and I’m a senior in high school and I want phone sex and to be fucked
I am a horny young california girl ;) I've always wanted to be fucked by a woman but have never gotten the chance. I have many fantasies like being fucked from behind on all fours by a strapon, being felt up and fucked on the dance floor in a club, and being taken advantage of in a public bathroom ;)
We want try new things like I want try sucks a big dick and being fucked in the ass hard and fucking a guy in the ass and fuck my girl and a guy and watching her being fucked and she want to watch me suck a dick and be fucked
I had a girlfriend in high school who wore those uniforms and they made me horny as hell. i never fucked her because i was too naive to do it - but she wanted to get fucked real bad. her school has those plaid skirts with white blouse and white knee high socks. god she was sexy.
I've posted my story on BP before and will recount events here. When young my mom would give me enemas when I had a stomach ache. I learned to crave the feeling of things in my ass. Mom had a hair brush with a tapperd handle that was an early favorite and I would put it up my ass every night when taking a bath. At the same time I was aways on the look out for anything to fill my ass. A wooden hammer handle worked good to. At 12 years old a 16 y/o boy next door fucked me for the first time. A year later a 35 year old man across the street fucked me and several other neighborhood boys fucked me also as well as me fucking them also. My senior year in high-school a friend moved in with my mom and I and we used each other's ass when pussy wasn't available and continued into our early 20's even after both of us were married but through all of this I still used dick substitutes when horny which was all the time and continues today at 69 years old.
AM looking for other gay guys in the high desert area of calif.i like sucking,being fucked giving both,w/s tit play toys,eating cum ,will try two guys at once where i get fucked and i suck then one ofthem gets fucked then will eat the cum from his ass,also willing to go with couples ,eat pussy eat cum from her pussy suck him while she watches,but mostly want to meet gay guys,iam also into wearing nylons panties and be fucked bareback and spanked and fucked with my legs in the air legs spread wide showing my hole while iam wearing panties and nylons and also willing to make a video of us doing it.Hug
A friends uncle talked about how he likes to suck cocks one time. ...I said, I wasn't in to that. if I was a girl, I would probably be a slut. .

Funny thing is. .
One night, he and his friend got us drunk. .Had us get high as a kite..
My friend passed out. got me even more high. .put on some porn...
Before I new it, I was in tight little shorts, thigh high socks. was laying on my stomach, with my legs spread wide,
They finger fucked me, ate me...
Then made me get on my knees, and pushed my head between my friends passed out legs. .They took his pants down, and made me lick his cock, when it got hard, they pushed me up and down on it, recorded said, just a little insurance policy. .
They sucked my cock and finger fucked me hard, my legs spread wide. .
Then put me on my knees outside, and made me deep throat both of them till they cam, making me swallow both loads...
I didn't believe it until he showed me the video. .
I would have to say it was when I was camping with my friend and her family in the middle of the night on the jungle gym at the top of the slide and also in the back seat of a pinto while my uncle was driving my b/f and I home from a banquet while I was in high school. Almost forgot bout when one of my hs teachers(that was no longer at the school I was going to) snuck me into his patrents house and we were totally nude in his room when his parents came home . He had to sneak me out ....
wow where to start.... my older nephew sucked me and fucked me as a teen......... i sucked him a lot, i mean A LOT...!! i loved to have our lab fuck me then the st Bernard we had to. sucked my best friend and sucked 6 guys in a bookstore in 45 mins. went to 2 all male party's and sucked everyone's cock huge pilots cock for 20 mins till he finally a guy standing up there also.... a girl i picked up at a bar on her friends front lawn as her friend looked on out the in my high school g/f cunt 2 different times


Double Penetration
My ex boyfriend brought a friend by one night and the 3 of us fucked. He fucked me in the ass while his friend fucked my pussy. Nothing in this world feels better than having 2 huge cocks fill both holes. I've had both of them in my pussy at the same time, and both of them in my ass at the same time. But, my favorite is to have one in each of my holes, pounding me.
Cum In My Wife
I love letting my girl get fucked. She loves to go clubbing with her girlfriends. Most of the time she ends up hooking up with a guy she has fucked before but sometimes she meets someone new from the club and they either go to her place (we have separate residences) or his and fuck each others brains out. Afterwards, she comes over to my place and we have hot sex with me pushing through some other guys jizz. I love that feeling. I love to lick her pussy a lot of the time too. I cum so hard when she has been fucked. Sometimes I pull out and try to shoot all over her body. I've even hit the wall on many occasion! Sometimes she calls me and leaves her phone connected and I listen to her have sex. I get so hot stroking my cock that I have a hard time not cumming. We have had many threesomes and foursomes. It is a lot of fun to be in the same room with a new pussy watching her take a pounding from a new guy, or friend. I especially like the sounds she makes when the guy pumps his load deep inside her!
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i get so fuckin hard at the thought of being anally fucked by a sexy ass woman, it turns mo on like crazy and gives me a ragin hard on, it has only happened to me once and that was two years ago and i was datin this girl and messin around with her sister too, and they started to talk and plañ and i didnt know about it and i was in the middle of fuckin my gf when her sister snuck up on me and slid a huge 14 inch long and 4 inch wide dildo in my ass and they both fucked me like that but i just enjoyed it so i busted in both of was amazin i wanna do it again....but i dont tálk to them anymore,.........anyone in maryland interested in slidin into this ass? email me!!!,
Eating Cum From Pussy
when in high school my friends brought over a girl from school to gang bang. Since my parents worked nights it worked out pretty good. There was 5 of us taking turns and when my friends left one by one and I found myself alone with her I went down on that sweet pussy! She did not know what to think at first but she liked it and so did I. Every time we had a gang bang she knew when everyone left I would be the clean up man!
Sex Dolls
Once a friend of mine had a joke played on him and it involved a sex doll. It was a latex blow up doll. Soon as I saw it had a vagina and asshole I instantly said to myself "I have got to fuck that doll." So after all was over I snuck back into my buddies room, stole the doll and fucked it in the mouth, pussey and ass. It felt amazing. I came inside of it 3 times that night.
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Hi thank you for the e-mail. So far I love you web site just that what I'm looking for is for girl on girl action and I would really want to see it. Thanks again for welcoming me into the site.